How to make it

Fuck money, biz. Seriously. "Women only want rich men" is a fucking pathetic meme.

What do men want at the root of all things?
Food, Sex & Fun (in that order).

Guess what? You don't need a lot of money to have these things on the regular.

Sure, most women may want a man with strong finances for marriage, but what kind of cuck WANTS marriage? The same pussy for the rest of your life? Thats fucking HELL if you ask me. For every roastie you see on the street, there is one dude who is sick of fucking her. Having too much money can get you locked up into relationship penitentiary. The laws in most countries will make sure of it, get her pregnant on top of that? Whew lad, you're fucked.

Here is ALL you need to do and this applies to every man.

1) Take care of your body. Any woman in the right state of mind would love to fuck a man who is clean & fit (most me aren't).

When women want to fuck, guess what, they take the best male within reach and initiate love potion #9. All you need to do is be clean & fit, literally all you need.

You can be bat shit crazy or a fucking retard, but if your cock works and you're clean & fit, you can fuck all you want.

Guess what, thats it. Don't be stinky fat tub of shit and you literally unlock the key to life.

you literally dont need anything besides food and women if all you want is food sex and fun

when the bar is that low, though, who gives a fk what you want

Get lost MGTOW

>What do men want at the root of all things?
green candles

There are alot of fun things that don't involve women.

A man with addiction to anything thing such as gambling (aka crypto "investing") is a fucking pussy himself.

>tfw fit and clean
>tfw women still don't want me

That is literally impossible, user. You must be overlooking a critical misperception about yourself.

All of that is meaningless when you're a 5'9 manlet like myself

You simply dont take care of yourself user, thats why you have no self-confidence.

If you eat right, exercise regularly, stay hydrated & groom yourself your perception of yourself will start to change positively.

I don't pursue money to acquire women. I pursue money so I don't have to waste more of my short life working and I can spend more of that time actually with those women instead of with spreadsheets and word documents.

>Implying women is the only, or even the main reason people want to be rich
Virgin detected. After you cum, you literally don't care about women for the next X hours or X days if you're old.
That's why you need the lambo, whipping thay shit never gets old.

Money is a meme, you do not need a lot of it.

Yeah OP, fat chicks need love too! So glad you've decided to take one for the team!

OP is right.

Too much money will harm your sex life. For a poor Chad, they can get the sex immediately. If you're "relationship material" (cash cow), then they won't put out on the stop, even if they are horny.

Braging about your money feels good while you do it, but it doesn't help. Not to coworkers, not to friends, not to girls, and to your family only if you actively want to spend it on them.

>cock works
it works but im a fucking dicklet. never had a shot, so i'll just focus on money to spend on expensive prostitutes

Again, I already do all that (I enjoy living healthy) and get zero pussy, I might as well be invisible to women at this height

A lot is relative, but I need about $2M. I'd be plenty happy living off $80k a year the rest of my life. I'd probably still generate some income from shit I'd occupy my life with anyway, but it'd be things I enjoy doing.

>it's another boomer thread

sex, food, relaxation, fun

Blue pill
Face > *
Decent looking girls have enough male model tall Chads to pick from, they don't need ugly losers who 'take care of themselves'

>Guess what? You don't need a lot of money to have these things on the regular.

Uh yeah but I'd rather not spend 9+ hours every day doing something I hate to get that money.

Nope. My autism dictates how I get what I want.

Money > Sex > Food > Fun

OP you're an imbecile (not joking) and I bet you haven't touched a pussy in your life.

>Women only want rich men is a fucking pathetic meme
except its really not tho

>doing things i dont do makes you shit

>Too much money will harm your sex life.

I want a wife and kids and relaxing life.

> eat clean
> stay fit
> try to be intelligent
> grow long hair

Boom you’re done.

I was fit but since I browse fit I became lazy.
My slaycounter didn’t change much since then. Time to get back on track

How tall are you user? I’m 5 ft 7, got more money than anyone I know my age but I get no pussy. I’m going to focus on not being a skeleton anymore.

good, ill be collecting all the pussy and money you arent, weakling

Juicy J - Funds up
listen to this simple but meaningful piece

>I’m 5 ft 7

5'9". Might as well be 5', anything below 6' == disdain

At this moment, im am sitting in my office, on Veeky Forums, with my cock stuck to my balls from pussy juices and saliva.

Hire a nutritionist, personal trainer and a stylist. Invest some money into yourself.

>hey guys I had sex xD

more likely in your mom's basement jerking off to some kink porn

lmao, typical NEET projecting your own insecurities toward those only trying to help you. Stay salty.