The push back is finally coming

the push back is finally coming.

you can only talk about killing banks for so long before they start to take it seriously and push back.

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They don't want us to buy the crash with their money. Simple as that. Has nothing to do with protecting themselves. They know once we get rich off buying the absolute bottom we have no need for them any longer.


>their money.
>implying you don't have to pay back

tell me your bank user, sounds pretty good

I can not believe people actually do this.
You're better off trading on x100 margin.
It's like people blinding disregard the most basic advice "don't trade with money you can't afford to lose". And then they blame crypto for making stupid decisions that caused their bankruptcy.
Banks can ban crypto transactions but they can't ban stupid customers.

They did this in australia as well but near the all time high
Too many people were pulling money out of the banks and into crypto. Banks obviously don't want that seeing as they don't actually have any money.
What they are doing now is preventing people from buying the dip

It's exactly what I said. It's THEIR money, and was never yours. They'll let you gamble it all away on other things, but crypto is a no-no because it competes against their services.

This, as usual any rights restricting (self) regulation is lubed up as "it's for your own good/to prevent terrorism/CP/money laundering" when in fact it's to prevent monetary self interests.

It is necessary for national socialism to work. A strong state needs strong people, not gamblers.

These fuckers refused my purchase yesterday.

national socialism will never work.

have fun fantasizing about a dead philosophy that exists exclusively in the domain of braindead white trash.

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imagine how many angry customers are complaining of scam coins or filing chargebacks after losing half or more of their money on bitcoins

would you really allow your customers to continue doing that

they want to prevent fait coming in at the bottom

more gains for them

but buying a new TV or pokemon cards on your CC is better?

they are protecting brainlets from getting justed

Fuck you. You can buy with your own money. Learn some fucking nuance unless you're doing this to fellate your whale master.

Except they aren't. They are protecting themselves by not letting them invest it into crypto, which is a direct competitor to their services. The "muh protection" thing is to cover their asses.

One can use credit cards for lottery tickets and casinos...

they are protecting themselves but not for this reason you fucking fool.

They dont want their customers buying this garbage on credit cards and then oh shit! look at that. Guess I cant pay back my 10 grand bill to you. haha sorry, silly cypto market.

All the banks still let you buy by transfer of existing funds just not from credit cards.

If that were the case then why not restrict buying stupid shit or other types of gambling? Their whole business model relies on being going into debt.

well you can't verify the money flow so yeah, you're fucked. we're never going to have anonymous cash flows idiots

Coordinated FUD... we are at 5x the market cap we were just 5 months ago, but people act like were back to 2012 levels.

These pieces of shit let you go play at a casino on credit, but god forbid you invest in promising tech.

Its just a wave of FUD that is being taken advantage of by the jewish bankers.

You can't buy lottery tickets.

I like to use my CC because it's faster than a bank transfer and I get 4.5% back in the form of free travel. I've never carried a balance and have perfect credit.

Why the fuck are they policing what I buy?

True colours eh?

>muh conspirasee...

There really is one.

>Banks banning people from something they could make money on
>geeeeee i wonder why

>They don't want us to buy the crash with their money. Simple as that
There was a thread here earlier about a guy who bought at 8k on a credit card then contested the transaction when the price went down. Think the credit card companies want to go through that a million times with a million losers?

Yeah, CREDIT cards. Debit will be fine.


the number of your dipshits that dont know the difference betweena credit card and a debit card is astounding. please sell all your positions and never give anyone financial advice again, or try to talk about financial matters.

The banks have every right to ban credit card purchases. In fact, its a good move.

Not that retarded considering the exponential rate of return. Most people buy worthless depreciating assets like cars/tvs/boats/etc that will LITERALLY go to 0 on a long enough time frame on credit and banks never say anything. But leverage on an investment? Oh no goy that's too risky for our balance sheet, banned.

you fel for the meme money for real? we were all joking user.

Because idiots don't buy a TV thinking it will increase in value. People took out loans on 20k BTC thinking they'd be able to pay it back when BTC went to 60k. The market crashed and now they can't pay, because they borrowed more than they could pay back.

>what is leveraged trading
Yes temporarily they will not be able to pay it back, same concept applies to margin traders who get liquidated. Except in this case there is no stop-loss for positions on margin and liquidation cannot occur and thus people themselves become insolvent. In this case, the people will likely have to file for bankruptcy and destroy their credit score. Once all of this money is flushed out/destroyed then we can start rising again, it may take a few months. Trading on credit ruins the lives of the people who take out the loans to invest, not people who used their own money/what they can afford to lose and is ultimately a good thing to wipe out those speculators.

If they don't touch debit, I don't care

>filing chargebacks after losing half or more of their money on bitcoins

would it work though? asking for a friend.

It would destroy your credit score

They don't want you to make gains faster than their interest and get your free cash back shit that they offer. Crypto was doing so well, you could max out a card, invest, pull back out the original investment, and literally have made free money.

This is unironically coordinated FUD

Lloyd’s declined transactions for bitcoin crypto related shit for over a year now.


t. Traded on local bitcoin and local Ethereum enough to have seen this shit said a million times