ITT: we pretend it’s 2020 looking back on the dark winter of 2018

ITT: we pretend it’s 2020 looking back on the dark winter of 2018

Hey guys, remember when bitcoin died? That was hilarious. Amazing how quickly Gay Money took over, though. I made millions in a matter of months.

>dies from nuclear fallout

Remember when that one Sergey dude came on the stage at the Bitcoin SuperConference and just randomly started throwing crystal balls at the crowd while rambling something about "solving their oracle problem"? I think someone actually even died during that event.

btc $300

Remember crypto? Boy were we dumb

>tfw sold my XVG at $10

LINK will get back to 1$ eventually

Guys why the fuck didn't I sell when btc was 7k?

I said 2020 not 2050


LOL I remember that!! Is BTC still a thing now?? XD
I don't know why people didn't invest in themselves at that time. It used to be so cheap!!

I'll buy one for a dollar. Could be funny to show to people.

Thank God that that dinosaur btc took the market down when it died, allowed me to buy so many cryptos for dirt cheap, I never could've become a multi-millionaire if weren't for that... as soon as btc approached $0, the marketcap rushed up to 10 trillion as grandpa was finally dead.

Some people still buy btc for pennies as a novelty, though.

How many years until there’s a shitty movie about the bitcoin crash ? Featuring Tom Hanks and Amy Schumer

I say 3 years from now.
If crypto booms to 10 trillions, it will be a remake of "the big short" / "wolf of wallstreet"
If crypto collapses, it will be a comedy with a young college student going from $100 to $10M to $0.



digits confirm

i sold at 60% loss first week of February, good thing too. they started throwing all crypto fags in jail several months later. Feds only let me get away with it by snitching on all my friends who i told to buy just 3 weeks before.

I sure wish I was back in dark winter 2018 because it is certainly worse now!

>why didnt i buy omisego

Millionaires arent made in bullruns
They are made in bear markets

wow, Veeky Forums was right about everything bitcoin really is worth 0