Credit Score Tips

I've become more credit conscious and currently sitting at a 665. I'm just looking for some short and long term tips to increase my credit score talking about 700+.

Currently, I'm using my credit card for all purchases/bills then pay it off full at the end of the month.

I'm military my only expenses being internet, food, anything extra I want (vidya). Which comes out to roughly 300-600 a month, with 0 debt.

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What's up with your credit card fetish, burgers?

I have severe autism and I enjoy watching numbers go up. There is a reason I enjoy RPGs.

>pay it off full
Theres your first problem. You have to leave between 50-100$ on your credit card otherwise you aren't building credit. Finance or lease a car, preferably lease. If you own a car outright sell it and finance/lease immediately. Do not take on too much liability. (Car loans + credit card debt + mortgage etc) otherwise having a good score won't matter while you hold all these because you WILL need a GREAT income to get a small business loan or any other type of loan outside a mortgage. If you are building your credit for a mortgage then go ahead and build your credit via cc and car loan then get your mortgage when you are 750+ but keep in mind when have a mortgage and car loan you aren't getting any other types of loans at a fair rate. Lenders will fuck you with interest rates because they will assume you will eventually fail at some point, so they need to make back their investment as soon as possible, assuming you don't have a huge income. Do not claim any crypto assets especially after this month of shit. Good luck op

You fucking stupid kike, not only do you have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t care enough to outline each and every point you’re wrong about so I’ll just say this:

don’t leave a small balance on your credit cards. That’s a fucking kike trick invented out of thin air to get people to think they were “building their credit” by paying more interest. It’s a fucking lie with no foundation in reality.

Credit is, by this day and age, a kike trick in and of itself. Maintaining between 15-30% cc usage (And thus making interest payments) raises credit score, whether you care or not is irrelevant. 765 former coiner, got out just in time.

wtf...I have one credit card with a 1200 limit and I have a 736.

Anyways, the most important factors are how much credit you have and your credit utilization, which is what percentage of your credit you use. Ideally you want to keep it at 30-40%. So if you have a credit card with a 10k limit, you want at most 3-4000k balance on it at any time

I can’t speak to whether paying the interest on a smaller amount left month to month would increase the speed of your credit score increasing, but it sound like bs and doesn’t make sense. I went from 540 to 780+ in less than 2 years with just a credit card and by paying it off every month. That simple

I believe cc utilization is only gauged monthly which is they see how much is being utilized, usually right around your payment date. Theoretically if you used all of your limit and paid it immediately off, or left it and paid it off just before it reported to the credit bureaus the end result would be no different. The reported usage would still be 0%. What they don’t want is people carrying month to month more than 29%

Completely wrong. Pay off your card in full and never use more than 30% of your limit at one time. Make an early payment if you need to use more. Google ideal credit utilization to learn more.

>Caring about good-goy points

Buy gold

yea or not. it’s a bs system but if you don’t want to get kiked on interest rates you play by the damn rules

This is why I care about it, and it's not hard to play by the rules.

>was at 699 before getting into crypto
>now borderline 620

imma kms

Try to get your utilization below 20%. If you are spending more than 20% of the credit limit on your card before you pay it off each month, then call your credit card company and ask for a credit limit increase to get your utilization below 20%.

Average age of credit is another big factor. If you recently opened newer tradelines in addition to the credit card you mentioned, you may wish to cancel the newer tradelines so your average age of credit goes up.

Your score will go up over time as your existing tradelines get older and as you continue to build a history of on-time payments, so just waiting will also help your score.

Finally if you don't have any installment loans (car loan, mortgage, personal loan, etc.) then getting one of these and making your payments on time will substantially increase your credit score. However, "I want to increase my credit score" is a terrible reason for getting a new car or house or personal loan, so don't do this unless you were already planning to.

Also, if you weren't in the military when you got your credit card, and if you're active duty right now, then call your credit company and tell them that you're active duty and want SCRA protections. They'll lower the interest rate from whatever it is now to 6%. This shouldn't matter if you're paying the card off every month, but if you ever miss a payment or can't pay in full then the interest won't sting nearly as much.

>spends more than he can afford to lose

Why do people do this?

being financing my truck since 18 for this reason. could of paid it off now but would rather keep building my credit seeing as im relatively young.

assuming you are from the US, how about you just go to the credit bureaus that keep your credit report and see what they say actually matters?

protip: leaving a balance on your cards doesn't do shit but cost you money in interest for no fucking reason.

You may not be able to afford a home or new car today but you can do something about your credit. Don’t wait til you make better money to decide and build credit as you’ll be ready to buy then and either won’t be approved to or you’ll get stuck with shit rates.

I love this shitpost

Use your CC and pay off in full each month.

Ask your bank to increase your limit (but obviously don't use more) so your utilisation rate decreases.

Open multiple credit cards (but again don't use more than you can afford). This will sting in the beginning, but over time your utilisation ratio will be even lower. My score has gone from 700 to 950 as I have $30k available over 4 cards but only use $1-2k a month.

>my score has gone from 700 to 950

The highest possible score is 850, nice LARP though

Pay in full every time.
Have multiple cards.
Have big credit lines.
Try to use a little less than half of how big your credit line is per card.
This is the basics. I have 800 credit score.

>then get your mortgage when you are 750+
Nigga u wot? Anything above 700 is great for a mortgage

>Not paying it off in full
5 Years paying cards off in full, never had a loan and am at 790.
>Paying interest to build credit

Yeah, I don't understand people like this. When I first got my card, my banker told me the same exact thing. I just smiled and nodded and was like, "yeah, totally."

>using a credit card

So, you have $0 debt, and a 665 score?
How old are you?
What is the total credit limit on all of your cards?

>Not using a credit card

>I hate literally free money.

But 750+ in the excellent range is better. am already homeowner. pic related

right!? love those chase freedom 5% cashback rewards fampai

bankers have done a number on my country, it's pathetic. who else /debt free/?

i have 2 credit cards, a credit card to buy gasoline,. and a 20k student loan. i went from having a 620 to a 730 in a little more than a year by obssessively paying my cards off multiple times a week. everything in this post is wrong

how old are you? assuming not very, thats a good score. keep doing what you're doing, you should highly consider consulting with a financial adviser. i do all my banking through charles schwab and find them to be absolutely exceptional.
consider your lifestyle of low spending would be considerably less strenuous if you put your savings into CD's (which give fixed income regardless of what the economy is doing -
far better than just sitting in a bank making them money for nothing- again talk to a financial advisor) hope you the best.

anyone ever get a 850?

i think my moms like 835. im not sure 850 is possible

this, I use the amazon prime visa for 5% back on amazon, boa for gas, and citi doublecash for everything else that doesn't have a better category. Have never paid a cent in interest and I get a lot of money back each year in rewards for shit I'd already be buying regardless.

you need to pay off a mortgage without issue to get this high

The reason it's low is cause when I got my first card I was retarded with it. Also let my mom open a card that she uses mistakes that I'm now fixing.

Total credit 8100
2 cards
400 on 1 card, but I that's part of my pay off at the end of month.

Only really paying for internet and normal monthly espensives (food/vidya) nothing else. No housing, no car, no phone bill.

>shit I'd already be buying regardless

and that's how the bakers win. the whole point of these rewards schemes is to trick people into overconsumption. you're thinking about a 2% reward when you should be thinking about the cost of all the junk you're buying.

Cryptocurrency is a way to get free from the kikes. Why would you use credit? Then you keep being entrapped by them.

Bankers win from people who don't pay in full because of interests charge, late fees, etc. They don't win from you using their card.

Looks like you're doing everything right, I don't know of any quick ways of making it go up, but you're doing all the right things to make it go up slowly. I've noticed that if I keep my credit card usage below 5%, my score gets a little bump, so I pay before the statement date, to get the statement balance close to zero (with pending transactions, it's rarely $0).

I'm in the 820s, and I would be higher if I had an installment loan (personal loan, car, home etc). But with my score as high as it is, I'm not going to pay interest, to buy something that I don't need, to get a score higher that's already high enough.

they absolutely do. it's a fact that people spend more when using credit cards. the banks also get a 3% cut of whatever you buy. do you think they're in the business to lose money??

how do i check my score without paying money

Credit karma

Me, for now. Only debt I would consider is a mortgage, years and years from now when I could expect to live in the property through retirement or death. Renting is fine for me because I seem to be able to find good land lords

>pissing money away

Why do this user

Renting is okay, but if you ever can come to a point where you can own (""Own"") a home, it will be better than renting.

sounds great man. keep saving so when you finally do get that mortgage you can have a massive down payment. ideally 100%!

because it's a seller's market and interest rates are going up. better to rent than be shackled to a house you can't afford.

>what is fixed apr

My credit is nonexistent. I bought my car in full, and I pay all my bills in full on time. I have been denied credit cards for my lack of credit history. I've been considering financing a stupid tv or something from a Sears or whatever the fuck to build some base credit. Good idea or nah?

what is banks won't want to give a low interest rate loan when they know rates are going up, especially to a person with limited credit history

sounds like a terrible idea. why would you want credit cards if you've been paying for everything in cash?

Only mess with credit cards if you are responsible enough not to abuse them.

Try to raise the credit limit of your current cards or apply for more. Keep your credit utilization low. Always pay on time and preferably the full amount (why pay interest if you don't have to).

My credit score isn't that high but my fiance is in the 800's. At a certain point it's just a number.. if you get above 740 and make decent money that should be good enough to get you lower interest rates on loans.

To build credit for later use on a home loan.

It’s good to have credit available for an emergency if you’re responsible enough not to abuse it like a fucking idiot. Instead of financing a stupid consumer product, sign up for one of the super low limit starter credit cards that are made for people with no credit history. As long as you have a steady job that should be enough for them.

I got my first one from a local credit union. In general it's hard to get the first one. Go and only get it if you are responsible enough not to abuse it

there are some mortgage companies that give loans to people with no credit history. it basically involves a "background check" of your financial situation.

>credit available for an emergency
that is an utterly stupid idea. you have an emergency so you're going to go into debt? that's good way to make things even worse. here's a crazy idea: save up enough cash in a savings account to cover any emergency.

YES GOYIN pay as much interest as you can! and Make sure you get more loans that you don't need!