Oh NOOOO.... im SOOOO scared

oh NOOOO.... im SOOOO scared of your meme line

This is the awareness phase


Im not even going to dignify this shitty cliche meme line by saying we are in any of its phases

a. blockchain isnt a bubble to begin with so the meme line is pointless

b. I highlighted three examples but there are at least 20 different points along the way which you could have super imposed this meme line to loosely fit any stage you wanted

Actually if BTC survives we can see hedgefunds start jumping in march/april, I personally predict the news on the 6th will be positive overall. But as regulations aren't favoured it can still trigger a small dip/crash.

I know *about* some very smart and intelligent people that bet on BTC 3 years ago and still have their coins locked up on time-verify anticipating it will go to 80k EOY

Screencapping this to laugh at you in a month

give me any arbitrary squiggle and I could probably find a place to make it fit on a chart...

We haven't even reached 1 trillion.
It can't be over yet. There wasn't even a real news event that triggered this.
It's just a crash.
This is nothing.

it hasnt even broke its overall uptrend

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Hedgefunds aren't going anywhere near crypto, unless they want to be sued by their clients.

You coinfags are hilarious, with this magical thinking you're all doing - "Wall Street will spend their bonuses on Bitcoins!" "Hedgefunds will buy in!". It's not fucking happening. Smart money isn't going anywhere near this, especially investment houses. Stop being so god damned fucking pitiful. You're gonna have to get a job. The good news is, the job market is improving!



Wasn't me that said that, a few bankers said they are expecting BTC to become part of their portofolio Q2

Fucking delusional faggots, can't wait until this shit burns and crashes. Enjoy the next week.

so if this chart is accurate then whats the mean?

It wont follow the chart exactly. return to mean will happen earlier because too many reddit faggots and biz tards think this chart will tell them the future so try outsmarting it

The whole point of this is that this fucking meme chart is just that... a meme. And it pains me to see that both bulls and bears fucking argue like simletons over what stage of this meme we are in. Its a meme. nothing more.


waht stage did he mean by this?

>Thinking for a second that India ban FUD is going to cause the market to drop to 1k BTC
>Thinking for a second that BILLION DOLLAR WHALES are going to let the value of their assets plummet into nothingness because of baseless FUD

Don't get played by the whales user. This is how they accumulate.

Thats what im saying, we're going up. For the first time in history, and unlike gold and fiat, the commoner was ahead of the whales and gov'ts in accumulating a valuable trade asset. Now they must get weak hands to sell to take majority stake (which they will) and if they manage to do it, good on em.

Don't be a dumbass
Asset managers use funds of funds of funds of funds sometimes and certainly don't upfront diclose every single asset making up the portfolio to their clients; most clients don't even want to fucking know unless they're a moralfag who wants an ethical portfolio or it's report season and they want to know how big their green percentage is going to be
As for individual asset managers investing their bonuses into crypto, the answer is of fucking course some of them are, I was chatting with one the other day. Why wouldn't they?

You're retarded. The 'meme' has played out over and over and over and over in every market ever. It's a verifiable model of mass psychology. If you go back and compare news and social media trends with the movements of bitcoin, you see the model followed almost exactly to a T. It's also corroborated by the the Gartner hype cycle but who cares bro it's just a 'meme.' Where doomfags and "disregard the meme"fags go wrong is assuming that return to mean = going to 0, which is brainlet tier analysis if you understand anything about the potential of DLT and the number of participants yet to enter the market.

Yes, you will recover and even take good profits if you hold on long enough, no, the recovery won't be quick.

it plays out (sometimes) in bubbles. Blockchain is in the words of the korean financial minister (today) the start of "the fourth industrial revolution"

It plays out in everything. Every asset is in a constant state of oscillation between hyped expectations and pessimistic undervaluation. The swings aren't as drastic in "non-bubble" markets because those markets are much more efficient, there are a more fixed number of participants, and it's easy for participants to approximate what equilibrium value should be.

Yes this is the fourth industrial revolution but you have to understand that there are going to be more of these "memecycles" to come even if the overwhelming trend is up.

We are actually at first sell off. The past dips didn't qualify as a sell off. It will probably go to 100k in 2018.

I agree there will be fluctuations, but the idea of cyclical markets should *not* be conflated with this fud propaganda meme line. This is super exaggerated and almost universally used in the context of the "death of a bubble" to spread fear.

This recent dip is nothing more than large players accumulating.

well put excerpt:

considering most recent trade volume has been institutional and less than 5% of americans have btc, let alone any other crypto, I agree, it is hard to say we have gone "public" for a full bull run.

HOWEVER< i wont dignify the meme line. its a meme line. there are no reliable stages. you could have called the market as almost any of these phases at least 100 times in the past and it clearly wasnt.

muh meme lines!!!
Look Look NASDAQ = BITCOIN....
The cycle completes and repeats itself, nothing to see here... move along...

you do realize the crash seen with nasdaq wasnt some hand of the market bullshit. it was a global economic crisis based on systemic malpractice...?

^This faggot here has no idea what he's talking about.

Kill yourself, retard.

>block chain isnt a bubble
>marketcap drops 60%
>not a bubble

> (You)
>you do realize the crash seen with nasdaq wasnt some hand of the market bullshit. it was a global economic crisis based on systemic malpractice...?
it was the dotcom bubble you dumbo, it's like the actual "bubble", but crypto "bubble" is 10x quicker then the traditional one.
Bitcoin will be ATH again in the end of year. 30k

blockchain is as revolutionary, if not more, than the internet

>simpleton: b-but there was the dot com bubble

ah, poor brainlet, lets inspect the internet and dot com bubble: many companies bubbled, but the underlying tech, the internet, has ONLY grown in value, use and scope.

Blockchain offers the ability to invest in the underlying tech itself, not companies. Just like the internet, blockchain will only grow.

This is the ability to invest directly into the early internet. *not* a bubble.

^^^ applies to you too

>blockchain is as revolutionary, if not more, than the internet

Are you fucking serious?

According to the korean financial minister blockchain is the dawn of the "fourth industrial revolution"