Thats it...the jews won. i'm done guys, it was fun but i'm very tired, so very tired. i think i'll just sell and rest...

thats it...the jews won. i'm done guys, it was fun but i'm very tired, so very tired. i think i'll just sell and rest... oyasumi.

Fellow weab-kun don't. I am also tired and crypto ruined my life mentally but we must fight on to buy all the weab shit when we make it

I feel like an idiot. Of course they would win, they always do.

just hold, you regret it later if you sell

Agreed, they only win if you sell it to them cheap.

Don't lose your yay, friendo.

I'd rather take my bitcoin to the fucking grave than sell to jews.

Go ahead and sell your 0 coins, shorter.


i don't get this. it's been a rough month, but aside from apocalyptic TA (of which not all is), things are not looking too bad.
>Korea open to crypto, new registrations, rumors of deposits starting again Feb 6th
>China possibly allowing ICOs again
>Japan open to crypto
>Visa looking for blockchain engineers
>goldman sachs plans a trading desk
The SEC and CFTC meeting in 2 days is going to heavily affect market sentiment in either direction, but things are LOOKING GOOD.
This is just the beginning user. We're all gonna make it.

akko a cute

>goldman sachs plans a trading desk
>implying they won't short the shit of it

hitlers trips of truth

>Visa looking for blockchain engineers
tf does that have to do with crypto currencies, they're looking for people who can implement the tech, not for people who'll shill them coins and moon missions

They're planning it due to client interest. I doubt every client just wants to get into this because they're dying to bet on its failure.
And i'm fairly certain it's to actually buy into cryptos not just bet on movements.


Yes but they're investing in the technology. The only way crypto is going to truly die is if the tech is long and forgotten. Shitcoins are going to fizzle out, but actual tech will stay. Even if Visa doesn't want Vitalik's dick in their mouth doesn't mean a significant amount of smaller companies wont.

Is this the same user that lost his cryptos for some internet person?

I'd dip in her 2 INT pussy

Delet this at once you fiend.

she was doing so well in the first couple of panels

Is that a good moment to buy? Like $1k I don’t give a fuck about

Crypto is over, haven't you heard? Buy stocks goys.

But seriously tho

sold 2 days ago at 1/2 of my ATH
made some terrible mistakes trying to daytrade as everything was dropping
god I feel miserable

we are literally 60% down from ath, how low we will drop in your opinion? I personally think we can't go much lower

Yesssss here is that tasty tasty capitulation and despair. Time to buy.

We literally just hit another low few hours ago. There is no sign of reversal. Yes, dumbass, it can go lower.

It will go lower until things become oversold, then return to the mean.

>I'd rather take my bitcoin to the fucking grave than sell to jews.


The Legend of Koizumi.
A manga about Mahjong being used to save the world. At one point, Hitler unlocks the power of the Legendary Super Aryan to defeat his foes convincingly.

I was trying to say that he should think about that himself and chose his entry point. It's really up to him.

I personally think we might see low 7000, but not below that.

nice digits

What manga is this?

Wtf I'm gar for Hitler now.

I got fucked too. I tried for months to get into crypto before it truly mooned. My bank account kept getting denied. Eventually it was accepted beginning of January. I started with 1000 and made like 200 dollars. Then the crash happened and now I'm down to 500.

oh so thats what they need chariot's sceptre for