We have to call this something for the future

we have to call this something for the future

2014 crash = mt. gox crash
2018 crash = ______ crash

normie crash

mt. cock crash

pink wojak

normie crash

_Salty_Boomer_ crash

how about 2018 crash you degenerate

Literally was going to say this before even clicking the thread. Name confirmed.


ngrcoin crash

normie crash



normie crash

sounds good. "the normie crash" of 2018 it is.

futures crash

Pajeet crash

>fucks up the whole neighborhood
>brings everyone down with him

pretty much


My nannas red knickers crash

Muh store of value crash

Coretard crash.

The crash that made the patient investors millionaires

The Great Normie Crash of 2018


>2018 (((crash)))

You think it is coincidence stocks fall right after?

The Great Great NEET uprising
the day we dumped on normalfags all around the globe


That suspicion.... I have since Friday

People should be talking about this more. First time the fed is not ran by a Jew suddenly stocks worldwide go down, crypto tanks... something going on here. (((They’re))) trying to take away all our money so we will be desperate and vote in socialists and destroy any hope of nationalism/ conservatism.


I like normie crash

The Crashening

last crash


>2018 crash
I’m sorry but this crash is continuing through to 2020 until BTC has a negative value

>2018 crash = 2018 crash
Not much else to call it really. Lots of factors are playing at the moment so no specific blame to be assigned.

first thing that popped into my head

many factors being at play is certainly true, but the bubble inflated massively because normies got in on it. when my hood drug dealer is posting "buy bitcoin" on facebook, you know something's fucked

Should be Bogdanoffs Dump

the trough of disillusionment

Been talking about it all week. Wall street getting bitcoin ready for a stock fire sale...

the final

Yeah, this.

Glad we are all in agreement.


(((they))) made the stocks fall to destroy crypto

its normalfag

Q1 crash of 2018.
Expect to see more of these every Q1 bitches.

Jew Crash

>he wants to sell drugs
working as intended

Chines pussy limp wristed faggot jazz hands crash


I am 100% convinced that we have hit despair. However by making this post, I have confirmed that we are still in denial.

Thanks just tethered 50k

hey that's what I came in here to post

Pure (((cohencidence))), goyim.

The JUST Monika crash

the nothingburger crash, predicated on nothing

Where is all the cash going, btw?

Coincheck crash. Literally no one cares about more crypto than mt. gox being stolen?

Speculation crash