BlockArray LLC (ARY)

Can we expect the price to increase now that the Kucoin trading competition is over, or will the price continue to be depressed due to the general bearishness of the BTC and ETH markets?

Another thought - I personally think ETH is holding up rather well compared to BTC. Compared to their respective all-time highs, with ETH currently trading at ~$940 (ATH of ~$1390) vs. BTC currently at ~$7350 (ATH of nearly $20,000).

Anyways, I personally think that ARY is a comfy medium to long term hold. The product they are working on can be implemented now, and solves a big problem in the transport industry.


This coin is worthless. There is no recovery
t. 20k Ary bag holder

Would you like to substantiate your claim?

I'm waiting.

I have 150k ARY. Im just waiting to get back to 25-30 cents to dump the fuck out of this truckdriving trash.

Well, help a guy out here. I like to actually understand the why of things. Why are you dumping yours?

Truck driver here, most of us don’t even wipe our asses properly. We fuck lot lizzards and shower occasionally at dirty truck stops. The idea that trucking companies would ever use crypto is laughable.

This is my current portfolio
I think ARY is a great hold

They should've kept the old, clipart logo

Have 3k of these fuckers @ $0.30. Didn't even bother adding them to my portfolio. Hoping I will see a nice surprise in a few months.

The problem ARY has set out to solve was rated as one of the top five problems by over 85% of the companies in the shipping industry who were surveyed by DAT.

They'll just give your retarded as a barcode scanner and tell you to use it when the truck is loaded/unloaded.

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And why is that?


Block Array is good, it's just getting fucked so hard due to the market and kuckcoin trading competition.

I'm actually very good friends with the person in charge of the logistics for one of the largest shipping companies (wont give name but think Amazon size) and if you guys actually knew what goes on in regards to their logistics tracking to move one box you will understand its laughable that any decent size company would incorporate this.

shitty ass fud
this solves the logistics oracle problem
anyone from JB Hunt will tell you how profitable and big this is going to be


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Can't argue with that

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Yeah, sure pal. That's why UPS and FedEx joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

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Green for me


Holding this and TRAC.
TRAC has been incredibly steady during this dip but its started to suffer the past 2 days.
ARY was fucked by kucoin and lack of marketing.

Both, in the long run will do well.

These are both good use cases easily transferably to real life situations. This is was blockchain will be used for first, before all these other bullshit tokens and coins. Now the market is collapsing, only the real use and not speculative bullshit will survive. Give it 6-12 months, this coin will have a high market cap.

I wrote this outside in the cold in the UK, I swear I'm not a pajeet, ignore the shithouse grammar.

My thoughts exactly.

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Holy shit, nice consecutive dubs btw.

ARY bagholders will make it.