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Tulips have a infinite supply unlike gold of the new age BTC

>This happens every February


>comparing tulips to blockchain technology

This, tulips have actual real world value as opposed to digits on a screen


Does encryption have real world value? if not why don't you just dox yourself and give us all your passwords and access to your device. You have nothing to hide right?

>caring so much when you don't even care

u showed them didnt u :^)

>imaginary internet money replacing anything as a store of value

Don't you mean gold of the new age: gold

> he thinks he can't be traced through his buttcoin
Wew lad how's life in 2003

>walk into restaurant
>Trade 3 tulip bulbs for a burger
>Walk out


>Walk into store
>Send 0.0000362 buttcoins to McDonald's
>Wait a couple hours
>Finally verifies, and it only took 5000 kilowatt hours of electricity
>Walk out with my cold burger

SEC & CFTC Senate Hearings on Crypto this Tuesday February 6th @10am:

>Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

All according to plan.

Yay regulation and government involvement woo hoo

jew lip mania.

we are witnessing the collapse of the global world economics, and you are salty and mad at cryptofags?
kekking at your pathetic shortsighted existence dude

>mom i made the tulip post again

people are being killed for digits on a screen every day

CFTC have an active investigation into Tether & Bitfinex. The benefits of weeding out bad actors comes at a lot of cost when most of the market framers are bad actors.

There is an unlimited supply of shitcoins

Regulation and Gov will kill crypto, crypto's entire thing was being a de-centralized, private, currency. Now it will become literal e-dollars.

lmao money is just paper dude, what value does it have besides the number thats printed on it

im so happy im not the only person who realize this

Your bank account is digits on a screen.

Fiat is also a worthless investment, what's your point?

>Tulips help you get laid
>Numbers on a screen just make you look like a beta nerd

Paper currency and crypto are both better mediums of exchange than tulips.

Fiat isn't an investment. It's a currency, you dingbat.

Unlike cryptos.

They aren't, the slightest tear at the fabric of society and they vanish like a card trick

If it's only used as a medium of exchange instead of a store of value, you won't lose anything when the shit hits the fan anyway, if it ever does.



holy fucking shit its the exact same timeline

ahhahahahhaah if you havent cashed out

Yes you will you will lose your imaginary assets
Speculation is older than traditional stocks you dumb goy

Figure out the difference between a medium of exchange and a store of value and get back to me.