Tons of stock, commodity...

>tons of stock, commodity, and currency markets reflective of a tangible economy that can easily be accessed with an online brokerage
>breaks the piggy-bank to buy arbitrary digital bullshit coins from some Singaporean meme exchange, instead
>makes the tech-bubble burst of the early 00's look like some run-of-the-mill December tax loss selling

>2% gains vs 200% gains

No thanks. If you’re so scared of volatility I’m sure Mr. Shekelstein can give you 0.8% APR a year on your savings account

Keep HODLing those bags. Most crypto people lost 15% or so in the last 2 days lmao.

The smart money bought in early, sold in January, put it into real assets cash, and the retards held the bags.

Isn't every single market down right now?

At my lowest point during this crash I was down to 25x what I put in last May. $6k to $150k (back up to $170k now).
But keep patting yourself on the back if you need to.

>not investing in Venezuelan government bonds
plebs, all of you

>Most crypto people lost 15% or so in the last 2 days lmao.
You do realize most people here make 200% in a single day? There are always coins that pump over 500%, every day. All you have to do is to follow these coins.
Did you really think we would post pink wojacs and make ironic jokes if we were actually losing money?

Lol except not really

Stocks don't actually reflect a tangible economy.
If they were connected to their physical companies then the price would increase when the company does well but this is not always the case.
You can't even say that you own a part of the company with stocks because you cant force buy 51% of the shares even if you have the money.
There really is no difference between crypto and stocks besides that stocks can build interest by using buy backs and dividends.

Woah out of over a thousand cryptocurrencies losing double digits there are gainers??

HODL cucks had a good strategy when the market went one direction. Now they will keep losing money.

Why do you feel the need to hold and lose money when it's clear what direction the market is going? Everyone who bought in when you did made those kinds of gains and that growth is no longer possible unless crypto market cap reaches 10-20 trillion.

>market caps so small that if you ever tried to sell your coins you would get fucked
You don't actually earn the money until you sell the coin and you would need to be trading a very tiny amount to be making 200% by trading those coins specifically.

> that volume

You're a real genius aren't you, how are those bags feeling after you bought in 2 weeks ago.


top tier FUD from Veeky Forums as always

>2 weeks ago
Are you retarded? You buy in in the middle of the pump, get your 2x and get the fuck out, while the retards are still pumping. Solid $20,000-$50,000 in 2-3 hours.

>most people on Veeky Forums
>trading .5% of the only coin that x8
Why don't you just admit that you don't know what you are talking about?
You are either trading a small amount of that specific coin or when you sell your high investment you end up losing money because it crashes the market or you wait for months for people to buy your exit price.
Next time actually try buying coins instead of larping.

You look at the volume and the order book and then decide what amount of money to throw on it, stupid.
You then watch the order book to get an idea how the high the pump is going, but generally get the fuck out by spreading small sell orders starting at +80% and all the way up. If you see the buywalls are starting to get removed, you immediately market dump everything. On average you make 2-4x with $5,000-$30,000.

Because I don't trust tether and I don't know a secure way into fiat that doesn't attract CGT liability, that's why. Even if there was a trustworthy tether I would still only hedge 20%, because I believe in my projects and have held through worse than this.

And also the total crypto market cap doesn't need to go that high because most of the shit projects that artificially inflate it will die. Massive gains are still available in a small set of projects.

You can sell up to 1.2 btc at .000009 which is 70% of its current price.
That is only one person who is making $8000.
Meaning you are either trading a small amount in order to flip it or you are going to sell and lose all of your profits because of tanking the market.
Don't act like you put in $4k specifically and are selling $8k after the pump.
You are looking at past data and trying to larp about how you could make a profit if you had information which you obviously wouldn't at the time of the pump.

Tech bubble was in the TRILLIONS
If you think triple entry accounting and everything else that can come with the blockchain are worth less than pet food home delivery services, then fucking kys

>if you had information which you obviously wouldn't at the time of the pump.
>what is TA

Nice larp retard. During a pump you wouldn't have TA to use because the pump is currently happening which you want to cash in on.
If you had jumped in with $20k then you would only be able to cash $8k of it while crashing its price and having the rest lost to a subprime price that someone would have to be dumb to buy into.


The smart money shorted at 13k with baller leverage and made money on everyone else's losses.

You can make money both ways, being perma bull or bear is for dummies.