Uh, g-guys??


It's over, isn't it

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yes, its over, sell everything you have

m-monero will recover, right?

sell it all

im thinking about spending it all instead before its value drops so low i can't even afford sending it anywhere anymore

They needed a reason to do this so they can now push their own crypto upon the billions of chinese.. no more laowai crypto for chinese people.

Yeah its over. For the 500th time something said its over crypto is dead. THIS is the time it really is.

Have fun panic buying bitcoin again next year when it blows past $100k

Is this like the 10th time bitcoin "died"?

>making crypto illegal will keep the price down
>just like making heroin illegal kept the price down


Any second now

keep up user.

I dunno, man. It kinda seems like you're just bitter that you didn't already sell.

people who thought the most censorship heavy fagots outside of north korea would allow this lol, people in china dont even know basic world history, they just wanted to make money off it as much as possible before the full ban

This came out yesterday. It's old news. Why do I feel like you people react to everything 2 days after it comes out??

just sell user

there is still pajeets stealing white mans money

yes he's clearly bitter that he didn't sell for the 500th time. you win.

I'm fucking will nuke that chink.

Seriously Just stop already. Thats not happening anymore, no one will stupidly buy bitcoin at that price knowing that its backed by nothing and the price could return to zero at any point.

Wait what the fuck? Bitcoin is not backed by anything? Holy shit I am selling to USD immediately!

Is that like the huffington post or worse?