I wonder if he meant "won't go over $15k again" as in ever or just for this cycle.

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Wow. What a call.

I remember this post from a while ago, everyone was talking shit saying it wouldn't even go below 8k...

How do I short it?


wtf does "this cycle" even mean


fuck that guy

>implying it was a few bitcoin autists and not the global elite that did this


Hahahaha coiners BTFO

He said he knows a miner not miners were doing it...

Market cycle, dummy.

If the global elite can manipulate it so well, what is the point of it?

meh. that faggot guessed.

This nigga said it with his chest and x10 liquidation.

Props to that.


There is no point retard, it's a fuckin scam

the absolute madman got it right!

Wow, pretty incredible.

Bitcoin truly was a ponzi-scheme all along.

wow he was only 2 weeks late

everything related to financials resembles a pyramid scheme.

HOWEVER, yes, bitcoin is very ponzi like with all its hard forks etc that benefit miners and early adopters exponentially more

lol he called it at the end of the alts pump. Bitcoin stopped pumping then alt coins pumped for two weeks. i'd say pretty spot on u jealous prick.

U mad brahh!?!! All hail BIGDOG!


Seriously tho, how?


I honestly don't think anyone in crypto for more than a year lost money on this shit, pretty obvious was a bubble

I got in in August and I'm still up 2x down from 5x ATH

Wow. If you took his call, you rich af

1) you must have crypto or bitcoin already, if you don't, you must buy bitcoin
2) send it to the deposit address upon making an account
3) on the perpetual swaps contract page, choose the leverage you want to use, enter the USD quantity you want to short, and then click sell
4) to close your position, buy back the same USD quantity (amount of contracts - each contract is $1)

if you want to bet against crypto without interacting with crypto directly, you will need to be an already wealthy accredited investor with access to the CME or CBOE

Too late to short?

Should I short now?

>mfw everyone shitted on the user who shared this with us

>everyone with a little experience in the market saw this coming
Just a heads up noobs

U take the call?

you should short when you think the price is going to decline & to offset your own losses of your holdings, not when someone tells you to. you need to spend months learning how things work, or you can just be a chad and mash all the buttons and go to instant lambo status if you want.
if you think the decline will continue, go for it.

Did they see it coming, or just say they saw it coming...

I'm putting this on Facebook! I gotta the noobs react to this hahahahahahahahahahah

noob here no idea what the fuck im reading:^)

poor user probably killed himself...

>he sounds like a nice lady
i didn't even remember that thread until i saw my comment in your cap. goddammit. no one took that dude seriously.

U are a turbo autist

> He called it to within 1%
> this was posted weeks ago

Fuk u that was me. I'm the funny guy.

he did it 3 times


or she lol

Big Dogg just tweeted

how long is "long term" though

2 years

How has anyone not leaked this shit already. What is the reason for this?!?!

Coincidence or are we getting played... is this the bottom???

you should trust your gut, user.

Long term could be 5 years...

will it be btc or bch or btg...

Nothing out of the ordinary = return to the mean?

From the 15th January’ 2018, there have been rumors from forums in the dark web about a possibility of a slump, down to $6000 by February 1st week before prices return to the original consolidation stage at $14K by March 2nd week.

On January 5th, when Bitcoin prices were at $17,000, at a dark web forum which can be accessed through any anonymous browser (like Tor), a forum member by the name Cyberjourno, says: “Guys, there are big players in play, big institutional players who want to bring the price down to $7000, I know it seems impossible now but these guys handle the media and know how to control the market. For the coming couple of months, guys, stay safe, don’t be scared. Brace for FUD FUD FUD!”

On Jan 5th there were two other comments on multiple forums in the Russian and South Korean social sites that suggested a bigger market manipulation in play. Interpreted and translated versions of the comments read: “Waiting for US, South Korea, Indian and Thai markets to break negative stories by February, prices to stoop back to $5000. Big market players waiting to invest millions in Bitcoin and smaller crypto counterparts. It’s easy to guess, find the common corporate entity that controls media houses in these countries. Make your connection”

If it doesn't come from bigdogg then I don't believe it

So we aren’t going lower than 5k?


wow some people are still clinging for hope. I guess we've still go a long way down to go.

if these faggots want to kill btc, eth is just going to take over.

ethereum wont die because of this

Do you guys use a trading app on android?

If so, what do you recommend?

i hope you lose everything

>down to 1k
Im doubtful. Its one thing to tell everyone to sell at a certain point, that will help move the market down. But to call so low and with such confidence is just making sure the people you convinced to sell, and anyone new on board, have zero chance of buying. Essentially wipe them out of the market.

Same thing happened with the crash from 5k to 2.9k. Every kike controlled outlet was calling 2.2k as the lowest point, even Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan, can't remember. In the end they bought millions worth of BTC at 2.9k and all plebs waiting to buy the dip got burned hard.

when he first published that post he had like 10 followers. no one saw it, how could it move the market...

Doesn't necessarily have to be him, just the people he got the rumor from. You can bet your ass the bottom gets lower every step down the totem pole to ensure the one spreading the rumor gets his orders filled.

Assuming he actually had inside information, they wouldnt let him know unless moves were already in play.
Maybe a lucky call. Maybe not. Maybe the call was meant to be recognized after the fact so people think "this guy knows whats up!". Maybe not. Who knows. Its fun to be abstract about it.

>You can bet your ass the bottom gets lower every step down the totem pole to ensure the one spreading the rumor gets his orders filled.

that I do believe. I see 3k a certainty, 1k not out of the question though

There is no luck when you call it 3 times

and a btg pump

and calling it with x10-20 leverage

a lucky call.. kys

Yah sorry guys, statistically speaking it being a lucky call is near impossible.

I didnt say it was luck :(

Okay, sorry user.




next question is whether his 1k target will hit.

>In terms of profit taking, I wasn't playing when I said 1k. If you had the belief to follow my call, at least wait until the 3-5k range (could be months away) before taking profits.

he did mention 3-5k so maybe he isnt that confident in 1k

If bigdogg does another TradingView post I am literally going all in

btc price returning to $1k

I just bought at 6k. I don't mind if it goes lower, you can't predict the bottom and when big institutional money decides to pump it, you will miss it.


part of this dump was orchestrated to pick up Jibrel which came out the exact day bitcoin dumped, and it was done in a bear market to mask it so it wouldnt moon

the fucker is still on a 10m volume right now

im connecting the dots here


I bet you've already lost a lot of money

>big institutional money decides to pump it, you will miss it.

lol they're more likely to hold it down then pump it. sell and go ask for your job back.

No, I'm fine.

>investing more than you can lose
Oh, so that explains why everyone is freaking out. You're all retarded.
I'm more upset my portfolio lost BTC value than USD value.

I invested a really small quantity of money, but I'm also extremely *emotionally* invested.

Going to feel bad all week.

I cant wait till bots largely phase out human emotions from these things.

will only happen when they will largely phase out human emotions from most other things