Is this it? Was 2008 just a bear trap?

Are we all fucked? Almost zero inflation, interest rates can't get any lower, record household debt, house prices at all time highs. Banks turnin record profits.

Are we about to see a bull trap in the DOW before the apocalypse?

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Jesus DOW 4x in 10 years? Maybe grandpa was right after all...

How is DOW not a bubble?

yes this house is coming down like the most unholy sack of potatoes in existence

dude I'm honestly scared
looking worse than 2008

Trump brought back hundreds of thousands of jobs, the jump is just the leap to normalcy after the Obama recession

No! I can't handle another recession.

There's no exabation for this unless the Jews are planning a move on trump.

Sorry, but presidents have 0.01% control on the markets.

stop freaking out

Stocks are overvalued

People are finally moving into bonds and out of equities due to inflation and interest rates rising but the underlying info and data economically is good.

This isn’t 2008 not even close

2008 was a proper crash and this, including today's losses, are in the definition territory of a narket correction. Now, if the indices do this sane shit again tomorrow that'll be trouble. For now, it's a correction albiet an unusually violent one.

Can any burger fingers tell us what the attitude in the USA is at the moment around the downturn? It's across MSM here in straya but no mention of implications to domestic markets

It’s not a big deal we had nigger relative drops back in 2011 and 2012

>Trump talked shit about jobs going back to USA
>people invested accordingly
>jobs not coming back
>people loose faith and sell
>snowball effect
>people panic and sell
They trump

OK so here it goes. Hopefully some of the more logical math savvy people here get it.

We as a planet are in super trouble. The massive growth of the 20th century up to 2008 was fueled by one thing and one thing only.

Cheap oil. Now when I mean cheap do not think in terms of FRNs. Think in term of energy. Spindletop, Gahwar, Cantarell etc. all had yuuuuggge energy returns on energy invested.

Now we are at the point where in oil sands and shale we are probably not even recovering the net energy invested to extract the oil and process it into something that can be used by industry. That is why so many shale companies cannot turn a profit at any price.

Now, before you start going off about Elon or renewables or some other unicorn nonsense let me say that the time to transition from a unlimited growth fossil fuel economy was at the first oil shock in 1973. This was decades before I was born and I reckon it is the same for most of you here.

Your best course of action now is to get into shape, prepare your mind, learn how to be self sufficient and seek out like minded people.

You have been warned. Good luck, and let the games begin!

>he doesn't know what negative rates are

The crash is coming, boys, and it's coming hard. We're talking great depression kinda crash.

>not a log scale


marines took control of markets months ago


can someone meme chart the DOW

>learn some meme terminology and shoehorn it into every post as much as possible
I hate this place.

The recession was under Bush. The recovery has been happening since the start of Obama's second term. Trump has "brought back" zero jobs that were not already opening regardless of the election. You post on Veeky Forums yet understand zero about economics, politics, history, or how all three are related.

And as expected my time was wasted.

Nice self portrait.

honestly people are freaking the fuck out. i have a lot of friends in finance and they said today was pure chaos on the floors. but they stick to their traditional excuses like "but muh regulationz" and other crap that they think differentiates them from crytpo but it really doesnt

Reddit pls



You said absolutely nothing, are you retarded? you enjoy talking for the sake of it?

Stacking up on canned goods, toilet paper, water, and I have some stuff to sell on hand in case it gets really bad. Will print some PDFs tonight on survival tips and shit, I think this might be the big one

>doing anything good

top lal

>trump tax reform is not responsible for the economic boom

>There are people out there right now that actually believe this

This is truly peak retard

Nigger relative..
You a negro, sir.


Can you read?

What is so hard for you to understand?

Let me give you the really simple ADD idiot version

If it takes more than one barrel of oil worth of energy to extract a barrel of oil then the whole exercise is futile.

The economy needs ever increasing growth, i.e. ever increasing energy consumption to keep going.


I honestly cannot make this any simpler.

perhaps for cuck presidents. trump is not acuvk though. you're an obvious faggot though

Stop fucking panicking you fucking sheep. HOLD!! Fucking HOLD GOD damn it!!!



he's pointing out that you are an imbecile

drumpf is surely finished this time comrade

I have a coin valued at .0000050 and have 200,000 of them. God I hope this market flips upwards.

Mining with renewable energy.

Stocks are still due for a correction, but it remains to be seen what the collateral will be and how the correction will play out. A -7% in a few days doesn't inspire confidence right now though

How much % control do (((they))) have over the market?

99% my nigga

OK kiddo goodluck. I can't wait to see the Tesla version of a CAT 994H.

You stupid ass kids are going to be meat for the grinder. Enjoy your vidya and gook cartoons while they last.

No, I'm just being realistic.

Equivalent of hodl mene.

I actually can't read the axis on any of those charts. Mind putting in more jpg?

lmao no

it'll be a 2 day freefall at worse

just because your precious crypto took yet another nosedive does not mean legitimate stocks also lose 50% of their value.

I will repeat what I said in another thread:

This is just the beginning, this whole week will be a bloodbath. People will think it will stabilize on Wednesday. Then fear returns on Thursday.
Friday will be like no one has ever seen before.
Just a little warning my Veeky Forums bros.

This is a precursor to another big happening, some of you have already talked about this here and there. Good luck to you all.

Imagine being this deluded.

Ok so crypto do gud doe?

The ROEI of Shale was initially negative in the first 2 years of the Boom, after that it's been positive stop living in 2008 peaker.

Not too worried. My family has enough land to be semi sufficient if things take a really bad turn, we can basically go off the grid any time we want

Landowners should be the most scared in case of a crisis.

where do you get the "it takes more then a barrel of oil to extract a barrel of oil"?

He was given a booming economy on a plate and now everything is going to implode and he'll be remembered as the guy who caused 1929 2.0. Not to say that it's his fault, the sistem is fucked and nobody has done anything remotely close to fixing it since the last recession

If you haven't read that copypasta of the guy who survived the yugoslav war while contained in a city. Stock up on batteries, lighters, cigarettes and alcohol.