Lamden TAU

Bought this shit out of FOMO on IDEX for 5 times the ICO price. Lost almost 100% on it already. When will this shit go up again?

>falling for shillgroups and buying their bags

This is a 20x from the price you bought it at. Just hold it you ducking degenerate.

This. they got their start on discord scamming kids, then one day they decided to make an ICO

there is nothing else left to do. Lost too much on it to sell it ..


Well first of all, if you put in more than you can afford to lose you're a fucking idiot. Second of all if you just hold it you'll be fine long term stop whinging.

id invest in bitconnect over this piece of shit anyday of the week

u can find the devs on their discord and on the bitpam discord

they talkin mad shit about how u guys are dumb as fuck

hold and wait. But i think youve been bamboozled

This coin is the perfect example, it so beautifully illustrates this market. The picture is a complete fake, made up by some people who wanted to make money. It is typical for a market that just like the .com bubble buys anything that has ''Enterprise Blockchain'' in it.

Ofcourse some piece of technology that doesn't exist yet can promise supriority over all existing ones. Ofcourse people will see this, believe it and root for it even though it will crush them mentally.

I can only say...

Thanks for the 10x

>No I didn't shill this, I got this shilled and FOMO'd in, FUDded out as soon as I saw the team.

easy $10 end of feb

That SuppoShill actually bought this at 1$ (LOL)

bought in during ICO

only bought more during the dip

You're good dawg. I heard this will be $5 by end of January.

hate to break it to you, but this is never going up.
They will never have a real product and the teams is scammy as fuck.
Just take it as a lesson learned and move on. Never FOMO in and always do your research

Sauce? In his video he clearly states that he was gonna buy at a dollar after seeing a new crypto on the market.

If not, he really is a supposhill shilling his bags at 1$

have 16000, will i make it?

post proof

some top notch FUD in here. Feeling comfy with all my TAU

shouldn't you be pretending to code Stu?

Do you want $160k? Then yes.


TAU is very interesting if you are into software development. Its something like django + pip but for blockchains.

yikes, you were serious
I'm sorry I hope you got those around ICO prices

I have 440 and I'm down 82% on it

It's my biggest bag and I'm a poorfag already

way to buy a meme user

>backing everythin coded in python

Your own fault