Is He Going to Eat His Own Dick?

BTC is heading toward total collapse. Do you think he is going to eat his own dick?

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He better.

plot twist, he has no dick

>BTC is heading toward total collapse


Can't wait KEK.

>Bitcorn is going to collapse
>Bitcorners btfo

>an angry whale puts a 100,000 BTC bounty on him to make it happen
>no one is willing to kidnap him for $5

You are either looking at a mirror, or meant to type "NIACS" instead of "LETS"

Mcafee already quantum timeshifted to the neet millionaire shitposting billionaire president timeline by playing russian roulette enough times. I'd take his word for it

>BTC is heading toward total collapse
Hear that one before

UP 550%
DOWN 68%


2 years remaining you brain damaged cunt cancerous mouth breathing pajeet
Bitcoin 30k in March suck a dick

To be fair you can only go down 100% from the top

Don't blow your brains once it's $500.

I hope you're still saying this when it's worth a few hundred bucks

>tfw he is already on hormon threapy and ready to cut his dick off so he don't really care about it

post yfw he turned out to be a tranny


All he has to do is buy 1 BTC for 500k and technically he wins and gets to keep his dick.

Implying his dick hasn't already shriveled down and broken off like a skin tag from years of drugs and prostitutes

>BTC is heading toward total collapse

I remember the last time I bought drugs on SR. BTC shot from nothing to $1k then back to $100. This thing could only survive for so long.

i remember the last time i fought in WW2 and killed Hitler

>someone who is heavily invested in something predicts it will moon
Of course they do. Get other chumps to buy so you can sell.

Mccafee is likely suffering from neurophylis by fucking a lot of hookers in third world countries. He is literally a madman.

Screen capped you you fucking smelly street shitter so I can laugh at you next month

That is not how dicks work.
Please ask your mom to learn more about dicks.

What would the minimum trading costs be with BTC at 500k?

haha. sshhh

Why the fuck are people looking up to this already rich, wierd, gun nut lunatic??!
He wont eat his dick literally ffs, hes a yoga freak, he just means giving himself head. He would die for the attention btw


>You killed Hitler
Burn this KIKE!!!

>Do you think he is going to eat his own dick?


You are crossing perma-virgin territory

Too bad you cant go 550% down
>you would if you could though

Everyone has killed hitler. He's a weak end of level boss. Calm the fuck down.

>a weak end of level boss
Nice, his death count. Only below Mao and Stalin.

I hope everyone is selling this obvious bulltrap. this has happened after every $1,000 down. I know it's funny to post pink wojaks and laugh at people losing money but I'm trying to help you bizbros. please don't do this to yourselves.

how can you put money into this if you don't know basic, actually basic, math?

alright then

>still up 482%


What television station would broadcast John McAfee eating his own dick?



McAfee's entire business model has been scamming people out of money. What a great person to take advice from.

I think he's actually crazy enough to hold his end of the bet if he's wrong.

Literally the most brainlet post i have ever seen.

gr8 b8 m8