*coughs a little but then inhales deeply*
*o boys and rubs belly*

I thought this was a meme. If this speech topic isn't a sell signal I don't know what is. Sergey fucking detests what you all have done to his token and wants to ditch the token and not look back. How could anyone possibly be encouraged by that title? He's gonna spend two hours shitting on his token.

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>largest crypto crash in history
>governments banning crypto
>SEC talking about token scams
this is over. he’s either going to mention tokens being dangerous scams or ignore link completely

I can't wait, I love Sergey's talks.

it's going to be the exact same as his last 4 talks. inb4 nothing happens

all kidding aside I heard this a while ago and really thought it was just a funny joke. Sergey's a madman. He's either ditched the token or he's intentionally unhyping it.

this. i put his yt interviews/speech’s on as i fall asleep every night. v comfy

the last times he talked the coin dumped hard
>muh sibos
a fucking toilet conference

he's never had a talk about tokens at all. This will at least be his opinion on the tokenization of everything and he can't avoid the fact that this time he has his own token. This one will cover new ground based on the title alone.

Do you RP much?
perhaps furry rp. I can it from the way you write your actions

ITT: brainlets who don’t understand why tokenisation is bad and why LINK tokens are the solution.

Price will go up after the talk. Screencap this.

>tokenization bad
>link token good

pretty sure no one here understands why tokenization is bad mmmkay and why chained links are the solution finale. pretty sure the price will increase before during and after his speech. prepare your anai.

Yeah, dumped all my LINK after seeing this. Fuck this shit, Sergey rused us all

LINK marines know it is simply a conduit into a multi quadrillion dollar market. Brainlets still can't understand that there is even that much wealth total.

links idea is good
too bad the team concludes of 2 absolute morons that have done nothing since their ICO heist
but ok keep holding your shittoken while everything crashes and burns
i just hope some one else makes another erc20 oracle token quicker than that faggot and sends him to heck

never, it's just ironic, I know it's gay.

please explain how link solves it because spoiler alert it doesn't.

b-buy mobius s-sir is g-good coin s-sir

this is literally DGB 2.0
>you just don’t understand! CITI will love it!

Yes, is your brain so lacking in grey matter you are incapable of grasping even the slightest ambiguity and depth and see how tokens could on the whole be bad, but LINK be good.

Hint: tokens are simply mass produced smart contracts fuelled by ethereum, LINK presents a way to powercharge smart contracts beyond shitty tokens, while using a token.

Oh look it's a shitty ERC20 shit token that solves the world problems.

Fuck off idiot

> LINK presents a way to powercharge smart contracts beyond shitty tokens,

so your point is that chainlink lets ethereum smart contracts do something other than just make scam ICOs. Wow you could have just said that; that's not an original or interesting point at all. What a huge faggot my girl says you're boring af

weak bait but i’ll respond anyways cuz kikes are pissing me off today. Chainlink is blockchain agnostic nigger

stopped reading there

>checks price

>checks volume

>check exchanges

>check updates

"taking smart contracts beyond tokenization" means making them usable in the real world. right now they can only be used for coin-coin or token-coin trading.
this is the oracle problem that link is solving. dumb OP.

Tell your girl I want my semen back

>checks github process

Aren't you fags tired of FUDing LINK by now? It was funny at first but holy shit it's been months now.

lel. Are you really that much of a brainlet?
Most smartcontracs on the Ethereum network are ERC20 tokens/ICOs. Get it now?


Are you all fucking serious?

This is so obvious... Right now the only real use for smart contracts is to do ICOs and put out tokens.

The topic he wants to discuss is how smart contracts are capable of so much more IF THEY CAN BE MADE TO RECEIVE DATA FROM OUTSIDE THE BLOCKCHAIN.




Yes, and most are absolute shit. Join the club

nice reddit spacing fag
but yes you are correct

Define "so much more" faggot

What is supposed to happen you idiots?

Is he supposed to reveal 20 partnerships all at once and hand out LINK stickers and skateboards to everyone?
You people are retarded, he's giving a dev oriented speech about the future of smart contracts and how Chainlink helps them become mainstream, of course nothing will happen with the price itself.

Of all the projects out there, you find to FUD Chainlink in a time of total market collapse, rent fucking free.

Damn man.. I've been on Veeky Forums for a decade at least... Veeky Forums for 3 years...

I guess my style of writing has deviated from Veeky Forums post formatting. Probably a result of having to write so many emails.

Anyway, I unironically picked up more chainlink this afternoon. For those of you who don't know, Jonny of the linkpool.io team has developed an external adapter for IOTA-LINK-ETH smart contract.

In addition, he found a isomorphic congruity between Microsoft's Bletchy Cryptlet code and the template in chainlink's documentation for defining external objects. He posits it is very likely that MS' project will utilize chainlink's distributed oracle network as a fundamental component of the SDK.

Combine this with all of Thodge's work and so many more developers already getting their hands dirty with the test-net... This level of community engagement at such an early stage is easily the most bullish signals one could ever be privy to as both an investor and a technological speculator.

Wake up, Veeky Forums.

He- he can't do this to us!

>so many more developers already getting their hands dirty with the test-net
wheres the evidence of this. The slack looks like its just jonny huxtable, thomas, and that other guy circlejerking, and the gitter is the same deal. If the simplified main net is gonna launch with secret partners and corporate nodes it'll be a big surprise. Right now it's looking like a dud.

"so much more" you really need this defined for you in the context of smart contracts? Do you realize what smart contracts and dapps even are? What they can accomplish? How they work? In this case, their current limitations?

Do you think those of us who see the obvious innovation inherent to chainlink are ALL plebian memefags who don't have technical backgrounds or affiliations within crypto? If you have the knowledge and apply it to discerning where value is needed in the marketplace/utility is needed in the crypto economy, you can easily pick out the best candidates project-wise.

Chainlink is one of the strongest examples! Christ!

Sure that's why i hold EOS

you sound like a smart lady. i wish you posted more.

He is 100% talking about ChainLink. LINK enables smart contracts to be used for things beyond exchanging tokens.

Thoughtful people that understand this:

jesus fuck, not this shit again. FUCK OFF STINKY

How is anything a dud? It's been essentially 1 month since the latest documentation has been made available. 1 month since Sergey's EOY announcement. Do you really think that one month of "silence" - that can only be considered damning in the context of wild exuberance and hyper transparency that are inherent to the nov-jan generation of shitcoins that are going to be worthless - do you really think that some how chainlink is not progressing?

The only avenue to this conclusion is ignorance - being uninformed and impatient and only worried about whether you're up or down in the next 5 days.

unironically this

anyways since you seem friendly and knowledgeable can you explain the significance of microsoft and chainlink? So it'll allow developers to bypass the smartcontract front end with their own SDK that uses the chainlink network? I think I'm just talking out my ass but I didn't fully understand jonnys meaning.

link microsoft partner good buy sir

>checks whitepaper

Uh taking smart contracts beyond tokenization is exactly what LINK is supposed to do.

Guys I think we took the joke too far, too many newfags fell for it and actually bought LINK. This means more push for crypto regulation.

Sergey will not mention Link at all but will give a nice speech and make clear that the real use case of smartcontracts is integration with real world data. Through the link network or otherwise.
Anyway the speech will be good and as usual price will tank.

It just means connecting Link to Mcdonalds to increase his Big Mac fund.


You could just ask him yourself in slack, man. He'll be overjoyed to share his conclusions, evidence and share his knowledge.

Beyond that, you should read about microsoft Bletchy Cryptlets yourself! Anaylze the material available to understand what their product is and corroborate it with Jonny's claims and evidence.

Talk to Jonny and look into linkpool.io to appreciate his credence why his perspective is so important in the context of chainlink.

And he's just one developer who happens to be super active in the community, there are DEFINITELY more devs out there who are working just as hard if not harder to understand and learn how to take advantage of LINK and DO things with it.

fucin idiet buy mobius u retard fuc stic

There is some very shady stuff going on with this coin.

I bumped into Sunny the other day while at my local shark fin soup restaurant a he straight up just took a crocodile from the tank and began ejecting his fecal matter into her mouth in front of everyone. When the staff came to apprehend him, he put one of the tag things on the crocodile's belly, scanned it with his phone, and showed them all. They proceeded to clap and let him on his merry way.

Very shady stuff.
Anyone else a bit worried?

the average IQ on biz is about 90 these days my friend. the only things they understand are buzzwords and fake "partnership" pumping on twitter. since chainlink can't be dumbed down into single sentence one syllable words it goes right over their heads. oh well

Thanks, just bought 1k.

t. person who did a -20% today

It's called averaging down. I'm buying LINK in small increments on the way down, and buying one big fat bag if it drops below $0.15 ever again. LINK dumping is a fucking blessing to me. I was afraid I was going to be left out but even I may reach 10k stinkylinkies now.

Town Crier.... Cryptlets... Ari Juels...DocuSign.. SmartContracts... SWIFT...

The FUD would be easy to believe.. If there was a single entity with as much writing on the wall as ChainLink... I daydream every day of the extreme vindication that will course through my very essence when ChainLink moons

Factom...Linkpool...We.trade...Peer reviewed whitepaper.......Sony POC.... SWIFT POC.........................MAIN NET IS LITERALLY GOING TO BE OUT THIS YEAR............


dubs confirm. all we can do now is hope link drops to 20 cents and buy it all

Source: its-always-positive-news-on-reddit

Shut the fuck up


Reality hurts

fucking pajeet

Are you all fucking serious?
This is so obvious... Right now the only real use for smart contracts is to do ICOs and put out tokens.
The topic he wants to discuss is how smart contracts are capable of so much more IF THEY CAN BE MADE TO RECEIVE DATA FROM OUTSIDE THE BLOCKCHAIN.

Damn, this looks terrible. It's almost as if linebreaks are a thing for a reason.

Rent free

do you think project ubin will utilize linked chains?

solid fact based argument of a smart investor

short term price is meaningless to me. in a year I'll be retired either way.

I- I thought I was the only one. I don’t even know why I do this, but it’s so damn comfy

this is now a price predictions thread: LINK worth 5000$ by 2020


18 months. The flippening from BTC to Ethereum is completed and a new bull begins in autumn Last six months of crypto bubble game over as LINK wins as single swift gateway mechanism between swift and cryptoworld and facebook apps adopt it for payment and betting. Businesses wake up to profound impact of smartcontract principle and the one king emerges LINK All other crypros except ethereum dive and ethereum and chainlingk join google and surpass it as the most valuable properties in tech and finance for the next decade. Link holders become extraordinary wealthy as it rises over 10K The crypto boom ends.

too easy. best timeline

Oh wow, you're resorting to "chainlink is too difficult to understand, that's why people don't buy it" argument? Perhaps it's just the lack of transparency, the fact that the team is just two assholes (one of which is known to have left two projects unfinished), no real development, most other coins having better performance. How can you be so pretentious and retarded and the same time?

I hope the brainlet picture is supposed to represent you. Would at least make you self-aware, since intelligence is obviously not a trait you have.

Tell me how stupid I am for not buying a hundred dollars worth of LINK right now

>People don't actually know what he means by tokenization
>No one here has actually listened to him

What lagnuage is this?

Just bought 100 link for bitcoin scraps i found. Have a good feeling with the conzept. Maybe i get more as soon the whole crash is over.

Just forget it. These retards are lost cause. I'm not talking about people are just trying to sell their bags, nor those who hold LINK among many other coins (and treat it accordingly). I'm talking about the deluded faggots who really believe this coin will make them rich, and are rooting for it as it was the end solution. They don't realize that the idea is just half the battle, having an actual team and product is the other half.

imagine being this dumb
this user doesn't have to imagine

does this mans entire existence revolve around smart contracts?

that's what i said, nothing is going to happen. holding 12k like it's a helium filled balloon, but i'm not stupid enough to get excited for a talk that he has given, in some form, at least four times before.

OP do you not understand how LINK works?

>sir gay

I'm laughing hard @ your trenchbrain.
Right now pretty much all smart contracts can do is dispense tokens.
Chainlink is going to bring smart contracts to mainstream transactions.
Hence "beyond tokenization".
You have no idea what's about to go down.


jesus christ fud was good this thread

you drop "trenchbrain" in every linkedchains thread. i know you're alex johansson.

Meh, you're not wrong. ChainLink has a big important idea on their hands - but can they carry it to fruition?

Hope so. I'm gonna bet on yes.

Jesus this coin is not selling at all. FUCKING SELL ME YOUR BAGS MOBIUS PAJEETS. Zero volume moving right now.

there is no more chainlink to sell, user. this is how the price singularity will happen

you're not getting my bags for anything less than $100 per pop
looks like you'll have to market buy, son

1) trying to artificially pump the token price when the product isn't even finished is unprofessional as shit, especially when your target customer is fucking banks
2) the team is not 2 guys they hired several developers in Dec and have been busy porting the project over to Go so it can scale
3) the fact that people try to fud link by saying it's just an erc20 token says they don't understand the project at all

autism dox in full effect. ruin him