Satoshi Nakamoto coming back?

Inside source here, apparently he has contacted one of his old friends and plans to make an announcement very soon.

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he probably forgot to cash out above 10k so he needs another pump

Right. We believe you user.

this is probably a joke, but he does need to reveal himself at this point. people are just eating bitcoin alive with no representation

Minister you, Satoshi!

He will out and say that the real stored value was the friends we made along the way. Screen cap this.

Finally this bastard deigns to appear again. Nice larping though.

How can i make money from this news

Hello Mr. intenet sirs, I am Satoshi Nakamoto. You would like to buy my bitcoins?

It is true tho.

but i made no friends, only enemies


>Bitcoin was a prank on lolbertarians
>I didn't expect it to get this far
>I am sorry

Did they try to make him look like The Plague?

satoshit nascamoto

big if true



we need to fucking find this guy and go to his house and get our money back. if Satoshi was here in front of me I'd turn him upside down and shake him from his ankles to make the change come out of his pockets for what he did to us

nice LARP, faggot. The real Satashi is Hal Finney, who is dead.

Dont worry user, hes being dragged in front of the SEC on Tuesday. Afterwards hes being escorted to federal prison for securitys fraud.

NSA already knows who he is.

Yep, don't tell anybody but I have insider info about possible Bitcoin 2. Supposedly 10x as powerful as the old one

what if he's taller than you?

Nice Bungie/D2 reference there. Fuck Bungie.

He's participating in the 2019 Royal Rumble match.

I heard he wears hats on his feet


Retards like you are why bitcoin is the only real crypto because it has no figurehead

>not knowing satoshi is nick szabo....


Lets start here......

The Name......The $2 Buy In


Let's go to the translations of that name.....


Then the word CRYPTO

New Latin, from Greek kruptos hidden, from kruptein to hide. Word Origin and History for crypto- before vowels crypt-, word-forming element meaning "secret" or "hidden," used in forming English words since at least 1760, from Latinized form of Greek kryptos "hidden, concealed, secret"

So now we have a Hidden Intelligence Collective that promises HUGE returns and no Cash-out point....

Only gains are made from "Miners" digging through any format that they can invent technologically to extract pennies for their services.....

But where is the fiat that was traded going?

Voila......nobody says anything as long as they either can mine the coins, or claim that their "COIN" is rising in the market

Any problems with loosing coins?

MT GOX habbens ........coins are unaccounted for a period of time......

Anyone die in the process?

Jared Townsley from Tigurd, OR at Swan Labs, huge Crypto guy and DDoS Security Software Developer.


Now there seems to be a DIP going on.....

Seems that there are a few nations that are really having a hard time with their own people being robbed blind by a few Hidden Intelligence Communities

So who are they?