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friendly reminder fascism is the best form of government

this is more of a bait then posting this on /po/

Hitler did nothing wrong, we should have helped fight communism above all else.
If there was evidence of genocide (which I doubt in Europe) then they should have been brought to court.


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Veeky Forums is not the outlet for political focused discussions, if you have shit home boards, go make them better

>if you have shit home boards, go make them better

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The real genocide:

archive of this thread:

I am not a nazi but how is this a refutation? That was really retarded. He implies that nazis need the figure of the jews to justifies their opinions but that isn't true. In fact, if I applied it to communism I could say "why do you need the bourgeois to justify communism?" and it would still ring just as true.

Hi guys is it true that the Jewish race is the most superior on the planet?

My history teacher keeps saying that and pointing to the fact that every group of people which has tried to oppose the Jew has been eliminated and/or driven into total exile where they are shamed every day.

It seems ironic that neo-nazis have to hide in dark corners and be ashamed of who they are, and they get castrated if people find them out, and can no longer be regular members of society. They have to wear masks all the time because they are frightened little rabbits, living in terror forever of the Jew and his power. I guess that is the revenge the almighty Jew thought most fitting?

Idunno guys, it sounds like he has a point. That gish-gallop of jpeg/gif/mp4 shotgun blast "history" seems pretty concise and bullet proof

(((THEY))) must be behind all the crypto floppingĀ”!

>every race
jews have been kicked out of every country they have ever been in. They have good PR and so can spin public sentiment but that doesn't stop them from getting the boot.

They are even trying to kick themselves out of their own country now as the other jews are starting to turn on the european jews.

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Can you please name a country worth anything that doesn't have Jews living in it right now. Every first world country is run by Jews.

The rest are controlled by Jews from afar via money and military. Even Trump bows down to Kushner and the Israeli army. Prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, look at those who opposed Jews. They have disappeared, just rats in the shadows nibbling on whatever cheese they find, shunned by society at large.

NS and communism are literally the same shit.

In one, a closed inner circle run a totalitarian society from within a political party that opposes free markets and democracy. In the other, a closed inner circle run a totalitarian society from within a corporate entity that opposes free markets and democracy.

You're literally a spastic if you think either will ever work. The most dogmatic believers are always the first to line the mass graves of the innocent.

>look at those who opposed Jews
The entierty of western civilization? Back your perspective up a bit further than the last 100 years.

Jews are a cycle, they have this tendency to work themselves in to society deeply but this itself starts people getting paranoid about them and inevitably trying to get rid of them. If theyd just hang out theyd probably be ok.
Other jews consider the european jews to be dangerous, cold, and neurotic. The sentiment right now in israel is growing where the russian jews and middle eastern jews are starting to turn on them.

>NS and communism are literally the same shit.

Dude are you serious?

I guess no one can disprove the claim that my history teacher keeps spouting... Jews really are the superior race.

I'm going to convert to Judaism and I would recommend the rest of you do as well. Then you can come out of your shadows finally and be proud of who you are and have opportunities in this world. You won't need to wear masks anymore, people will accept you and even offer you high paying jobs and welcome you into their elite club.

I can't believe I couldn't see this sooner... it's just like the people who come here and want crypto to crash and burn. It's jealousy from the out groups for something they realize is superior that they wish they were in on.

At this point now that the Jews run USA and half of Europe, do you really think they can be stopped? In any case it won't happen in my lifetime so I'd say converting is the best move for me. You do you, I guess.

Its bound to happen. Keep in mind the main problem that jews have is they make themselves appear to be a threat. There is no jew conspiracy, they just naturally act as if there was one due to their unique genetically transmitted mentality. So people get suspicious. Kicking out all the jews has repeatedly happened but it really doesn't fix anything because the problem isnt really jews, jews are ok as long as you understand them.

This isn't a Veeky Forums thread but fuck it.

Both forms of extreme leftism (national socialism and international socialism) are fucking retarded.

Proper fascism (which NatSoc never was) on the other hand works fine as can be seen by looking at Chile, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore - all countries which maintained stable governments and economies (at the least) if not rapidly developing and booming economies under governments that were either explicitly 'fascist' or largely 'fascist' in practice.

China since the 1970s has - despite maintaining the 'Communist Party' name for the government - been fascist in practice hence the fact it's gone from one of the world's shitholes (standard for anywhere communist) to a rising and rapidly developing superpower.

Communism has a 100% track record of failure. There's a reason socialist countries inevitably end up having to close their borders to stop captive population/slaves escaping for capitalist countries.

You don't actually believe Jews genetically think there is a Jew conspiracy, do you? You think if a Jew was placed on a planet by themselves or with only other Jews, they would sit around paranoid every day that someone "out there" is out to get them?

Can't you simply replace this sentence with literally everyone:

"______ are ok as long as you understand them"

Mongolians under Genghis Khan

You're just trolling this post I assume?

>Communism has a 100% track record of failure. There's a reason socialist countries inevitably end up having to close their borders to stop captive population/slaves escaping for capitalist countries.

Is it because Capitalist countries "bring democracy" in the form of bombs and actively wage economic war against Socialist countries to force them to adhere to global Capital? Or perhaps because destabilizing such countries brings in a wealth of cheap labour?

/Pol/ are fucking shills trying to disrupt and kill resistance. This isnt really about 'racism' its about discreditation

It happened before I have the old fag news.

This happend before when occupy was around. These /pol/ fuckers are shills and the enemy of freedom

= disinfo



For most of these countries, especially Cuba, they rely on a majorly valuable source to fund the welfare of their citizens.

Cuba was Russia
Venezuela was Oil

The second those wells dry up...well.

Which is why diversifying your market is important.

/pol/ please get out i use /pol/ myself but common man keep the boards seperate.

>no free market
Fascism sounds awful

Fasicsm is not Natsoc.


No, this is what you /pol/-fags wanted.

Fascism and other forms of authoritarian governments can only "work" when the people in power actually want to improve the situation. Normally the first few leaders are okay but the rest could get easily corrupted and turn the country worse.

Authoritarian government is about given super powers to a few. The more power the more likely it gets corrupted.

An example is Venezuela. One Carlos Andres gives himself super powers, so he nationalized the oil industry because he thought it was good for the people, them came Chavez and abused the power, then came Maduro and got corrupted by it.
The one who suffers is the people, ie me

t. Venezuelan

Have fun throwing your lot in with the Synagogue of Satan, because that's whom they really serve (which is why Jews do so well in this world, which is pretty much Satan's Kingdom); fyi: only children born of a biologically true Jew are truly Jewish, as it's a property of Jewish mitochondria (which, themselves, are antennae attuned to the Devil's frequency).



>Nationalsocialism vs Communism
lolwhat ?
communism is international socialism
national socialism is socialism "for chosen nation"
it's literally the same you spastic idiots