What is happening?

you got me into this, now it's banned on reddit and turns out the partnerships were fake. wth?? it's like confido all over again.

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What is with Veeky Forums and total shitcoins (LINK, TRX, XVG, that stupid turtleshit, Monero Gold?! are you kidding me)

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Finally my years of studying Chinese (and subsequently learning to never trust Chinese shit) paid off. I tried to warn you burgers.

Where has anyone said that partnerships were fake?

>turns out the partnerships were fake
Hm, concern fudding. Very effective.

Never buy a meme.

just banned from a /r/cryptocurrency because they were sick of the daily vechain threads... /r/vechain is still there

fake news

Are you telling me I won't make my $3 back ever???
T-take my bags pajeet.
lol nah I'm good.
Don't give a fuck about salty Plebbit FUDfags who sold the bottom

vechain is hyped-up trash.
They are just waiting for WTC to make their shit public so they can rip it off.

I saw some photos of Sunny Lu in handcuffs -- what's happening?

Banned on plebbit? No sweetheart.
It was banned for a month on crypto because they were spammed with non stop ven threads. Probably by walton cucks on purpose.

>the partnerships were fake
They are not brainlet

But it is banned on reddit, nice half truth.

Reddit being reddit. The mods on there are like children

Hahahahaha by waltoncucks sure

Just go to the telegram group
Total retards who in fact encourage spam

“Muh moon” “‘muh lambo”


This article puts the nail in the coffin
It’s from a reputable source

China says no form of blockchain is TOLERATED which includes the so called chinkcoins like wtc or neo or ven or whatever

5-6 chinks battling each other and each claiming they got partnerships with so and so

And when you ask for proof, they redirect you to twitter posts and obscure blog posts HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

not a single Chinese news media reported about futian so called goldmine of China gaining Vechain master revolutionary help of scanning barcodes to help get rid of a market that China greatly benefits from(making counterfeit goods)

Chinkcoin is shitcoin

Smellycoin is the king we deserve


obvious bait is obvious. try harder faggots.

You wasted time typing lots of dumb words. Did VeChain trick DNV GL and Jim Breuer, too?

They’ve unloaded their bags

The devs own the coins not the other way around

These walls existed since day 1
They weren’t “muh whalesss hurrr durr acclimating special nodezzzz”

wanna know how i know ur retarded?

Thanks user, saved me from typing it.
>Hahahahaha by waltoncucks sure
>Just go to the telegram group
>Total retards who in fact encourage spam
>“Muh moon” “‘muh lambo”
When ven goes vet and breaks away from the bitcoin anchor I think it has a better chance of making it than any other coin I'be looked in to.
I"m not any le 56%, pajeet, or nig. Just a regular
guy not planning on getting justed. MAybe yes, maybe no. I'm banking on no. Wouldn't mortgage my house though. What do you think I am, a nigger?


Do you genuinely think they only bought coins and wanted to flip them? You can’t be so naive, right? DNV GL’s rep said they want to implement VeChain’s tech for absolutely everything they do, eventually.

DNV GL pulls in $2 billion a year. There isn’t enough VEN trading volume to make a dent in that.

>t. muh 1 minute candles

Just to be clear...these companies are making investments and laying the foundation for years to come. They don’t give a fuck about making a million off a crash. They want to make millions constantly two, three, ten years from now.

You can explain all you want but you forget that the vast majority of this board is full of dumb children and adults who still live at home

Actually no, they don't. The top 3 holders own only 25% of all tokens and have been quite inactive.

Sorry, responded to the wrong user, user.

What an autist
I was talking about the sell walls in the pic I posted
Those orders were never filled, just placed to make the price low temporarily so that more retards come in thinking this is still early for them to get in on the so called fake moon rocket

Still avoiding my argument about 0 proof of China partnership from REPUTABLE news media
Come back when you got proof not some twitter or obscure blog posts

Venshits completely BTFO

You’re right that there’s no official Chinese government statement on a partnership with a BaaS provider. They must not put out press releases like a corporation.

However, VeChain is backed by PwC and has a deep partnership with DNV GL. Those are confirmed facts. This conveys a certain degree of trust. It would look very bad if these multi-billion dollar firms were tricked by a scammy Chinese company and their claims of a Chinese government partnership weren’t true.

Do you think the most likely scenario is that VeChain is lying about their partnerships? If they had no other confirmed arrangements, I’d think that would be a reasonable position. As it stands though, I question your judgement.

They must not put out press releases like a corporation.

If a country is developing a certain area, then they ALWAYS release information to the public to let them know how the progress is going so far etc and most importantly why tf in their right mind would they get rid of counterfeit goods, it’s a huge billion dollar market, lol if u think chinks are gonna part from their money

It's banned on one subreddit because some retard mods decided to shill it.

I think you know nothing. The Chinese government doesn't make much money off of counterfeit items because those people don't pay taxes.

It's some of the most mind boggling FUD I've seen. Also it's China. They mentioned VeChain positively on CCTV so the party knows they exist. If the team was lying about the partnerships they would have been executed already.

I know crypto and blockchain is super relevant to us but China’s a country of a billion people and the government has investments in countless things in every industry. I’m not saying they will never put out any official statement on it, but I don’t expect it. It’s not like they’re trying to show they’re doing a good job to the public to get votes, they’re a one party community country.

VeChain said there will be a representative from the Chinese government on stage during their rebranding event this month. I guess we’ll all find out if they’re liars then.

*communist, not community.


Not that guy but I learned a little bit of Chinese in Germany at my university.

Quote from Sunny from an AMA:
Q25: Will there be a joint press event with both VeChain and Chinese Government representatives on your smart city project?

A: Yes, there will be, and it is dependent on the progress of the project delivery. You can expect that very soon.