Sell me this pen

Sell me this pen

you'll need it to sign your internship to mc.donalds

I'LL TAKE 10,000!

It's shiny and gold

fuck you that's a nice pen, I'm keeping it


That's my pen, you can't have it. Need it to sign checks and impress women. Here a picture of my current gfs. You know, it has sentimental value, I can't sell it

Put in pooper, get 0.1 ETH.

just make a shill post about it on Veeky Forums and you'll get that pen sold in seconds

"Buy this pen or your mother will die in her sleep tonight."

which one would you bang first?

It'll worth the price of 1 whole bitcoin next week.

You bought btc at 20k didn't You? Do the world a favor ...

my girlfriend stick this pen in her ass


make brady sing a philly shirt lul

L to r . 7 8 2 3 . id be done by then

It is a really high quality pen ... you can write with it ... y-you ... it is a nice pen ...



what's going on w this picture

It holds value better than crypto

>under the premise all are real women, without penis

6, 8, 8, 5, 4, 6, 5, 8, 6

>>under the premise all are real women, without penis