Where are we now

So what stage is Veeky Forums at now?


Acceptance... The people still here believe in the ideas so much that we'd ride this back to 1/25 of a penny.

I’ve accepted that reddit is my true crypto home


Acceptance. Fuck it I'm coming back in a month.

all of the above, all the time

STRONG support at denial

i would say we are at

But I´m not an financial adviser

Anger & Guilt for sure, look at all the /sweatybrows/ posts about "thank god I sold" and "fuck the normies"

Biz always seems kind of angry and depressed, but they also seem to accept it. So idk

Acceptance m8 we're probably gonna stop around 5k and then finally go up.

I've accepted the decline back to 1k. But I tend to be much more depressive than other people, so I'm guessing the majority are at least reaching guilt by now, once we broke the 8k floor I think nobody could keep up the denial act anymore.

Yesterday, it was anger at dem {[(pepeplushie.jpg
Now, it's despair.

In-between anger and acceptance, depends on when you bought.

Capitulation very soon.

I was at Acceptance but now moved to Depression. Am I doing this wrong?


a little bit of everything tbqh

despair and depression

I've been at acceptance since last August.

Personally I'm at acceptance. Despite being 75% down from my ATH, I'm still up 17.5x my original investment.

My only regret is not selling end of Dec/beginning of Jan. There's ALWAYS a huge dip in Q1 and I completely fucking spaced on what time of year it was.

Most are still in denial. Some are progressing into anger with some symptoms of guilt. There is still much dumping. Dont worry, they will eventually reach acceptance when they see the ponzicoin at below 1000

despair is starting to set in

You havent get shit till you cash out. And i am afraid to tell you that by the time you get the memo that this shitfest is over, your 17.5x will be 5x but you will be able to cash out only in monopoly tethers and not USD

1USDT is 1USDT right m8?

I was at acceptance -stage long before it even started dropping. I invested 2k because that was the max amount I could invest without it fucking things up if I ended up losing it all and even when it was at 6k I felt like I was at peace with the fact that I could lose all my profits.

not even at shock yet

acceptance for most of us i think

crypto is dead

I'm kind of at Acceptance mixed with some grief.



Is there an option for comfy? even if I were to lose all the money I have invested, I wouldn't give a shit. Never invest than what you're willing to lose in volatile markets

pic related

>8500% gains at ATH
>am now at around 5900% gains

Even though I've been trading really well it hurts. I'm prepared for it to go all the way to 4800%~ gains only. If it goes lower I'm ending my life lmao. There truly is no escape from being poor.

Anyone who didn't FOMO in in November and December is still up, unless you traded like an idiot. I just cashed out with plenty of profit after a few months. Comfy. As. Fuck.


48x my money is leterally enuff to kms
ok buddy please do

Basically this. It's never occurred to me to sell except in hindsight for big gains.

acceptance for a while now