Remember me?

Remember me?

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Im Sorry Darwin, Im sorry


I remember you were a leach and never worked a day in your life. My only wish is that you died a slower, more painful death.

I love it when shithead liberals come right out of the gate demonstrating that they know absolutely nothing about marxism

b-b-but some propaganda and lies about communism

Under marxism they solve the problem of market collapse by not having a market in the first place

is that jackie chan?

Who doesn't remember one of the largest sociopath leeches in the history of mankind?

haha le seize the memes of production man i too am sick and tired of crapitalism but first i need to give eternal lip service to a thousand minority groups and homosexual childfuckers instead of actually focusing on class consciousness and elevating the working class because im a liberal retard haha oops i fell into another manufactured corporate trap oops how does this keep happening haha

World bodycount champion 1900-2000. Impressive resume.

>american education



fuck off old white guy

That honor goes to contemporary upper-middle class bubble dwellers

Who doesn't remember the cause of feminazis and LGBT movement.


"capitalism does live by crises and booms, just as a human being lives by inhaling and exhaling. First there is a boom in industry, then a stoppage, next a crisis, followed by a stoppage in the crisis, then an improvement, another boom, another stoppage, and so on.... The fact that capitalism continues to oscillate cyclically...merely signifies that capitalism is not yet dead, that we are not dealing with a corpse. So long as capitalism is not overthrown by proletarian revolution, it will continue to live in cycles, swinging up and down. Crises and booms were inherent in capitalism at its very birth; they will accompany it to its grave."

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: Karl Marx was right again



Biggest sack of shit to have ever left his shit stains in history?

Ye I remember you dude, got a job yet?

k keep me posted Caleb

t. 13 year old ironic nazi

For rightwingers everyone they don't like is a liberal sjw cuck soy.

hey marx, didnt your system crash and burn already, meaning you have no room to talk about any drop in the stock market?

Ah yes, the ultimate Jew.

Yeah but they just need to kill and starve more people for it to work this time

subhuman commie, kys

>The economy is a zero-sum game
This guy was the biggest idiot since Jesus


cmon guys, n.....not real socialism guys. only 200 million need to die this time!

Holy shit, the edge

Yes, we can't let those fascist capitalists win at any cost, even if it means killing every human on earth

>Stalin killed 60 bajillion! The CIA told me so!!!!


looks like the hobo who hangs out in front of the liquor store always asking me for spare change

this board proves he was right

I have more respect for teenage Nazis than 40 year old commies in a Veeky Forums thread

>politically against gainz and socioeconomic mobility

Get out

Also the massive landfills full of corpses, but still...


t. 9 year old neonazi


Government is no different than a greedy corporation, except compliance is mandatory.

Prove me wrong.


Why don't you go pay the IRS maximum taxes you retarded kike.

>provides no tool to predict when they'll happen so I can shirt assets and become rich af
>the use value of a product and surplus value extracted by capitalists have never been estimated, they're useless non-mathematical concepts
>didn't even know Calculus when he wrote Capital
>deified by a bunch of History and English undergrads who know exactly zero Math

>this doesn't happen in commie countries

i don't get it..
how do people think liberals are commies?
neither of the two make sense in commieland. there's nothing they can be applied to, save for personal tasks like hobbies desu
t. marx

They actively deny that Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and that African communist shithole exist.

Commies have to attack capitalism because they have no arguments to put forth in favor of communism.


>on a board full of literal neets

>70% of GDP being privately produce is communism

ITT: People who are so unimaginably braincucked by whatever trash they were fed in public high school social studies that they are somehow able to ignore the bodies piling up all around them as a direct result of denying basic resources to people in the name of property and profit for the owner class

How do those boots taste you massive faggots

Cuba is doing a lot better than Puerto Rico friendo

crises and booms have existed since way before capitalism was even a thing. So what exactly is this jew criticizing? greed? power?



That is the most retarded quote I have seen in my life


was Marx's clique proto-Veeky Forums?

>cat shit is slightly better than dogshit.

>pay taxes to a government that doesn't exist
>communist places with states

mass killings were acknowledged by soviets themselves shithead

back to your discords retards this is a board about business not retarded ideologies

this but unironically

are we supposed to worry about subhuman kulaks now?



>redistribution of wealth isn't communism
>state-controlled means of production isn't communism


no, that's socialism.

the irony when 80% of high school teachers are left-wing or borderline socialists

Humans have lived in absolute misery for thousands of years until capitalism around. You guys are fucking ignorant af, for example blaming early industrial capitalism for child labour, when every agrarian society in the entire world had child labour. Only under capitalism that hundreds of millions of children didn't need to work anymore.

hey check out this cool website I found it's called double you double you double you dot google dot com. you can type in "communism" and hit "I'm feeling lucky!"

Because their ideology is the anti-thesis of masculine ideals.

>private industry is actually controlled by the state
Never had a socialist teacher in high school and only had one Marxist professor in university, and I live in New England for Christ's sake
/pol/yp's are literally delusional

I am Venezuelan, we owe our 999999999% inflation rate per second to this guy. Who could forget?

>inb4 not really socialism

haha kill yourself

% of GDP being privately

The state controls all major industries, including OIL which is 99.9% of the dollars that come in the country.

You should really check your info, the government has spent almost 2 decades expropiating private business and dumping them to the ground for social justice.

Then they would have the same issues every population has when it grows past certain number of individuals. In which you need a system to trade goods, another system so they dont scam you by the system to trade goods, a police department to enforce that system,etc and when you realize you would have the same city from the start, but now inside floor 20 of the building

socialism's supposed to lead to communism according to your prophet.

>he thinks marxism is just hippie shit

>i don't get it..
>how do people think liberals are commies?

they aren't, dipshit. and yet you see modern """leftists""" giving lip service to marx and engels, sharing their sassy socialist memes on nosebook thinking they're so WOKE but turn around and gobble corporate dick. it's the ultimate normie condition

according to Marx it's literally not. Communism in his theory was an end state to history which can only happen post-state. Socialism was what he defined as the state control of the means of production.



yes there's a problem when, thanks to the industrial technologies invented and built by WORKERS, you live in the most materially wealthy society in human history but children still have to work in the mines lest their families starve

you fucking idiot


the only reason you even consider child labour absurd is thanks to capitalism. It was absolutely normal previous to it during all of human history, and yet you blame it on capitalism. I'm not defending it, opposite, you're just an idiot.

>he only reason you even consider child labour absurd is thanks to capitalism
You like super-capitalism or something

they teach from curriculum written by neolibs or right wing
>state capitalism ruins shit
wow thanks for the revelation
>lead to
no such thing as ethical consumption.......
you're right tho, they praise these corporatist fucks and spew out socdem shit, but gotta keep the neolib shit up even if you spew socdem platforms.

Considering all attempts at communism have ended in socialism we can conclude that that is communism because in the quest to implementing communism this is the closest we are able to get to.

>control the means of production of your crypto
>still crash into poverty


>the only reason you even consider child labour absurd is thanks to capitalism.
you're absolutely fucking nuts

Here you can see the problem with people following the 200 year old ideology of an armchair anthropologist thinking they are revolutionary.
The critiques marxism raised against capitalism have been fixed, yet these idiots still peddle 1800s marxist talking points.
Like i always say, an ideology of degeneracy.

>personal property is private property
kuso image

feudalism is our natural state.
the problem is we can't decide who gets to be the lord.

>you were a leach and never worked a day in your life
Engels paid him so he could focus on investigating and writing, though, but it's fine if you're completely ignorant of history.

>t. never read mutual aid

>wow thanks for the revelation>state capitalism is just another buzzword for failed socialism wich is 100% of socialism

dont worry user, your particular communist party will get it right this time :^) expropiate everything, subsidize everything, print money like crazy, redistribute wealth and put bureocrats in control of the economy, just like Venezuela and Cuba but it won´t turn out like that, your version will work amazingly