REQ bro's

You all still hodling strong?

>22k REQ here

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Fuck no I “panic sold“ at 60 cents and took losses... now waiting to buy in at 10 cents

ye boi, 20k req, might buy some more tomorrow when my deposit comes in but will probably go in on NEO since i have enough req for now

40k either I make it or I kms

Got £3k that i am gonna buy more REQ with if it dips to £0.08

Anticipating it to be at least £0.75 by June too.

Waiting to see if €0.10 is possible before buying back in. Also looking to pick up 0x and Kyber

Yeah 8.2k reporting in.
Got in at 0.04$ and at 0.39$ a few days ago when I thought it wouldn't dip lower.
I really don't care about the price now, I know REQ will reach 10$ sometime before the end of 2018 so I'm not concerned.
I am also basically all in on REQ, just have insignificant ammounts of 2 other shitcoins

>[Update] [Auto] 8



it sure is buddy, do not buy any req, trust me

>i can't make muh gainz therefore im gonna fud other coins because im dum dum
you're never gonna make it retard

I just wish I could wake up 1 year from now, either as a millionaire or a man about to kys. This suffering... Hold me bros.

>$10 in 2018

Lmao is someone capping these delusional reqtards or do I have to do it myself? Can't wait for the December 2018 mega /general/ threads laughing at how delusional reqtards were.

>$7b cap on a payment game-changer

130k since ICO here, still holding.

It sucks, but whatever. I would not have sold for $1 either way

Might as well kill yourself now to save yourself from all the stress that this riding to $0 is going to cause.

you're gonna make it user

Joke's on you, delusional faggots. I sold this shitcoin at $1 instead of falling for the HODL reddit meme. Enjoy your bags.

>only top 5 is above 7b market cap
>market cap is shrinking every day
>normies got burned and won't touch crypto for another 3 years
>he still thinks this will go to 7b market cap and be a top 5 coin within a year

kek cognitive dissonance is a bitch


No shit, retard. The market is crashing. You're unironically deluded if you think crypto market will be worth