So what kind of job are you NEETS looking at once the crypto meme is finally over?

so what kind of job are you NEETS looking at once the crypto meme is finally over?

What are my options with just high school?

I've been doing ecommerce. Get in

>online surveys
>affiliate marketing

All below minimum wage, but it's better than working for mr shekelstein

a garbage man or a cop, both patrician jobs that if you play your cards right are on par with doctors and engineers

>below minimum wage

you're doing it so wrong

go to a programming bootcamp? how much do you like code?

Would like to know this as well. I can do every job I want theoretically, just have to learn it. But I don't know which, any suggestions?

Warehousing pays decent. Move to the midwest, most of those jobs pay $15+ starting

card dealer at a casino

A lot and I have some experience but not real title. Those camps aren't free, are they?

depends how cute you are
what kind of discounts can we get for sex slaves after this crash

Please help me get started

I honestly would want to get any relatively stable job that doesn't kill too many brain cells or won't leave me a physical wreck by 40.
But I know I will still make more money trading crypto. I mean, between today and yesterday I literally made 0.9 BTC.

this, please tell us a good job like that

Auto parts store or lifeguard. Either way will be low pay but low stress.

I applied for some grunt job at Tesla and my interview is coming up. So probably that. Otherwise I'll just keep working at Amazon. It's just a crappy warehouse job but the pay is pretty good.

I read they work you guys to death and treat you like cattle, is that true?

going to kms if i spent 4 years becoming an engineer to be on the same pay grade as a garbageman

Before I was working in helpdesk/IT but now I have a big gap in my resume what are some reasonably good strategies to get over that hurdle since HR filters would immediately disqualify due to gap maybe with reasoning like oh you must be out of date on the latest technology or something like that because they're too stupid to know that its all the same shit even the new cutting edge is just rehashes of older ideas like for example virtualization is the cutting edge buzz but its been around for almost half a century on IBM systems.

>Tfw been unironically working at McDicks the past 2 years

Go back to being a tradie scum either trucking or hvac/maintenance

No job bro I'm going to ride this out. Luckily I'll be subsizied with neet bux

Say you traveled

I was considering that as an option. And other options I was considering would include stuff like "helping a family member take care of medical issue" since they may hold that to a stricter confidentiality than traveling. I mean they may ask for proofs of travel like pictures on social media or something versus with medical there's strict privacy laws for that which may mitigate any risks of them asking for proofs.

I listed my personal holding company/webdev/random projects company as my business for 2 years. I just showed them my portfolio of things I had done and they were fine with that.

weed seller

>I just showed them my portfolio of things I had done
Yeah but that means you where busy programming things rather than spending all your time researching, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and other stuff in trading activity.
Maybe one idea would be extend the gap by spending time working on building a trading algo or program an EA trading bot and try to sell it or something like that and then use that in a portfolio and say that's a prototype for your portfolio and you've been programming more like that but the others are under strict NDAs.

Yup, that's what I did.

>I built this security program but you can't see it
>It's security and I can't breach trust

I figure they would prefer to see at least some of your code to see what kind of code you put out. Like I said maybe it would be a good idea to spend some more time to make a prototype trading bot and say this is the portfolio piece I use to get show clients before they hire me but the ones I made for real clients are protected by NDAs. Or maybe even try that business for real and rally try to sell EAs.