Im going to kill myself

Im going to kill myself.

I spent my familiy's $200k saings to buy bitcoins at $10,000. When it reached $16k I quit work and watched technical analysis and read books on tech analysis and day traded. When it was at $19k I bought a new car and took my family on holidays, I told my wife I got a promotion from work. She fucked up marrying me, but for the first time I heard her talking about me to her friends and telling them about how great i was, it was the happiest moment of my life.

After I took out a $40k loan and bought the dip at $16k. when it started holding out at 15k I went short on put options for $13k to get some more money. Now I lost it all and the options that expired fucking kills me.

Because of you people taking advantage of people's dreams. Getting us to buy your stupid ponzi coins just so we can pump the price while you sell. Now, I sold the car just so we could eat this week and she still doesn't know about it all.

nice larp

Nobody made you do anything.

If you truly did this, you would have already killed urself.

You low energy faggot. Take responsibility for your own financial choices. Biz didn’t force you to buy shit, faggot. I hope your wife leaves you and you kill yourself.

obviously didn't study TA that much if you thought 16k was "the dip"

I did what?

>taking loans for crypto
why do people do this?

Go larp at reddit

if youre not larping then i pity you because of
>but for the first time I heard her talking about me to her friends and telling them about how great i was
if she only likes you for your money, then you fucked up big time, way more than investing in 1's and 0's

Remember college kids donated their student loans to Bernie?

Class of December 2017, thank you for your valuable contribution.

>I took out a $40k loan and bought the dip at $16k

none of this happened

KYS bucko

>technical analysis and read books on tech analysis and day traded

definition of dumb money. TA != DD

None of this is true, but
>going all in
It's all your fault.


>Because of you people taking advantage of people's dreams.

Not my fault you're a greedy fuck. Why would you gamble with your families savings? Why the FUCK would you quit your job? You're one of those lucky kids who thought they were a genius for being in the right place at the right time.

Sucks, but learn your lesson maggot. Don't come passing the buck now.

I refuse to believe anyone's that stupid

For our morbidly evil entertainment, of course!

You’ve learnt a valuable life lesson the hard way. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

People blame literally anyone but themselves. No one bought what you did but you.

but you were supposed to sell at 19k
you would have had 400k

>buy shitcoin
>learn TA and fundamental analysis
>buy more shitcoin at peak
What went wrong?

If you day traded, bitcoin dropping 40% is fucking nothing.

why you didn't sell at $19k baffles me
literally made ~100k after taxes. That's enough for any moderately-frugal and decent sized family to live on for two years (unless you live in a coastal city).

How much did you lose on options? That was the greedy part.

Nobody knows how to do options overnight. Why did you do that OP? Now you've got to rebuild everything. At least it wasn't any more than ~$250k (factoring the loan into this).

You have a few things to do:
1) Tell the wife. Realise that she may leave you for this — deservedly so (realise this before you begin the talk, so that it doesn't hit you on the spot)
2) Determine a savings plan to pay down the 40k loan that you took out. This is your first priority, along with other short/long term debts that incur a good amount from interest.
3) Start cutting costs now. A few $20 here and there can add up over time. Look into Mr Money Moustache and other places for information on how to live frugally.

You can always rebuild. It will suck, but as another user () stated, this is a lesson learned. Don't do it again. You can recover if you do things right, OP.

But you post misinformation. Con artists essentially do the same thing, atleast hae the dignity to admit it.

I understood the TA that predicted the bull run at 10k that I bought at.

Im greedy for wanting to gie my fmaily a better life? How are you earning money for you selfish prick

> the internet made me do this damn you internet

I want to gamble it one last time on a coin that could forseeably 2x. The big crash before bitcoin went to 10k last year was right after one of these big crashes so i think it's possible. I really don't want to work anymore, I got my original job while in college, I wouldn't be able to get another job and Im not in the mood to work, you don't understand what it's like to lost that kind of moeny.

Im not going to tell my wife, but I will be researching to find coins with good odds of going up.

We need more gubmint regulation on internet obviously

I don't think unqualified people should be allowed to spout financial advice

Veeky Forums doesn't do options. We do shitcoins. And it's always said here NEVER GO ALL IN. You fucked up real bad, but if you kill yourself you're going to do even more damage to your family. Stop being a faggot and just go back to what you did before crypto.

this is OP

You have done that yourself

I think retards shouldn't be listening to financial advice from anonymous monks on tibetan beadcrafting forums, but here you are. Maybe your account spendings should be regulated by the government because you're clearly too stupid to manage your own money and you deserve to lose everything for buying into tech you don't understand for a quick buck. I think the next best option would be to kill yourself out of shame before your family finds out what a loser you actually are.

>taking advice from internet strangers

holy mackerel

>Im greedy for wanting to gie my fmaily a better life? How are you earning money for you selfish prick

You're greedy for not selling at 19k when you could have almost doubled your investment. You're greedy for gambling with your family's livelihood. You're greedy for feeling like you're owed something. You're greedy for feeling entitled to an apology from faceless anons on the internet. Take responsibility for your own actions.

God, I can't believe you actually baited me into responding. Gj

Im not blaming you because you're too dumb to be one of the people that shilled me into buying this ponzi.

You think the type of person who would sell at 19k is the same type of person who didn't sell at 11k, 12k, 13k, 14k, 15k, 16k, 17k, 18k? The same person who held it past all those milestones would hold on at 19k but you think It's my fault to not see that it was the peak, you're a fucking idiot. You desere to be where I am.

op got wrekt

yeah. i put in 7k in 2016. i mean im fucking down by a fucking lot. but im chill all the way up to my millions. and if not. kek im losing 7k. maybe i should just cash out 7k to be even more ez

naw senpai. time to get a new job

cash out 14k lol, ez 2x lol

Take responsibility for your own actions, like a man. You sound like a fucking pussy. Blaming everyone but yourself. I'm the "idiot" who's been waiting since 10k for the price to drop so I can buy. Guess what? Since I don't invest emotionally, and I have patience and maturity, I'm still waiting. Maybe I'll even buy your coins when they hit $100.

>OP makes a thread blaming others for being a dumb fuck
>ends the thread saying he'll try to outsmart the market again

>buying a new car.
>risking it all with money you dont really have.
fuck yourself.

But you actually were in profit for a time, it's nobody's fault but yours for not cashing out. Technically everybody who told you to invest in crypto was correct. It's just that apparently you're such a brainlet that you also needed people to tell you to sell. In fact a common piece of advice here is to cash out your initial once you make a decent gain then ride on with pure profits so there's zero stress. You were blinded by greed, and I hate you for even having $200k savings and a wife, and am happy you got BTFO if not LARPing.

everyone who ever posted on Veeky Forums anything other than

"don't take out loans to buy at $16k"
"don't short bitcoin"
"don't lie to your wife"

is collectively responsible for op's failure.
you're ALL going to be arrested, prepare ur anus.

Great LARP where do I subscribe to read more?

>I spent my familiy's $200k saings to buy bitcoins
>I took out a $40k loan and bought the dip


You lost your rights to call anyone dumb, ever.

You deserve to be laughed in your fucking face by everyone from now on till you're dead.

Get it? You're the biggest imbecile that ever walked this earth. That's something.

> Anonymous (ID: /v65cLoF) 02/05/18(Mon)22:38:12 No.7361019▶
> (OP)
Yeah, don't kill yourself, OP. Big boys take big loses, I'm down $1200 but it a'int shit, I'll be back on memecoins soon enough.

> he fell for the January dip meme

NIce FUDpasta
If you like your wife give her your coin wallets.
By this time next week coins will be the investment worth having.
I'm sure she'll enjoy spending them with a less gay man.

lol Dunning-Kruger effect
if you knew TA you would have been able to see all the bearish signs

>How are you earning money for you selfish prick
I have a job, you fucking dipshit.
I am glad you lost everything.