The Bubble has popped

Friends, Romans, Veeky Forumsnessmen, lend me your ears!

Many of you reading this post probably know me, others probably not.

For the past few months now I've given you guys calls and advice to make tons of money. At the height of the bull market, I was at a little over 1100% of my initial investment. Being a stubborn hodler, I held my coins until I was only up 600% on my initial investment.

I leave you all this post for one reason. I figure that at this point it's most likely obvious, but for those of you who are still stubborn I'll spell it out plainly.

The bubble has popped. It's over. The bull market is dead and gone and won't be back for awhile. It could be a few months, it could be a few years.

I know many of you are holding on to your coins for dear life. Please, sell the coins and scoop them back up cheaper later. There really isn't any reason for BTC not to go down to at least 3500-4000 and take a bunch of alts down with it.

Choose to listen, choose to troll, choose to do whatever you'd like, I really don't care. I wasn't going to bother to make this post, but a fellow comrade of mine found my discord from Veeky Forums and tugged at my heartstrings to help you guys.

Anyway, I'll hang out for 10-20 minutes and answer questions if you guys have any. Heil to The Crypto Army

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stop making this thread?

This will be the only one in regards to this subject.


1. Do you think crypto is over?
If no, move on to question 2.
2. Do you need the money now? Do you need it in the next few months?
If no, then why sell? What happened after the last btc bubble burst in 2013? It went up 100x from the bottom.

Where do you think the bottom is for BTC?

Height of the bull market 1100% gains? And I'm supposed to be impressed, you did above average but not amazing. Get over yourself bucko. Nice tripfag

>why sell?


let be honest how many crypto people will mumble for decades later about how they rode btc from 3k to 20k to $200?

OK here's a que.. So some entity has purchased over 13,000 bitcoins since Feb 1st..does that change your opinion on this bubble?


What is there to sell?

I agree with OP. In fact I'd say that the people who got insanely rich weren't even investors, they were drug dealers with wallets packed full of btc that they hadn't cashed out yet.

1. No, the blockchain is far superior technology to what we have now. Even with Ethereum right now, you can send a huge chunk of ETH to another person that you don't know at all for about 2 cents. If a merchant were to try and receive payments through paypal, they would be shafted hard with fees. The blockchain is far superior and it's here to stay. The cryptos that actually have real products will bounce back after their major contractions. During the dotcom bubble, Amazon's stock went from $60 to $7 in no time and then climbed up to $600 over the course of 16 years. The good crypto projects will follow that pattern.
2. No, I never invested more than I could afford to lose. I do my best to keep absolute discipline when trading. I'm selling because I know how this story ends. I've seen market cycles like this before. When it bottoms out and starts to reverse I'll go hard at crypto again, no worries about that haha.

>only 1100%
>on high horse

But Sergey's conference is in 11 days. Moon baby!

Less than 4,000. As more and more people who bought in December hit their initial investments and start losing cash, you'll see people sell off more and more. I have a friend of mine for example who put rent money that he needed into crypto. Now he's approaching his initial investment and is panicking hard because he's being put in a legitimate financial pickle. If he loses that money, he's screwed. Multiple that scenario by the millions of people in crypto right now who have done the same thing and you get one of the key reasons for these downturns.

A gem in a field of boulders, friend.

So you reckon sell everything now and rebuy at the bottom?
Which is about ~3k - 4k

What phase do you think we're in right now? Fear, capitulation or despair?
Where do you think is the bottom? The mean?

Finally, proof that reversal is imminent. Every single day every single thread said to hold. FINALLY someone is saying to sell. fucking whales no longer have any more sellers. Look at the volume on the chart. They dumped as hard as they can and it's above 6k still. 6k is the floor, if this breaks then yes it will go down more, but all evidence says reversal is imminent.

Thank you faggot, but you're not getting my bitcoin fuck outta here

We are just finishing the last leg of the 'first sell off', right into the pit of the 'bear trap'.

I think we are in despair.

Bitcoin is going moon, muh lambo



I'm not sure. Posters here still believe every dead cat bounce is a reversal.

Can you let me know if mona coin is a good buy? 80% of its volume is Japanese yen. My plan is to keep scooping this for months. No usdt trading pair, could be adopted hard by the Japanese when the dust settles

I'm not trying to gloat. Attempting to impress total strangers on the internet brings me absolutely no satisfaction haha. I'm just trying to emphasize a point that even my investments slid from 1100% to 600% before I finally saw the writing on the wall.


Your holdings obviously.

My friend, think about this logically. Even if the conference is great, where is the extra fiat money going to come from to purchase LINK and raise the price? What mainstream investor is looking at that charts, rubbing their hands together greedily and saying "hell yeah I'm going to toss money into that bloodbath"? It's not going to happen. The reason why news caused prices to spike during the bull market is because everyone was paying attention to it and mainstream investors were tossing their cash at anything that was being talked about on crypto forums. This just simply isn't the case anymore. Take a second a look at google keywords and check the trend for how many people were searching for cryptos compared to now. Obviously, do what you'd like though.

Yes, I recommend selling everything to fiat and just waiting to see a real trend reversal. Nobody truly knows where the bottom is, but if you decide to learn TA (it actually does work) you'll be able to tell when the bearish trend reverses and you can hop back in.

is usdt safe? exchange to fiat has fuckin 0.5% fee for me.

am i a brainlet for using tether? do i really need to cash out fully and get taxed or can i just ride that sweet sweet tether wave

>is usdt safe

Tether is 40% of the market in terms of actual fiat.
At 200B market cap, Tether is over 51% of the fiat in the market
This means that not everyone with tether will be able to cash out.

Capitulation. Refer to my picture in the OG post.

>buying bitcoins
>only use case being a decentralized peer to peer transfer system
>doesn't take into account other cryptos that do everything bitcoin does but faster and cheaper
>thinks he doesn't have a room temperature IQ

Maybe, hopefully you're right and prove me wrong.

Hahaha. I have no intention of trying to get cheap coins from people off this board. I'm going to get cheap coins during the despair phase of the market cycle in the near future.

I personally don't think that USDT is safe to hold for the long term. When the crypto bubble/ponzi was rocking and rolling, nobody was cashing out. Now that people are selling like mad, if tether isn't 100% solvent like they claim to be, the bagholders are really going to be screwed. I personally cashed out into fiat on Coinbase's USD vault. It's quite convenient.

Do the math and see what will be more convenient for your situation. If you overall income is low and your tax liability is minimal, it might make sense just to turn to fiat to dodge the drop. If you're in the US, you'll be getting a huge standard deduction along with other things that you can write off. It all depends on what your capital gains and income level are though. Talk to an accountant and they should square you away.

Not looking good
Thank God greed didn't get the best of me and I sold that trash

Thanks boys I'm down 50% from my initial investment, but I guess i will pay the 0.5% which is few hundred to avoid the risk

If you don't need money rn, and you know it will crash and go even higher, why don't you just hodl it?
If you had large amount of btc and you sold it all, and if everyone listen to you and sell, you all will make crash even worse...

I haven't looked into Monacoin, but my first impression of it, being as how it has a symbol of an anime cat no its coin, makes me believe that it isn't a solid investment haha.

I explained this in my post here while I was replying to this user here

No problem man. It's all about risk management. Sometimes you need to spend a few pennies to save a whole lot of dollars.

All of your calls are bullshit and you're a literal faggot so I'm going to buy in after it touches 5.9k. Kill yourself ASAP you larping 13 year old

What makes you think this bear cycle will go on longer? It's already been about 50 days or so.

lack of good news

I still don't understand why it is illogical to hold. Would I lose now, crash the market harder, buy, then gain more than I sold? Is that the idea?

>I'm totally legit guys I end my sentences happily see haha
>sell everything haha

Sorry didn't see it. Can you tell me what will you do with that money you got from btc? Like how will you store the value? Hold it in dollars on bank account? Buy gold/silver?
I don't want to sell my cryptos, but better rethink my options.

>I still don't understand why it is illogical to hold. Would I lose now, crash the market harder, buy, then gain more than I sold? Is that the idea?

sunk cost fallacy
>you have already lost the money

Your options are now to salvage whatever remains
Reinvest in other sctivities


lose more money
wait years to recover.

Bitcoin wasn't mainstream so there was always hope for new people to jump in. It isn't like this anymore.

Is that you cryptoverter?

I don't see any reason right now for the market to start bouncing back. The mainstream media shilled the ever living hell out of crypto. Everyone who wanted to get in got in. Who else is going to be purchasing coins right now as everything is red? In order for the price to go up, either A. Wall Street needs to start buying tons of coins, or B. More mainstream money needs to flow into the market. Wallstreet is shorting BTC into death and the mainstream investors only got in to chase the dream of retiring in a few months by doing little to no work. Now that' everything's red, that dream is smashed.. at least for now. Mainstream FOMO investors don't buy into red.
If I had to answer you logically, it's not particularly illogical to be honest. Holding through the bear and bull cycles can be a perfectly viable strategy provided you're holding the crypto equivalent of Amazon or Microsoft stock. Since I've been doing my research and see that there's really no reason for the market to make a huge recovery out of nowhere, I'm going to sell now and then buy back in later even cheaper, which will give me more coins.

Where do you see the floor?

Where do you think is the bottom? And the mean?

>I'm going to sell now and then buy back in later even cheaper, which will give me more coins.
Ok, so I was kind of right in my first post? >lose now, crash the market harder, buy, then gain more than I sold

>where is the extra fiat money going to come from to purchase LINK and raise the price?

You don't need extra fiat, retard. You need the opposite of what's happening now: people eliminating their high sell orders for lowers ones for fear of not being able to sell. As soon as people start rcancelling their buy orders in favor of higher ones, the price is rising. Dumbfuck.

t. 94 IQ

> tfw bought at 14k
should I just kill myself?
> tfw fell for the 100K by 2020 meme

It's funny how rather than actually taking a few minutes and maybe asking a question and/or contributing to the conversation constructively to possibly enlighten that tiny little brain of yours, you instead decide to post stupid images and write stupid things. This is why you're a loser in real life.

Well, I'm going to briefly hold my money in fiat for now. I have Vanguard Stock ETFs, but the US stock market seems extremely shaky right now and it wouldn't make sense for me to toss my money into an ETF that would lose value over the next few months. If I don't see crypto coming back for awhile, I'll put the money into bonds or some other investment vehicle. If you feel like learning more and/or hanging out in the discord, feel free to use the link from my reddit post here

Hahahaha, I know who that guy is but that isn't me.

just leaving this here:

hey, at least we'll get to see john mcafee eat his dick in a couple years

>tiny little brain of yours
>This is why you're a loser in real life.
The hilarity. I've five children and make six figures. I'll wait for you larping kiddies decide to be grownups. Instead, you'll probably wait until you're 35 to have one kid with a prizewife that's settled after 20 years on the cock carousel, still not replacing yourselves and further driving down the demographic which is required to have a stable economy in the first place.

I dont know about that. the normies have all sold by now but if they see bitcoin shoot up 30% in a day they will fomo back in twice as fast now that everyone has quick access. I just got off a flight and as soon as we landed I saw multiple guys open the coinbase app immediately. this shit is gonna moon so fucking hard once the trend reverses.

The last time i saw you in this board, you said that we are going to boucne of to 15k from 11k, you were wrong dude, and nothing guarantees that you will right this time

Sorry, still not low enough for me to sell.

This....nobody takes this guy seriously right? I imagine him as a basement neet, bullied in high school and now seeking the attention and praise from anonymous internet strangers.

All of his calls are second hand, and even then there have been some truly terrible calls like sell (insert coin) now! Which the proceeds to pump hard lol.
Embarrassing really.

Sub 4k.

You are literally retarded holy christ. "all you need is for people to stop selling low and start buying high" is what you're saying.

If you only have a tiny amount of volume that boosts the price of a coin far upwards, how will everyone cash out at the higher price if there is no extra fiat to buy said coin? The price could theoretically raise if you only traded .01 of it between one other person and the price was manipulated upwards. The problem with that is that you can't actually cash out. The reason you can't cash out is because there wont be enough liquid fiat to actually buy all of the volume that you're trying to sell. Ex: XYZ coin gets manipulated to 1 million dollars per coin by two bots trading .001 of it all the way up to a million. There are 100 people with that 1 million dollar coin who all try to cash out. The only way they could all cash out at 1 million dollars is if 100 million in fiat was there to actually purchase what they're trying to sell. If there is no fiat to purchase the coin, the selling price of the coin will continue to dip until a reasonable market price is achieved.

Please, go read a book.

I’m not selling. You’re not getting my coins you jew

I joined your discord for a bit.
Mostly shit calls that were a coin flip in a bull market when everything was going up that anyone could of made.
You’re just another larper making shit up as you go, hustling people for btc to join your premium discord

As someone recently planning to dip my toes into crypto/stocks/bonds, what should I do in coming future in regards to this shitfest?

What's the best way to recoup loses on this market?

Short selling with leverage 5x (or 10x)? You could get away with a 10% to 5% swing which doesn't seem difficult to avoid if you pick the right entry points and keep your eyes and ears on the news.

The only guys i trust on here is oldfagbiztard, he told us to cash out at 19k, and then he has been disappeared since then

I sold only some, because I don't want to worry. I just want to be comfy with my ~100K in cash, buy some bonds, that kind of a thing.

I'll pay off some taxes, maybe if I have $20,000 left after paying them, buy ETH at $200 later this month

if it recovers before that, then I'd be fine with that too

the all important question:
when did you tell VIP to tether?

Not selling, bye

>blah blah blah I'm a fucking retard

the ability to cash out doesn't effect the price unless there's a run on exchanges,

the price floor will be reached when we run out of panic sellers

the price will increase when people start canelling buy orders from FOMO

the end

>procreating is winning
nice caveman logic. humans are overpopulated. have fun spending every penny and minute of your life raising your fuckload of kids just so you can help the future economy.

I'm a leaf and fiat exchange has the price at 10% lower than market price. I give up.

Gonna give my two cents here Veeky Forums

I think bitcoin is done. I'm not going to meme about a flipening and that x coin is going to take over blah blah blah. However I think we are still in the early adopter phase of crypto and blockchain technology. Coins with good technology, good devs, and a working product/potential for one will survive in the years to come.

Look at the dotcome bubble. All of the companies popping up are like ICOs today. The tech companies that survived mooned and the same will happen with crypto. Going on Veeky Forums, reddit and looking at news makes crypto seem more widespread and common than it actually is. Pic I posted is the non meme example of the chart we always see here with "early adopters" "bull run" and the "you are here" This one is for amazon and come Dec 2018 it will be another blip in the CRYPTO market but possible not for BITCOIN.

Hopefully you guys took some profits but if not and you believe in crypto then you're just going to be holding for longer, sure you can make more gains but you have to manage your regret

fake if gay

user, be entirely honest. Which do you prefer, white overpopulation or brown overpopulation.
Does it look like browns will ever stop overpopulating?

If I sell now I'd be at over a 50% loss. I'm holding nothing but ARY. Got it by buying ETH. Shouldn't I just hold?

it doesn't matter because I'll be dead


Isn't it too late to sell? The risk of missing the bounce is more than a few % gain from sell "high" buy low now.

Don't kill yourself haha. Let this be a lesson. When I was younger I lost hundreds playing with penny stocks like a dumbass. After that I said to myself that I would never get beat like that again. I read a ton about finance and economics and now I'm doing well for myself. Learn from your mistakes, don't start self loathing and feeling bad for yourself. Dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, conquer life.


>calls people larping kiddies
>actually feels the need to response to justify his actual pitiful existence

I don't recall ever saying that we were going to bounce off of 15k. You have me confused with someone else my friend.

It's possible. If there is a sustained upwards motion, the greed will kick back in. As buying cryptos becomes more mainstream and easier, you'll see the prices start to rise dramatically again.

Godspeed gents, just make sure you're holding quality coins and not scamcoins and you'll be ok.

Bonds to be honest. Stocks are tumbling and bond rates are going up. That's my plan at least, provided the stock market doesn't regain its bullish momentum of course.

Why do you ask?

Good plan man.

You missed my question:

this. 95% of the projects from 2017 will die and only the strong will survive. there are only a few applications that make sense for blockchain- payments/moving money and supply chain/logistics. all the other retarded coins that just randomly shoved blockchain into a product that doesnt need it will go away. Deepbrain chain is a perfect example. AI on the blockchain get the fuck out of here that is beyond retarded.

>humans are overpopulated
>what is demographics
>what is population replacement rate
Let me explain it to you, kiddo. The less people being born equals less people working and paying into the system which equals higher taxes for those working to pay for the massive social programs and the aging population which equals less liquidity for the market and thus economic woes.
Not to mention civilizational collapse. But, hey, don't pass on your genetics. With that mentality you probably shouldn't anyway.

>try to give anons sound advice and save them from losing more money than they already have (we know most of this board is dirt poor)
>get called a fudder and a troll
It's sad, this is some of the best advice I've ever seen posted here. I guess anyone with common sense cashed out weeks ago, so there's no sense trying to save the fools. It's a futile effort. Godspeed, user

>why do you ask?
because theres a difference between VIP signals and saving your user base from a financial crash

nope. the game is already over muslims and hispanics are breeding like rabbits and white people are not. you having 5 white kids wont change anything. and even if it did, we'll all be dead in 50 years so who cares. why would I give a fuck what happens after I'm dead?

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. But if you have that nihilistic of an outlook, I can't hope to convince you otherwise. Godspeed, user.

Not going to bother trying to educate you any further. You are ignorant beyond helping. Good luck on your crypto journey.

That sucks man. If you don't want to take the 10% hit, you could use tether. If you really don't want to sell, just make sure you're in good coins.

I agree. The good coins will live on and succeed just like Amazon and Ebay did.

Well, you need to diversify your risk in the future. You should NEVER go all in on one coin. Reference confido and other exit scams. The good news is that the entire market is down quite a bit, so if you sell into other coins, you'll essentially retain the same purchasing power. I would still personally move my money into fiat if I were you. I don't see why any other investors would out of nowhere decide to start purchasing a coin ranked 437 tucked away deep on CMC.

I'm not saying the coin is bad, I'm just saying that it's highly unlikely to raise in value in the near future. You'd be retaining purchasing power if you went into fiat. If you're playing the multi year long game, you could always hold if anything.

Yeah. I mean if it's going to 3k or 4k whatever, it's already 5900. Better not to risk missing the bounce. We should have sold earlier and didn't, now it's too low to sell.

Yeah I think so. If you were smart enough to sell between 13-8k that's great but I think we're really approaching the bottom. Big players haven't sold so they want it to go back up one day, not gonna happen if we actually reach zero and everyone is scared off forever. The bottom will be high enough that people might just give it a second chance in a while.

Well, to put something into perspective, since this thread started the market on average lost another 5-10%.

Even if you miss the bounce, if you invest into good coins you can still ride the waves way up and still make an awesome profit.

so you're pumping out tons of kids because you want white people to remain the majority in the future? very noble. but futile. for every one of you there are a dozen mexicans doing the same shit. which is why the world is going to absolutely suck for your litter of kids.

and there it goes... maybe?

According to your ownchart comparison we just entered the despair face you idiot.

Eh, I'm having children because I'm a practicing heterosexual.
Contraception is philosophically the same as sodomy; it takes what is fruitful-the sexual act-and makes it sterile.
Why do you think we have a failing birth rate to begin with?

Are you remaining invested in Coss Coin at all? Do you expect that its dividend payouts will lend it to being less tied to the crash?

>bitcoin is just a ponzi LMAO
the absolute state of this fucking board

I'm aware of that, which is why the signals were called out almost immediately between each other. Usually the individuals in the main chat are much more critical of anything that I say, so I try to provide an in depth explanation when I can to justify my decision making.

I like this quote a lot. A little nugget that I'm picking up from this thread :)

Refer to my other post If you miss the bounce, you miss out on what, 10% extra? If you hold and you're wrong, you lose 60%+ of your portfolio. I'm just playing the odds here.

Hold your crypto. If you're in a bunch of tiny shitcoins, sell them into better coins. Close your portfolio. Close Veeky Forums. Close coinmarketcap. Set a timer for 3 months. Focus on your career, your life, whatever. When your timer goes off, check back.

I lost over $900k since the peak. Almost a million dollars. It sucks, but life will go on.

Our of interest, how are actually qualified to speak on any of this?