Stop and think, then run

Take a step back and think financial for a minute. This MEME chart has been thrown around left and right, but have you even read it? It pictures a crash and then a return to the mean, but the mean of BTC is less less than $700 and that's really fucking far from where we are right now.

Then look at the long term shit that's been going on. Sure BTC is down 60% this month, but it's up more than 450% since last year. That means that anyone who bought before last year, can still obtain gains of 450% by cashing out now, at the cost of anyone who got in later. This is even worse for ETC which is up 4500%.

If you're still in the positive or in small red, you need to sell your holdings as fast as you can. If you're in deep red you need to decide if it's really worth holding something that will quite possibly never recover. The DOTCOM crash took three years to complete, and then things like Amazon made people millionaires in the recovery. Amazon is a real company though, none of the crypto currencies currently do anything worth money, meaning they'll likely never recover. I'd personally cut my losses.

Lastly you should ask yourself it crypto is really risk/reward reasonable. Yes some people became millionaires by buying Bitcoin at $5, but you frankly can't do that anymore. If you put $1000 into BTC right now and it recovered to december levels, you'd have $3000, but unlike stock options, that could easily do give you the same gains, you risk seing 60% drops in a day.

FOMO is a thing, but the truth is, you already missed it.

Whats there to sell? Heavy taxation awaits on the other side of the fence. If I don't have a million then there is no point in cashing out because of tax rape

>deciding whether BTC will gain or lose value based on how deep you are in the red

t. brainlet

Shit ur right... I’m out.

you should totally buy more bitcoin. Just buy the dips.

I'm not panic selling. There is no reason for the marjet to tank this hard this fast

we will see btc low to 4k at least and eth go to 285 at least

This is some of the dumbest shit I've read. You're not getting taxed less at a million, and you're not getting taxed on losses.

All you're doing is bleeding money.

No shit but 50k is chump change to me (which is what i would have left if i cashed out at ath)

I got in late so I will buy more at the bottom and keep buying until the next bull run. I am going for financial independence, not a quick buck

>spent $15k
>$50k ath
>now down to $23k

I know I should sell but I just can't. it's too painful.

>t. someone who has never worked a day in their life

i have a job

Which is admirable, but how high does BTC have to go for you to get there? I mean, I wish I had bought ETH last year instead of keeping my holdings in BTC, but that's the kind of ride you need to hit millions and I doubt BTC will take that run again.


The "mean" is more like 3-5k, $700 would be literal death not a mean (even if it's technically a mean math wise).

>The "mean" is more like 3-5k, $700 would be literal death not a mean (even if it's technically a mean math wise).
it's bout time this 9 year old scam died

You only get taxed if you make money, numbnuts. You then use a portion of that money to help the government pay for roads, school and a military t stop the Chinese forcibly seizing your means of production.

Fucking hell - are all libertarians retards?

Hahah..aha yes goym!! Sell those bags to us!! It's going down to zero goym!! Didn't you read our CNN article?

Same here, spent 5k went up to 17k now at 7k. I know it's over and I'm already too late. I believe a global recession is coming and I will loose my job so I really should grab every penny but I'm still not selling for some reason.

Does anyone have the updated version of BTC price overlayed on this graph?

I sold in december.

same here. went in with 4k, went to 30k, now at 7k.

should we sell user?

Stop trying to make sense of it when it's simply greed and psychology. It's done have fun goodbye.

Mean is around 1700$ not 700$

>stop the Chinese forcibly seizing your means
You mean send billions to Israel and kill its enemies in the ME?

Do you know what a bubble bursting means? Check that dot com bubble infochart one more time.

>BTC goes negative.
So....They give you money for buying it?

Btc won't die. It is the reserve currency. I hold none and fuck it, but it won't die as long as there is hype. How the fuck else do you buy alts?

jew shill thread

Does anyone have the version of this where it connects into another one of these graphs and again and again. I dont remember if its a gif or not. Thank you in advance.

If I was to lose any money now, I would rather hold BTC for 3-4 years from now and see what happens. Things like this can happen, especially to new technology that is unpredictable and that's the reason you should always only invest as much as you can handle to lose.

pretty sure some trading platforms in the future will allow you to buy alts with fiat

Invested 50 bucks.
The transaction fees to pull out probably cost more than that.

That wouldn't be returning to the mean then, that would be the end of crypto.

>stop the Chinese forcibly seizing your means of production.
implying KillCorp wouldn't do this for half the cost without getting embroiled in middle eastern kike wars

You're free to do that, but why would you bet on BTC? I mean, at most it'll 3-5x your money and you can easily get that in much safer stock options.

Never thought I'd see the day nocoiners would be trying to get us to hold their stock option bags. Holy hell.

No fuckwit, if you hold for a year, you pay 0 tax. It's part of the gamble. If you are holding coins which you believe in, and they recover, then it still might be better to hold now & be able to cashout 100% tax free, rather than selling at a loss now, buying back in at some point k the future cheaper, & then paying anywhere between 25-45% tax on any gains you might get. I actually think now is the perfect time for this to happen. Even if the recovery takes 18 months, it WILL happen at some point. Blockchain is here to stay, & some of these coins will have e value (potentially alot of value) once the dust settles. At which point, I'll be laughing at you stressing as you try & fill out your tax return & cursing how much you have to pay, while I cash out 6 figures tax free

I hold BTC because I would like to see it used, well for political reasons. I think that's the biggest advantage BTC has over all other altcoins - it will keep on being developed no matter what because its an ideological project. Also I don't believe you can make 3-5x profits on normal stocks.

If you can't move your crypto round without paying taxes on the individual movements, you probably should be in crypto.

That's only for people who chase moons. Over and over its the same thing, & the majority of the time people will make just as much if not more gains simply by holding the right coins. Yes that depends on finding the right coins, but that's not impossible. Have fun with your accountant.

>The "mean" is more like 3-5k

you failed at high-school maths right?

Yes. Holding bitcoin will be made a criminal offense. Jailtime

Did you fail at elementary school reading? I said it's not technically the mean math-wise, but it's the "return to mean" area for BTC because
1) that was the price before we even started this whole bull run
2) that's the psychological level where people would start giving up on it and considering it dead forever if it drops below
3) that's also the area where miners will be operating at a loss (other than people with free electricity in China)


Well I'm not American, so I won't actually have to pay taxes. If I did though, I'd draw them out in holding company in some taxlax place like Cypress and slowly funnel the money back to me.

>none of the crypto currencies currently do anything worth money

now he tells me