What's Veeky Forums think of AMB?

what's Veeky Forums think of AMB?

>some sort of super team
>not the most exciting use case
>20+ NDAs with huge companies that will start to expire soon
>CEO surprisingly active on the subreddit
>not overly shilled

I think it has some huge potential as long as they can keep on delivering. what about you guys?

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Modum killer

This shit is shilled constantly here. Bags must be heavy as this won't really start moving until another year passes.

bought at $1, now $0.60 , muh bags!!

Swissbro here. You can go all in on AMB if you want. It will moon hard. You can hold a year and you'll be rich.

r u cukb8? still 2 month hold for good-ok tier return when btc might be 5k? how many to b rich in a year or 2, or 3....

How many AMB would you recommend picking up? Not looking to be a millionaire, just looking for a good long term investment.

Swissbro doesn't call himself swissbro and that tripcode is fake

I'm 100% in amb though

Huge balls

What about modum

Swiss bro said last week to expect movement with AMB this week. I guess he wasnt wrong lmao, just not in the way you guys expected.

Theranos 2.0.

t. worked for 5 years in chemical sensors for IoT.

Modum will moon too. We are not in it yet tho. Korea has to find it first.

Lol, have fun buying to a kid CEO who has no idea what he is doing.

>Worked for UN
>World resources Forum
>Trained by Google

If it wasn't for binance being a total fuck-up right now I unironically would have bought 100k.

For some reason the page you see on login keeps refreshing like crazy...

>theranos 2.0
explain this to me

>constantly shilled

>like one thread a day

>maybe 5 posts a day

Looks OK to an outsider, but if you actually worked in the field details don't add up.

intrigued; care to elaborate?

What do you think about Modum? I work pharma (not industry though) and the idea seems interesting but I have no idea if the tech is sound.. Data registry on blockchain does sound good though because data is not interchangable between different circuits (industry, distribution, pharmacy/hospital)


Section 3 is buillshit.
Photo is bullshit if you worked with this stuff.
Rest is a supply chain management coin (like VEn or WTC).

I see how Section 3 could be viewed as Theranos 2.0, but do you think that kind of technology could be developed within 3 years?

I’m also a little unsure about Section 1, where they talk about the miniaturization of DNA testing: “However, with Ambrosus’ sensors, fish samples can be profiled by controlling the supply chain practices through deploying the IoT network of sensors and storing their records on the blockchain.” Will their sensors do the actual DNA testing? If so, that would be a pretty radical breakthrough. Looks like a big challenge, but they do have an impressive team.

> do you think that kind of technology could be developed within 3 years?

If there was a business case, it would have been done already. Electronic industry would love to put a sensor inside each bottle of olive as that means billions of sensors. Problem is (a) there is no business case, (b) the sensor contains toxic materials.

There are some narrow use cases, like controlling meat temperature during shipment, but it does not really require blockchains.

> Will their sensors do the actual DNA testing?

Of course not. Read the wording carefully.

> If so, that would be a pretty radical breakthrough.

Yes, and if so, don't you think the applications would be far beyond some shitcoin?

Appreciate the insight. Sections 1 and 3 seems like smoke + mirrors mixed with weasel words. The most promising aspect of AMB might be the supply chain tech and partnerships.