The Crucible

Anons... these are the times that try men's souls.
500 Billion dollars has left our little decentralized experiment. This time should not pass without a story you can tell. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will celebrate the crash with a bottle of Don Julio and a fine cigar. I plan on calling in to work (the flu) and starting to drink around noon. When the wife arrives home I will inform her that the blockfolio SS I showed her with 510,000 is now @ 140,000. I will show her steel hands as she insist I sell to save what is left. She will cry... I will cry... I will not however sell my brothers. I will Hodl for the cause. I drink to you my brothers. I will post each drink... don't let me drink alone my brothers

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you sound like a gay. /hm/ is that way fag

I'd rather lose everything hodling than selling at a loss. I knew the risk when I decided to do this. Go big or go home,.

i agree sir

For the anons

anyone holding since the price stalled at 15k for weeks is getting what they deserve.

youre a true soldier, im with you

How rude. Your invitation sir is withdrawn. Please go die in a fire.

$500b has not left you fucking brainlet. you dont even know what market cap means

Fortune favours the brave, it it was easy, everyone would do it, us hardy souls will find the treasure after the storm, not long now lads.

we are in this together, hands of absolute steel
deus fuckin vult

I'm sorry... there was almost a 800 billion cryptomarketcap on Jan 08... Now there is a 300 billion cryptomarketcap.. 800-300=500. Please sir know that I wish you only the best when I pray you die in a fire


Amen brothers - Tomorrow we drink to the fucking normies running off with their money. Its about time we had some piece and quiet around here... Those mad gains were fucking with my blood pressure.

stay strong brothers
we will come out of this better men!

God i love you guys

Land ahoy

how bout you just not tell her


im drinking whiskey right now
i never fucking drink

these are indeed trying times

stay strong

Like hell I'll ever pay short-term capital gains tax.

what are you a pussy

please look up what the crypto mcap actually means

Stop drinking pajeet

by all means enlighten the class...

I hope it is a good brand. Times like these should be marked by premium alcohol.

mcap is purely circulating coins * price of the coin. JP Morgan estimated that an inflow of $6 bil caused the total mcap to rise to $300bil a few months ago

read these. and ask yourself if coins that are between the $100-300m mcap range actually have that much money in them. protip - they dont. probably more like a few million

Sir I do not advise fucking with the IRS. Even Trump fears those sadistic fucks. Rememebr that thee is quite literally no moral or political disadvantage to economically fucking a crypto trader.

I am married sir. She deserves to know what a steel handed hodl specialist she sleeps next too.

Very informative. I will now drink to the mcap only losing $500 billion in VALUE of the circulating coins versus actual money leaving. Now this entire crash seems somehow worse as this kind user has now proven definitively that you cant cash out even if you wanted to.

Have faith.. Kek will see us in Lambos

then i guess youre never going to invest in shit like a grown man. you should just stick to flipping garbage on CL, cash only if thats what you want to do.

For the dream. For the future.

I will drink to you sir. I pray your Lambos will be red and the top-tier fem-user with you will be willing.

he isn't fucking with the IRS
he's saying he is hodling to avoid paying taxes out the ass

Thank you for the clarification - I see that now. I myself will fill the sting of the short-term gains has I made a mistake early in the year and dumped all my BCH. I do however have a bit of inside info from a mid-tier IRS admin. (Brother-in-law). The IRS is coming for us. He doesn't even know crypto from shit and he mentioned GDAX the other day.

There is no cause you idiot, everyone's just trying to make himself money.

its a third. like anything else. how much has your btc gone down in the last month to avoid that third? and now what? keep your pride, middle finger still at the govt, hodling to avoid that third in taxes?

I like the third analogy. I in fact cut my limes into thirds. Well done sir.