WhaleGate telegram got hacked go check

WhaleGate telegram got hacked go check

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what a cute boy

not gonna lie its pretty fucking hilarious if it was actually the pajeet that they made fun for trolling them

Shit, it's all started with this fucking fag. I was doing great with their signals. Until the troll started! He even made a fake website now whalegate.org

I like how they say they never delete signals yet they deleted their qtum free signal like nothing happened.

we had an active qtum signal in the premium you ungrateful little bitch, how many fucking free signals did they share before? Fucking they gave you shit load of profit and yet bitches who never paid a dime will open their little twat, fuck you

Only decent group out there, RIP. But who cares really.

What do you mean? I don't get it

t. whalegate
Fuck you scammers, you just throw hundreds of signals and delete the ones you fuck up. Remember the TRX signal?

Damn, this pisses me off, I like this group and being a member always paid off. I hope they can somehow fix this.

Are you familiar with a concept called 'risk management'? Did you go all in on a signal? Are you retarded?

Good riddance
They give out multiple signals and the ones that don’t live up immediately get deleted to make people believe they never make wrong calls

They even made 25k btc bull run
How ridiculous is that and they ended up deleting it when people called them out on it

It’s a scam group
Lol at charging 0.06 btc

they made 25k back in january 2017 and bitcoin hit 20k so stop the non sense. you are not even a member.

All telegram groups are a scam

t. whalegate
And you also said the floor was at 8k you stupid fucks

fuck whalegate
and any other user that got shilled into APPC at $3-$4 should want their blood too

>last year they told me r r right
>believes anything they say

Its just a dip in 1 week we will be back to 20k fag


>Whalegate detected
Delete more signals faggot in a month they'll delete qtum from the premium too and soon you'll see kyber disappear from the free signals channel like it was never there.

Their telegram just got deleted too

They never coming back?

Exit scam confirmed, you guys never learn.

How much ETH?

Good riddance! Those cunts shilled appcoins ath

I have some heavy spr bags because of them

It seems like the channel was renamed to "WhaleGay"

And they deleted after advertising everyone “buy our membership cuz we will increase price in February”

Not deleted I can see the group

They had a signal for QTUM at around $62. When it dropped they just deleted it. And then they didn't include the loss in their January results. Meaning they only keep in the profitable coins and a few that made minor losses, so you think they only make right calls. They even banned me after I asked them where the signal went.

Is it hacked too?

Normies got burned hard and they left pissed
The only people you got are retard hodlers who don’t contribute shit lmaooo

Normies will never forget the burn and will tell every single one of their friends

Shitcoin will continue dipping crashing the torrents with it

Mining is already much more expensive now so u lose miners aka further loss of support
Back to $0

Well they actually made some good calls. I used their signals to look into myself and actually made some good amount of money

Wow try reading OP
Ah gotcha


haha I can't get over the fact that they shilled appc at ATH


Nah mate literally just someone who paid for their services and it paid off. I made a fair bit on their vibe call and some other Etherdelta calls

Whalegate detected
Lmaooo what were you thinking when you shilled dogecoin once lmfaooooooo

i unironically would suck his dick if he was white, but asians are horribly hideous

except that shill made x0.5 profit but they did call some shit too.

I have a feeling dude since you posted a similar post with that id earlier today that you are that rafael, you know since you hacked them now. Why don't you post the rest of the premium signals?

Who in their right mind would think any signal group would have 100% hit rate on every call? Nobody can see into the goddamn future. Set up stop losses, never go all in on any signal and don't be a retard. Some kiddies shouldn't have the possibility to decide for themselves in any matter

The problem is they go like this “short term call xxxxx coin target xxxxx value”
If it doesn’t hit the target within the specified time

They pull down the signal

Then days later, they bring signal up again and claim see muh call wuz legit

Make 10393939938229% in a one month by paying 0.06btc

I fucking lost 7ETH on this "call"
It was the first call that a actually went all in on.

>actually went all in on.
See this? This is how I know you're retarded.

i was tracking their shit, they didn't do that stop lying. I just found that renewing for february is stupid. But they made some bad calls, overall when i was with them money was good. I guess now with btc red butt they are probably making shit calls but i wanna see some premium signals from this month. Anyone care to post some?

Dude, in a bull market ANYONE with some basic trading knowledge is a trading genius, in a bear market that's where you can filter out scammers/amateurs from real pros

>that pajeet is this salty
Top fucking kek

So are they channels still up or what? I don't see any of them.


You can't because they deleted them all and exit scammed. Don't worry though when the bull market comes back they'll come back full swing to take more money. They even posted "join our signals for our next 100x, well that "100x" is now down over 60% and they since deleted that claim in the free channel.

Whalegate was run by a bunch of fucking morons. This is hilarious, its what they deserve.

Ok this shit made me spit my beer hahahahahahaha

No-coiner here
Is this a common thing?
People paying to be part of a group that gets "insider information" on when to move?

>whale gay
savage af

of course it is, and all of them are scams

For a fact whalegate called a lot of exchanges listing and were right. Scam? Not so sure but the question now, what's the next move? Cuz this pajeet clearly want some food so he can shit on his table. They refuse his blackmail before and look what he did. I call their move fucking stupid, they should have refunded him.

OK then I am surprised

Common and they're all scams

the early exchange listing info was probably the most valuable part of their advice desu. I would have a little more respect for them if they accepted they were wrong on calls (eg QTUM) and owned it rather than just deleting it.

Yeah no idea how they got that kind of info but it definitely helped me be where I am now. This pajeet completely fucked em

Hold me brehs. It was the only signal group that wasn't shit. If you weren't a retard going all in on stuff you could make good dosh. I doubled my stash with them after BTC peaked. I want them back.

I really hope there's a dick there.

retard alert, qtum wasn't deleted you brainless fuck. Buy up to $60 just like teeka.

For example this free signal in the free group
Icx was above their buy up to Mark
Then days later it dipped and it climbed back up, they claim muhhh call been legit

So you're expecting that each call will magically +50% exactly the moment after you buy? Seriously?

Implying they are not just exit scamming, how do you even hack a Telegram channel like this? How did he get their phone number, log into it and verify the access?

I have had an interesting experience with these guys. I ended up outside the group and it has actually made me a better trader. In short, I was under the impression I could share with friends and family. At the end of the day I think they try to stand behind their work. A few of their signals blew. They shilled shipchain (lol)... they shilled trx (lol) Yeah they are having a coin burn and a few other catalysts coming up. I think they need to be more consistent with their rules. Half decent folks until you piss em off. I don't wish bad on anyone in this frontier, so I feel for those who depended on their signals like no other.

Sailor moon baby is that you ?

Then they shouldn’t be advertising 93838383838% in a month and charging a high amount in the first place lmfaooo and should stop calling themselves whalegate instead call themselves at least amateurgate as that’s what they are
Stay honest

This desu
Seems suspicious as fuck, they’re probably exiting to scam the ones who paid for the yearly memberships aka 0.4-0.6 btc per year
They even have multiple phones and constantly monitor the google searches for whalegate related crap, they are even present in this thread, there was a thread last month where lots of people complained and they came in and tried to change the topic to make the thread die down from the original discussion lol

Compare their 0.05btc to almost 2eth for that bitcoinfundmanager guy.

While I agree that the cumulative percentages they give was misleading, the signals they gave still more often hit than missed. Thats why they mentioned to NEVER go all in any signal. any getting rekt was on the guy who acted like a retard.

And as far as the exit scam, I am beginning to get worried. Their .com website went dead, and replying to e-mails they sent fail to go through. And all of their channels, including support went dead. Not to mention twitter.
Fuck. They had a really crappy temper, but if you weren't a retard, they really carried themselves professionally.

literally all pajeets itt who the fuck uses telegram

whalegate has always been faggotry and its advocates always sound like fucking bitches

My issue with their claims to percent earnings really boils down to the fact that you don't just add the percentages together to get your total gain. You are splitting your 100% pot among their signals so if you come up on 25% of your stack you aren't realizing the full gain. Just 25% of what it could have been. (So it wouldn't be fair to advertise in that way.) I'm sure most could have figured that one.

Anyone remember their TNB signal? Deleting within hours of posting because the price immediately started to tank during the BULL RUN.

Are any of their channels up for anyone?

What was the x 100 coin? I don’t got it.

I remember it. anything below 25/c and well...I'm just glad I wasn't in it.

No coin Name?

wait, people actually pay for this shit? lol. I've actually got a pretty good strategy. I might write a bot with buy signals. Interesting.

Who think it was a Exit scam? Website down, no Twitter and Instagram, Telegram hacked. All togehter?? Come on...

they exit scammed. Their system of shilling 15+ things at a time worked during a bull market but now that we're in a bear market, it was pretty obvious that they didn't know anything

Don't be so dependent. Just as they told you not to put all of your investments in one coin you should also consider not putting your faith in one trading group. Plenty of others out there if you need to find something to parity. Or you can start to learn.

I'm not gonna tell you the 100x you stupid fucking pajeet we need fucking flags

It was deleted in their free telegram you braindead shill. After it fell by 15% in day or two, multiple people have confirmed it yet all you can say is
>nah I never whalegag on whalegay
>hurr wasn't deleted hurr

How far down your throat have you got whalegay's cock you faggot? Or is that cum salty from your group being taken away from you by a c-grade Brazilian hacker baaaahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

WhaleGate is a SCAM, they probably were not really hacked. Read more about their Scam whalegate.org/

i never see the x100 anouncment in the vip chanel. Tell me.

No pajeet I'm still accumulating

They probably spent 9.20 seconds at max to draw that shitty line on MS paint hahahahaha

they stole it from wagerr actually

They didnt even make their own logo

Can't believe people paused. 06 bitcoin for this crap

Holy fuck had no idea

Just tried to go on their twitter and it says account doesn’t exist

I was right
It is a 100% confirmed exit scam
GG life for the ones who paid for the yearly membership

They had a margin trading channel open 2-3 days before this, costing 0.3btc to enter. Supposedly they filled their spots. And now this.

Hold me brehs.

What ist a pajeet?

Gib milkies


How do people like them even live without feeling bad for what they’ve done... truly boggles me desu, whalegate and bitconnect ... people just vanish away with peoples money without regard of how others might’ve acquired that money to pay for your help.

Absoloutely pathetic



What is a pajeet????