We hit the bottom. Whales just filled the order book at 7,800 from 2,500 BTC to 5,000 BTC at bitfinex...

We hit the bottom. Whales just filled the order book at 7,800 from 2,500 BTC to 5,000 BTC at bitfinex, after testing the bottom several times very hard.

Guys we will see now a new bullish run. Finally its happening.

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37 million USD on Bitfinex, jesus

teach me how to see this

What is the bottom?

>We hit the bottom

screenshot pls

another double 88 post and your ID looks like it says "hold"

I think crypto was just a scam to get people posting pepeplushs and make that guy rich.

calm the fuck down derrick

i wanna hit your bottom, OP.
send bob and vegene.
boipucci also accepted.

Bottom is 4k, stop being deluded

Its over lads. Nothing will save us


This is where you can see it.

Turnaround imminent, BUY BUY BUY

its over.

Or that's just where they are putting the buy orders for all the coins retards paid 10k for over the weekend.

evidence to your fag claims or did your ass sphincter suck up the sharpie?

Here you go.

Good. Let me know when there's a 10,000 BTC buywall


Am I confused?
This looks super bearish to me.

i wanna fuck your mouth and boipucci you btcfaggot


how mate

It is. Don't mind the jealous nocoiners.

>the bleeding is over

>We hit the bottom
>idiots trying to time the market have been saying this for weeks now
Keep calling the bottom though, eventually one of you will be right.

Giant buywall?
Helping drive the dump.
Or at least thats whats happened 100% of the time before with every coin or stock ever.

Maybe this time is different though.

reminder that gdax is the only exchange that matters

Should I buy in now or tomorrow? Cause Monday..

Here's what probably happened:
Whale 1 wants to cash a bunch out which will crash the market below 7800. He tells whale 2 So that whale 2 can short sell a bunch of coins to retards and buy them at 7800.
Whale 1 and 2 both walk away with your money because you were retarded enough to buy

I think you mean bithumb and bitfinex


GDAX is where normans go sell their coins at a loss and gtfo the market until the next pump cycle when where we make them buy high sell low again

>18k is the bottom
>17k is the bottom
>16k is the bottom
>15k is the bottom
>14k is the bottom
>13k is the bottom
>12k is the bottom
>11k is the bottom
>10k is the bottom
>9k is the bottom
>8k is the bottom

why is a giant buywall not useful for keeping the price from going down?

It all follows conbase/gdax

You don't need two whales
One whale could do that
Why share the wealth

You are seriously blue-pilled.

Market will test 6k by Tuesday.
Screencap this

>Whale 1 wants to cash out low
Yeah, that must be it. He waited through 19k and decided to dump at 8k because he hates money.

Cause it drags the price down when we get to the prices of these walls. basic trading man.

pls no

I dont take drugs


so it would be better to not have a wall if you didn't want it to go below a certain price, that seems counterintuitive

That's not how it works. You can only cash out by finding a buyer for it. Only a limited number of people were retarded enough to buy up near the moon. That's why the price came down so fast.

Come test my gangsterness bitch

I'm doing exactly that on gdax. Can confirm.

>Implying he hasn't been slow selling his shit for the last several months.

It's like you have no perspective

Why do massive sells walls cause the price to drop then? Why would anyone wait for a sellwall price to be reached before selling when the price is only going to get lower once its reached? Also why do people sell when theres massive buywalls meaning that the price will go up when theyre hit? It all seems counterintuitive

>Implying he hasn't been slow selling his shit for the last several months.
>the only reason to do this instead of market dumping at 19k is to not tank the market
>which they wouldn't care about if they were getting out for good
>instead they dump near support
You fucking imbeciles can't even put together a coherent excuse.

no. the wall is needed but there needs to bed a gap from the wall itself.

The walls contain sell orders that are already there, they just trigger and people panic like retards.

get dumped on

Don't forget 4k by Friday

Hey OP, a 2k wall is nothing for bitfinex. It's most likely a whale trying to make people like YOU buy his bags. Meanwhile a margin long was stopped out for 7k BTC today.

>thinking those are real orders
why doesn't Veeky Forums understand markets
why does no one ever learn here?

>the walls are fake

Why do you want me to filter your posts?

if the normies fall for the trick, it could drive the price higher anyway r-right ?

i don't want to be a poorfag by friday