I knew the last gasp death throes of hodlers would be pathetic but i never expected them to be trumpeting a document full of explicit references to regulation and other market fucking forces to be held up as saviour.

This is literally a last gasp attempt to float a ship with an iceberg sized hole it it.

Wake the fuck up people. Read the fucking document before spouting lies.

t. sold at 6500

buy mobëus it a better linkchain

you sold didn't you?

Probably being interpreted as a little too bullish. It's not bad, but it's not great. What we need to know is how they'll define securities in relation to cryptos. We need examples from them. If they're just going to blanket classify all cryptos as securities, that's not good at all.

It's called mass delusion.

I read it. It's mainly the usual gvt bs. The main take away is that they consider crypto to be a security for regulatory purposes. That, and a bunch of warnings about scammers, etc, which make it clear they understand the mental capacity of the average crypto 'investor'.

It's kind of hard to see that as either bullish or bearish in the long term

>If they're just going to blanket classify all cryptos as securities, that's not good at all.
So far that seems to be the case - at least wrt ICOs. Isn't that what you get from it?

It's literally nothing but an even handed document. There is no good news. Those people on reddit are especially retarded.

I didn't get that to be honest. It seems pretty neutral to me

Trying this hard to FUD a measly little old crypto currency. I’m genuinely curious, just who are goi pathetic people? Do you guys get paid by Jewman to do this? Do you just like to create chaos? Did Satoshi Nakamoto personally come into your house and shit on your floor? Just what is it with you people with your war on crypto currency? I’m genuinely curious

I guess it's more of a emotional mechanism then any sort of understanding.

everyone who's not in FIAT (in crypto or USDT) is fcking insane right now, they dont see the merit of things that are coming. I'm in a group that usually buys into large private sales and ICOs with 100s of ETHs and everyone is in FIAT.

Regulation is good, it means you fags can't say that America is banning cryptos anymore.

Seems pretty bullish to me. CFTC chair literally calls it a paradigm shift.

Are you mad you sold the bottom? There's still time to buy back you know.

did someone sell the bottom like a brainlet?
Better FUD harder user.



>i'm in le super secret whale group

literally the equivalent of "my dad works at nintendo"

You dumb fucking idiot. It literally states volatility as a problem. Of course this digital age is a revolution, but it is a revolution in that it will be useful. BUT it will never be useful unless the volatility goes away, meaning you won't be able to make money off it. And I know for a FACT that's all you care about. You are not going to make money off this after regulation. Get that through your head.

Dude, do you have a private email or anything of some sort? I believe I'm in the same group but wanted to make sure. If not, I wanted to join yours as well if that's possible.

Lmao this nocoiner cope. Bitcoin will go to 100k if not more as institutional investors pour in and block rewards half in 2020 (last block reward halfing took us from 500 to 19k)

Ps ive been into cryptography since you were in grade school so don't tell me I don't care about the tech.

He sold

>calling people idiots
>literally begging to join some larping retards PND discord group where you get bags dropped on you

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I'm looking towards your minute of twitter glory @BitmexRekt

I guarantee you it's not a PND discord group, and I trust him, since I'm in a similar one. He's probably the only intelligent one in this thread.
>> 7340094

>i trust some random stranger on Veeky Forums
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Let me know. These guys think you're a LARP but I know better.

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What kind of shit thread is? I swear your fucks are such weak handed faggots.

LOL my group cashed out like 3 weeks ago and it's very easy to find

Which one?