Question for all hodlers

if you really have faith in hodling, why dont you sell and use the same fiat to rebuy at a lower price? or do you do that too?

cant tell where the bottom is.
its way too late to sell

I have too much to withdraw at once

My bank will look at me funny and i dont have enough to cover taxes from the end of 2017. I have to hold this shit until it recovers and goes into a mega bull run

? what difference does it make, you will still acquire more coins without putting in any extra fiat

an quick enough fiat exchange does not exist


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What are fees user?

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>why don’t you just time the market



I'm afraid of selling and seeing it shoot up immediately afterwards which could cause me to fomo in.. I'd rather just wait it out.

>If you have faith in hodling, why don't you do the opposite of hodling?
The point of hodling is that you don't pretend to know what the market will do next. Selling risks that the market might begin to recover, forcing you to buy back in at a loss.

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taxes, paperwork, laziness

if you had tens of millions of dollars and youre thinking about this in the long term, why would you even bother trying to sell a large amount of it, when you could liquidate 1-2% and be set for many years.

because it will pump like a lightning at some point and you'll have sold at the absolute bottom with no choice but to buy higher (and eventually sell lower again)

bc short term cap gains and my life is too busy to trade and read tea leaves predicting where the market will go. Buy Mobius btw, ver greit project solid teem

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I'm not very good at anticipating the market, so I'd rather keep my stack than sell it and risk losing some if BTC stops crashing or levels out.

Also, it's too late to try and short this crash

If you do that you'll get fucked by taxes

Because its not actually possible to convert significant amount of crypto into real money, its all a scam :^)

Let me pull out my crystal ball OP so I can increase my stack.


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got from 500 to 50k from dec 2018 now at 6k will never sell. invested not much money and never had the 50k so i dont care, will wait till i might make it or not.

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This. You get fucked by short term capital tax vs long term. Hodl for a year mates. The despair will turn into euphoria once again. I believe it because none of these coins have their services being used...yet.

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how the fuck do i have to pay taxes if i buy high sell low?

a lot of us have been holding before 2017 senpai

>way too late to sell
The bottom could be $100 you dumb faggot


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There are tons of people with money in their shitbase accounts from selling off getting ready to buy. If they sold at $8k they'd be getting 80x the buttcorns

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yeah just bounced back up lucky i didnt do this

still have to go up more to confirm trend reversal. not out of the woods yet imo

i got caught up in my greed, thinking i'd just wait another 3x when I was a millionaire, then cashout.
it's embarrassing but i only cashed out my initial investment.
I'm now only up 3x.

i've been buying up relative losers during this dip but then they just lose more

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