Strong support shown at $6,200

Strong support shown at $6,200.

Anyone else feeling #bullish here?

strong support at 6,100
strong support at 6,100
strong support at 5,900
strong support at 5,800
strong support at 5,700
strong support at 5,600
strong support at 5,500

Unironically this


Look at the picture I posted before memeing.

Yes but what about tomorrow's dip

already started going long on shitcoins

>Strong support shown at $6,200

If it wasn't your first time watching bitcoin you would know that exact pattern of green order book with small buys to pump followed by a dump ALWAYS happens and has been happening non stop since the crash started


The only way you'll get the bitcoin markets to go back up is if you meme the normies into buying en masse

KEK I remember when
>no way itll break 10k
>Theres a psychological barrier
>no way people will let it fall below


There's one order in your list over a bitcoin. The support doesn't seem as strong as it looks, in my opinion. I've been shilling (guessing) $5500 probably because I don't want to see it any lower than that, but I don't think $6200 is the bottom.

I literally just sold at 6200 so it will no doubt moon back up to 7k + now

You can thank me later

wait i dont get it, are you all fucking retarded or something ? i just want to know.
Liq price = 3K,
fees = 1,2% day. why not put liq price at 5k then you dumb faggot ?. enjoy getting rapped by fees on your 5X margin. faggot

>7k +
probably 8k

get ready to hit $400

thank you user

I'm waiting for 20

>strong support at 10k
>strong support at 9k
>strong support at 7.5k
>strong support at 6.5k
>strong support at 6.2k
>strong support at 5.5k
>strong support at 4.5k
>strong support at 3k
>strong suport at 0.01k
>strong support at 0k

I'm betting $5,500 by noon ET.

>do the opposite of what biz says.

Sorry OP, Crab16 hyper-spatial reconstitution analysis indicates that in 10 to the 35th power alternate timelines, BTC plummets all the way to 3.5k before meeting actual support. There are only a handful where BTC support is at or near 6200, and we probably are not one of them, since in those timelines cetaceans are recognized as sentient sovereign citizens and have their own technological interface for accessing land-based markets.

So all the normies started getting into bitcoin around 6k. Now that they lost all their fucking money, Its mostly just us OG cryptotards that have always believed in the power of crypto and will keep believing. So it wont fall much more. R...right guys?

look at the meta before being this dense.

normies don't invest in anything because the msm psychologically assaults them with a fear campaign every time any market dips hard. crypto had its chance with the normies but they got fuckin roasted

Life must be so easy when you look like that

No. You will be punished for not keeping the normies OUT.

CRAB16 with SQUID35 sub-dimensional lurking hive-world permutation indicates SEVERE anger on the part of the Old Ones that their gift to the involuntarily celebrate unknown-worshipers of their Ways, was given away to degenerate normals and foreskin-clipping semites. It was yours to protect, and you failed to do so. Indicator is looking very apocalyptic, with genocidal pennant.


but what of the alternate timelines? is there any hope in those?

>No. You will be punished for not keeping the normies OUT.
I was doing great with crypto and was legit imagining being in lambo land by the end of this year then the normies found out about it and everything got fucked up for me.
Gonna have to start wagecucking soon the way things are going.

Can't wait for it to go back to 8cents again. I should have bought a thousand in 2010 when I first looked at BTC.

yep, prob like tutorial mode with team of 5 korean expert coaching you and aimbot + wh.

lmao, it could realistically get below 1k. I hope it doesn't but that is not an outrageous senario in the circumstances.

SQUID35 permutation indicates that there is almost a 50/50 split of known-timelines where the Old Ones awaken in response to a total cryprocurrency crash and decimate the human population.

As in actual decimation, or precisely 1/10th of population killed/consumed.

We have not developed subdimensional reactors in this timeline, so the Old Ones are not as restless as they are elsewhere. We might be spared, though DESU we could probably use a good decimation, as long as it doesn't wipe out metropolitan centers infrastructure.

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>Everyone wants to fuck her

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>Yeah I bet she hates it
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Doesnt decimation mean 1/10 remain?


Not so strong huh?


I am an attractive and tall white man living in SEA. The amount of female attention I receive is uncomfortable and annoying. It stopped being a novelty about 1 week into my stay here, and it is an actual problem if I am in a steady relationship, because it makes my GF hyper-paranoid, since I have so much more 'sexual value' than her. It is not fun. I hate being catcalled and touched by random women (and gays).

Decimation means 'removal of a tenth', but there is an old joke about somebody misunderstanding this and killing 9/10 of their misbehaving troops, instead of just 1/10th.

>strong support
>3 BTC total of orders

Kek nice bait.

Women with blue eyes look so lifeless. Literally white walkers. How do you fall in love with that?

This is what causes downtrends to occur. Waiting for round numbers and placement of large buy limit orders would be what I would want to see, if I were to being looking to buy in. Otherwise, it's much safer just to go with trend, for now.

Nah, when BTC is $1000 the whales will come back to accumulate

Well, it can only drop 2k in a day for 3 more days...

post stats and pic

IDK if it'll go that low. Some namefag called CryptoBro started a thread saying it would probably drop between $3000 and $4000

ok, if you like

The earliest documented decimation occurred in 471 BC during the Roman Republic's early wars against the Volsci and is recorded by Livy. In an incident where his army had been scattered, consul Appius Claudius Sabinus Regillensis had the culprits punished for desertion: centurions, standard-bearers and soldiers who had cast away their weapons were individually scourged and beheaded, while of the remainder, one in ten were chosen by lot and executed.[4]

Polybius gives one of the first descriptions of the practice in the early 3rd century BC:

If ever these same things happen to occur among a large group of men... the officers reject the idea of bludgeoning or slaughtering all the men involved [as is the case with a small group or an individual]. Instead they find a solution for the situation which chooses by a lottery system sometimes five, sometimes eight, sometimes twenty of these men, always calculating the number in this group with reference to the whole unit of offenders so that this group forms one-tenth of all those guilty of cowardice. And these men who are chosen by lot are bludgeoned mercilessly in the manner described above.[2]
The practice was revived by Marcus Licinius Crassus in 71 BC during the Third Servile War against Spartacus, and some historical sources attribute part of Crassus' success to it. The number of men killed through decimation is not known, but it varies between 1,000 (used on 10,000 men), or a cohort of around 480-500 men, meaning that 48-50 were killed.

1 decimate. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000". Retrieved 2014-03-22.
2 Polybius, Histories, book 6, chapter 38
3 G. R. Watson, The Roman Soldier (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1969), p. 119

we need a skinny bitcorn bubba that has lost some weight and is looking emaciated


6100 :)