Which exchange should I use if I wish to buy some XLM, RLC, VEN, and XRP in the near future?

Which exchange should I use if I wish to buy some XLM, RLC, VEN, and XRP in the near future?

>t. nocoiner wanting to buy le bottom

>the bottom
Ive got some bad news for you

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Binance OP.

good choices, don't be fooled by these retards

I couldn't give less of a shit about your losses and would prefer you bought in december cucks not shit up my thread

Also, should I look at TRX? .03 is a tempting price

kek, in since 2016 and this NO COINER tries to call us December fags hahahaha. Chances are, you only found out about crypto in December and now you've finally saved up enough of mommy's allowance to start investing. Fuck off with your norman thread and norman south park photo back to facebook you fucking sad sack of shit.

your coin picks, especially TRX, XRP and VEN highlight how much of a shining newfag you are.

Blockfolio is nice if you plan on being able to trade on your phone.

Best is Delta though since they don't charge transaction fees and they also give you a dividend at the end of the year based on your trade volume. I got almost .5 btc back for 2017.

u realize u are the newfag if u got in crypto in 2016 right. btw i can tell you are a brainlet LMAO

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>he took the bait and bumped my advice thread again

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True thats a little before biz went to shit but ur a normie in my eyes if you havent been in crypto since 2014

you think I give a fuck about bumping your thread? No, nor do I give a shit if you buy or not.
>imagine thinking you're a threat when you can't even work an exchange or google

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don't worry hunny the red will end soon, that's why i'm getting in

Damn, the guy who doesn’t know how to work an exchange knows what he’s talking about, I’d definitely trust his opinion on the market!!


>implying the amount I will be using to play with in volatile meme coins as a hobby isn't more than you both are counting on to "make it" with combined

I hadn't been to this board in a cpl years, that bullrun really messed with you guys heads didn't it?

okay larp boy, keep pretending, maybe you'll work out how to use an exchange next week.

already told you what exchanges to use, blockfolio and delta faggot, get to work.

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apparently so, nubiz is beyond saving, I thought the purge fully shook them out but OP is a solid example of how we have a long way down to go...

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