How deluded is he?

How deluded is he?
Why is he pretending like everything is ok? This is not like previous times. Everyone knows bitcoin is outdated and no one needs it.

Why is he lying to himself?

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He wrecked his mind with drugs after selling a shitty antivirus program.
Why were people listening to him in the first place?

clif high said bitcoin will go up and he's a schizo which means he's more in touch with the interdimensional universe of time

In 6 months Bitcoin will be at 40k then.

>Why is he lying to himself?
Because he will have to eat his own dick.

>My prediction of $ 1 mil in 2020 is conservative

Bitcoin is still the premiere crypto in the mindspace of all normies.

like less tan 25% of norms know about ethereum and even less know about NEO or DRGN or XLM

>This is not like previous times
everything is always like previous times

he invested too much into cocaine! it rotted his brain.

cocaine is a hell of drug

they are all carnival barkers

>muh coins i cant and wont use
>muh logos
>muh cool trendy names

Cause it's true. We'll all see desu.

Bitcoin won't exist in 2020, the best thing you could hope for is a better coin replacing it and actually having some sort of intrinsic value somehow

why are you lying to yourself op? to make you feel better about missing out this badly?

i think we will bounce here but I don't think the bounce can bring us as far as 9k even
please don't quote me on this if we don't bounce or go past 9k

Sounds like someone is holding bags and wants to pump the price

This board is full of absolute brainlets. Everyone here is a hyperemotional mangina. When the market was booming everyone was ecstatic and thought the money could never stop flowing. Now that the bubble popped everyone is crying, vomitting, literally killing themselves and people are literally, literally, saying that bitcoin is going back to 100 dollars or stupid shit like that. This board is literally dumber than plebbit at this point.

Jesus Christ i feel so sad for you. You bought at >15k didnt you?

That'd be a shame if he did desu. Like, I'd eat his dick. He should share.

he wants to be right, not make money
dont listen to fuckers like that

same applies to exxon

There is a reason why nobody pays attention to those projects. They're shit.

lmao he's not really schizo, is he?

this guy is a fucking retard i can't believe there are people who honestly give what he says credence

>yfw you realise all McAfee wanted was the opportunity to eat his own dick on national tv

It will be a million, but a million will be worthless. Hyperinflation is coming. A real economic collapse to make the great depression look like easy mode is coming.

Yeah he is, he cured himself by taking lots of LSD

>p-please buy my shitcoins so i can cash out

If this is going to happen, I fly to McAfee and thank on live TV Veeky Forums biz and McAfee. Then I use drugs live with McAfee, either I get arrested. Don't care. Just will be a bad motherfucker.

He knows normies still think bitcoin is useful and the next get rich quick scheme, so he sells this idea so he can profit from his BTC farms. There. He is not deluded, he is desperately clinging for his investment to be worth it

>p-please believe me one last time
>i need money for my wife's son

>This is not like previous times
I heard the same shit during the last bull market. You fucking monkeys keep saying "it's different this time", but it never is. This is why you will be poor, because of your normie mindset.

no, i was mining this shit, but nice deflection, im sure you were definitely not stupid enough to be in the red here, right?

He's fucking right you retards. Buy the dip.

>buy external hdd
>somehow McAfee antivir is installed on it
Doesn't look like a trustworthy fellow.

Riight, and I'm the queen of england.
XLM and NEO have a billion dollar marketcap.

who gives a shit, dentacoin has lots of money in it too

Who gives a shit?
China and IBM

>This board
Try this site. About 5% of each board is legit info, 95% of it is brainlet babble.

I used to believe McAfee but then I realized BTC is dying for real.
And yes, this time it's really dead. -60% after the hype means people lose faith, and faith is the only thing that keeps these things inflating.

Daily reminder that McAfee married a literal black prostitute.

Yes, this. After this crash do you actually expect normies to buy BTC again? I would understand this if BTC was worth something, it could be useful. but it is slow shit.

>being this new

dude, this is the website that created the now prevalent "irony style" of internet trolling. It's about acting manic with words to make others manic.. because even excellent interpersonal communicators are at risk here.. because no face/body language

congrats you said something so stupid you got someone to explain the true GUTS of the chan. One step closer to oldfagdom


PS I hope you're a teen otherwise goddamn

get out

You need to understand human psychology if you ever want to get good at this game. And one important thing to remember is that memories fade, of both good and bad events. In a long enough time scale a new wave of normie money will flood the market with 100 percent certainty

Trully an /ourguy/ for Veeky Forums you bunch of corecocksucking faggots.

He looks a bit hollow tbf.

because he's a professional spinster
his whole business is pumping and dumping shitcoins
he's been caught several times, and if this whole thing goes up in flames, he's done

>1mil by 2020
he is def dropping bags by eoy

>This board
have you seen reddit? they still say the eth flippening is on and going to 10k next week.