Greetings... well the obvious crash is here (called it a week ago fags)

Greetings... well the obvious crash is here (called it a week ago fags)
But besides that, only a few 15-20 strong solid coins with a future will survive. If you are bag holding this, i will help you out here. Drop this shit asap, this along with a thousand other coins are NOT on the list. I know this for a fact, the crash wasn't the cause of the steady decline in buying of this coin. It started occuring before the crash, coins had some green days....
>Fun Red again
Hold your bags if you want, but if you sell now you can at least make away with some money..... Recovery in the market which will take ages will NOT have this coin pumped any time soon. It will be left behind
-You have been warned

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bag holders afraid to show themselves i see

If you sell Funfair at the bottom then may god help you. Holding this through the cryptocaust is comfy as fuck.

Green IDS: crazy gains when bear market ends
Brown IDs: pajeets (ignore them)

Unironically Just bought another 20K FUN you faggot.

Always amazes me how people try to come out of the woodwork with shit bait to FUD a coin they most likely are wanting to get in on at a cheaper price.

>sell low

Fuck off pajeet, its gone down so much nobody gives a fuck anymore

Always do the opposite of what biz says. There must be something good about to happen to Fun.

all good, nothing going on with the coin
Just seeing the state of biz, i now know where we are on the chart.
Plenty of denial and idiocy still, no capitulation yet

I meant what i said anyways, you will be left holding useless codes on your PC. Anyways enjoy the bags

Why would you sell FUN now?
ICE Gaming exhibition is currently on and the economic conditions are perfect for big gambling companies to want to get into FUN

I still have yet to see a post calling this coin a shitcoin, while also providing actual critical thinking as to WHY it's a shitcoin.

Someone enlighten me as to why we should dump our bags right this second, other than "hurr durr shitcoin hurr durr no one needs this"

Because casinos don’t want to use blockchain technology or allow a platform for it to be used creating competition????? I say that as a FUN bag holder which I will now be stuck with that I paid almost .11 avg for fuck this shit coin.

That's the beauty of it user.

These fucking FUD faggots do a half decent job when it comes to shitcoins and pointing out their flaws.

Yet they come to this particular one, and they literally have nothing to back it up. It's always that gay ass response of 'dw anons, you'll see, trust me'.

I bet this basement dwelling neckbeard, virgin no-lifing degenerate of society gets a kick from baiting people like myself into responding to him so he can get his 10 minutes of social interaction on an anonymous board.

And why is that?

Seriously. If you want to shit on FUN, come back this time next year and see where we're at. If it tanked, go ahead and rip on us.

Right when the new year started I traded a lot of my portfolio for FUN at $0.11 and I didn't sell at $0.20 because I want to hold for a year.
So if the price is still the same after a year then you win OP.

>1,000's of coins in the market.
>90% bgs.
>SIngles this one out to fud.

Really kaboodles the old noodle...

Lol. What a delusional faggot

Why would they want to use a technology that makes gambling safer for the user?

Ah, my favorite. Non-Specific FUD with absolutely nothing to back it up.

Fuck everyone, I'm holding FUN until it moons or hits 0 cents.

How's your vaporware going, chief?

>Why would someone buy a car that can drive itself and make driving safer for the user?

Answer his question.

How much are they paying you to post this?

why do you post fun fud literally every night europoor

Because people prefer to gamble on something they know isn't just going to hold their funds and rob them dry? Why is this such a hard concept.

Get out of Funfair NOW

>guys this report says funfair will be sent to the shadow realm!
Go to bed Nostradamus.

nice larp


Nice dubs tho

Brainlets cant comprehend this basic concept. They deserve to be poor

Does anyone have that image of Wojack riding a crashing funfair logo?

So in other words you're holding it until it hits 0.

1% wallstreet here,
FUN has had one of the highest GAAP and EBITDA ratio between coin on the market.
It also the only coin to consistently gain PE / sats. Meaning this coin is more loyal to its dollar pairing than BTC pairing. I.E. FUN @ 510 sats is = BTC @ 7600 USD

The only other coin storing value this well is ZEC and XRP

He's a smart man. Probably wise to listen to this

Sounds great.

The game is simple.
We need only wait.

Hey, i'm not the one searching for threads on Veeky Forums explicitly to shit on coins that I don't even hold.

Nothing. I'm just always laughing at how this FunFair FUD comes around the corner each day and no-one can justify it.

If you have your reasons, I'd love to hear it. Because otherwise you're just as worthless as the OP, trying to trash a reputation with no evidence to justify doing so.

I understand completely what you are saying.

I sold after news of cashbet, there's no way FUN will survive it.

New Update boys

>it's literally going up right now

Cashbet isn't even on CMC



I actually just bought FUN at 520 sats... sold some off at 600 and still up on the rest

20c EOD let's go funboys

Free market, faggot.