Delusional cucks
This is NOT the market to hodl you dumb fucking faggots.
Artifical bull run was the hodl market

Now , the longer you hold. The more you bleed, i am enjoying every second of it. I sold like a smart person and am comfy in fiat waiting for more crashes. Then once the war is over i'll take YOUR coins from you at a cheap price. You have been warned

My calls are never wrong, I made a thread laughing at you fags saying this
>He thinks they are done dumping
I know some of you recall that.
literally 30 min later the real dump began. My word is law, my calls are spot on. Listen to me if you want to save your self.

BTC 5.5k is coming.... sooner than later. Just wait and see what happens Monday :)

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I dont care

>same stale pasta
Okay buddy, 200th time is the charm.

Stay poor, faggot.

just bought 100k because i hate money

I've been down since my initial investment so what do I have to lose by not hodl?

fuck you pussy. post this shit 4 or 500 more times, maybe I'll think about it.

You talk too much user.

Why would I care? I get paid on fiat and I accumulate crypto biweekly. Never selling n gonna use staking income once I can

OP has sold all of his coins and is now fudding like fuck in hopes that it goes lower and he can buy cheaper coins, he doesn't realise that Veeky Forums has no impact on the crypto market at all and is wasting his time and looks like a pleb

not stale pasta, i just posted this for the fist time 5 min ago RETARD. I just copy and pasted my own comment because it's true and brilliant.fair enough

this part is absolutely true on Biz poorfags have no effect on market. I don't know why people try to fud with this goal in mind. It ... doesn't work

I am simply making you fags feel bad because it is great and also because if you would listen to me you would save money. The fags that have a big ego will hold and lose money.

Talking to all of you

>pajeet going as far as shitting the board with FUD pasta threads
Yeah, you got nothing at stake here lmao. Ever thought of investing on kneepads? A young strapping pajeet like you would probably make more money that way.



Duhhherurhurrr pajeet xD


I wanted a discussion on what you actual retards THOUGHT would happen on a heavy down trend market. But instead since you have absolutely no answer or point you fall back to

What if I said I don't care.

We could go to -40 and I still wouldnt care.

but it is monday?

I’m not selling until I lose everything. I don’t give a fuck suck my dick

I have not sold my coins yet and never will so you are not getting them cheap from me.

5K is coming if 8K does not hold. We will see.

>pajeet angry at being found out
calm your tits pajeet

>I wanted a discussion on what you actual retards THOUGHT would happen on a heavy down trend market. But instead since you have absolutely no answer or point you fall back to

fuck off and go to leddit if you want a discussion all we do here is shilling and posting wojaks

op is selfish faggot

>sir pls dear sir im not pajeet i swear sir pls
>im not short sir im just trying to have discussion sir pls

He's right. I've been lurking Veeky Forums for one year on and off and looked at BTC price. $5k is pretty much the stable price before it rocketed in the fourth quarter of 2017. We're going to complete the round trip.

>says xD
There goes all your credibility, im holding until 0 so idc.

>he really thinks crypto will totaly crash
spot the brainlet

You dumbasses realize that most of the top 100 biggest bitcoin holders increased their stacks. Don't get played.

selfish i am :)
When i sell.... i am betting on bear market
When i buy, it better be fucking bull market

Get wojaks ready for tonight boys. There is more coming from chinamen ;)

>totally crash
Wrong, i don't want it to. I see 5.5- 5.9k is a reasonable number and a bounce off there is hoped for. If it breaks that level, we are fucking doomed and shit on.


It’s only a loss if you sell. You will buy the bags of those who sell, and I will enjoy spending your (and their) money. :^)

chief keef
Even he knows what's coming

If you're serious about your abilities, put a trip on and we'll keep track of your results.

Post your fiat stack with timestamp oh wait you won't


Keep pumping, It begins



Veeky Forums.org/faq#trip

this will be my meme name for biz
Check gdax, they moved sell wall down. Bears will not let anymore faggotry happen.

go eat salty dick you aint buying cheap BTC from us faggot

You still need the code to avoid being impersonated, please read the FAQ.

You need to make a unique trip code or else someone could impersonate you.

ffs, i'll admit i'm a newfag to biz (2 months)

But been around /b for ages.

damnet yall nigs making me work

No retard this is the buy and hold market.

Maybe you should go back to /b/, you underage fag.

you again, saw the same thread in november

promise you i was not here in NOV
This is not pasta

Go to Gdax, enjoy the show. Once again i try to save biz bros but... i failed

I dont care, bought BTC in Juny at 2700

We've shown you how to do this in the future. With a tripcode, you can build credibility.

in your case, i'd hold as you obviously know. That's a good spot, i was directing my comment to the others that bought at 10k and above. And also alts of course.
Right now i am distracted, i'll check it out tho

A secure tripcode can be generated by placing two hash marks in the [Name] field, as opposed to one as with a normal tripcode (ex. "User##password"). Secure tripcodes use a secret key file on the server to help obscure their password. The previous example would display "User !!rEkSWzi2+mz" after being posted.

From the FAQ.

thx bruv, i'm gonna nap since i was awake till 6am last night. You'll see me around if you lurk enough, i was being 80% serious earlier as no one can fucking call the market to 100%.

But i'll be posting again when my chink radar goes off

Well, put a trip on next time. As you can see, it's pretty simple.

Then people will listen to you if you get shit right. G'nite.

You're a fucking shill faggot

he won't use a trip because it would be a pain in the ass for him to keep track of the other 46 crash threads he made.

So you're saying it will go to 5.5k then rebound, going up again?

so why the FUCK wouldn't this be a hodl market?

Yes we could sell now and buy the dip, but that involves unknown risk.

You say you'll buy our coins at 5.5k on Monday...you wouldn't buy a coin unless you thought it would go up. So you DO think it will go up on monday...

God dam you're retarded, OP.