Support at $6,000

>support at $6,000


and its gone

Funny how this support keeps moving

ha ha, funny how supports are, I guess it will support eventually, just have to get to the right spott whenrer it doesnt mvoes huuh hah ha


It begins.

It looks like a stairway to $0, lol.

whale here, I’m going all in. last chance for u shrimp to get rich

Are we at despair yet? Cause I'm feeling despair.

unironically, the support is at $0

You haven't even glimpsed the edge of the abyss yet.

K... Keep me posted

not quite

I'm not falling for another 'support at ****** '..I'm going to wait for green candle on the daily chart before I even consider buying anymore

goin to 8k

yes obviously we're going to NEGATIVE $1000

1-2k would be despair I guess

Following trend is of lower risk, which is what you'd pretty much be doing if what for a green candle on the daily close. Support and resistance plays are of higher risk, because they won't always, but if you catch a bottom/top it reward can be much greater. It's all just about how you want to approach the market.

What are you going to do when all your precious bitcoins are worth negative money? When every single coin represents a debt of ~1000 USD and you can't even give them away for free? What then?

strong support at 5800

t. insider on massive scale crypto trading

> if what for a green candle on the daily close
*if you wait for a green candle on the daily close

buy more ofc

Not sure why no one is just buying and riding the dip down. It will bounce back up whenever it drops and in 2-3 years time you will say why didnt i just buy in