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yea yea, i have 1500 at $7.50

oh well, onto the next trade, this will prob go up anyway.

fomod in at $9.44

Holding 20k ICX

I just bought earlier today at $4.30, is it possible for it to go to $9 soon?

Don't worry Iconers. We will see $8 again in March. Not a day until then though, korean exchanges are the only hype left in this coin.

hi frens

at this point i want it to drop more just to take the piss

dump it all the way to zero and see if i give a fuck niggers

same but $9.55

weighted avg cost of 9.20, not doing too good

Just bought 100K on sale. Praise dem weak bones.

$96 is so little lol

it's possible for ICX to go to 9 rupees.

>brainlet burger

is it even worth responding to your type of single digit iq mouthbreathing mongrels?

F-feel like being generous guys? I bought in over 10

So I should sell my Nano for more ICX? Sounds like a plan user!

i lost faith in this coin doing anything in the near future after the summit

>brainlet european who does not understand obvious jokes

is it even worth responding to your type of single digit iq mouthbreathing mongrels?

Make money even in this bear market. We have all the tools you need-:

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ah shiet. sorry fellow murica frend

I bought 12 iccon for 5.49.

Plesse tl me i can make it.

Bought it at 8 dollars fuck this coin, it was 12$ and I thought I got it on cheap, fuck biz and fuck me for listening the pajeets, should have went on VEN



let's hope gooks will make it work

VEN isn't really doing that much better...

youll be able to buy yourself a happy meal with extra large fries in one year




sometimes i wonder what the fuck am i doing. you ever just sit back and think, how the fuck did i get here? to a point im hoping some coin that i read whitepaper seems good goes to 200 dollars. geesus man i feel retarded. you know how dumb it feels to know you could have 3x ICX if you sold at 12 dollars? wow now no point in selling. i guess only thing to do is buy more right? im already fucked might as well see how bad i can fuck myself

lmfao user u made me kek

i remember i posted in 1 thread. this coin was the only coin thread i posted in since 2 months of not caring about any coin thread. but i posted my disbelief and sold at 8500. its embarrassing how delusional people mistook me and no matter how easily i could defend myself people on this board still clung onto any reason they gotten. and no Bitcoin isnt the only reason, icx wont find ground anytime soon

>btc isnt the only reason


tell us ur problems with icon and why u see ada, tron, etc, qtum, lisk, iota, populous, btg deserve to be above a whole nations blockchain with a finished product and real life application right now

I have 4000 ICX at $8, I believe in the project but feel I got in too late and will never see amazing gains with this one with the quantity I hold.

Half your stack and planning to build a mansion with it desu

holding since ICO-- still up many many many X's. I think I will actually be buying more at this point because why wouldn't I at this super low price? everyone in here is crying that they bought high but they don't have the balls to DCA like a man. When this thing goes interstellar you're gonna be wishing for those $4 ICX days back. RIP

>sos in ID
We’re not gonna make it...

Do people really think it will go "interstellar?" There's 380 million of these in circulation and wasn't there more to be released over time since they minted 800 million of them? If it goes 3x the current price and calculating only the 380 mill in circulation at the moment, that would already put it in the top 10 marketcap.

>being this pathetic

i remember when eth was one dollar and thinnking how fucking crazy it would be to reach ten dollars its at one thousand dollars and i still dont get it. idk if thats just cause eth is superior or not but im gettting same vibes from icx.

>getting eth vibes from icx
Lol, I've heard people who hold ark say this and some other coins to.

2k bag reporting in for duty!

it'll perk back up after the crash