reversal starts NOW

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I belieb

If it fails this shits gonna go to 5.5k

We going places, boi. 3 good green candles, Volume rising as a MF. Strap your belts, we going for 8k today.

prepare to get rekt even more :D... such delusion, LOL

Higher highs, higher lows. This might be it.

Reminder we're not bullish until 8400


>sold at 6260

It's only $500 worth that I didn't even pay for, but I'm still slightly mad.

Drop to 5000 you fucker, I want to have at least 0.1BTC

Confidence is destroyed tho.

We may get to it today, volume is rising madly.


Crypto imitating life

That's it lads we hit the bottom

FOMO will cancel some of it out, we aren't properly mooning for a long time though.

Yeah it imitates my spiral to rock bottom. There's times when I really believe in myself and sort myself out, and everyone likes me. But then I run out of steam and start sliding back into malaise, and then realize all my dreams were delusional, and everyone starts leaving. And then I make one feeble attempt to get back up but it's no good.

>all the retards that didn't buy the dip

A daily reminder that the smart people sold at 19k, each and every one of you still in it are going to suck start a pistol eventually.


>You see this?
>they fell for it
>activate it

>what is bulltrap


how the hell do you suck start a pistol?

You practice by sucking dicks.

Senate hearing into crypto regulations

I also know that feeling all too well.

I bought at 7215, fuck youuuuuu

that's goxening

you are a mutt, aren't you ?

>this thread

based green wojak poster

It's not that your dreams were delusional, it's that when you believed in them you knew they would become reality, and once you stopped believing in them you knew they would remain a dream. Beliefs change the way you see the world and what's possible and what you are able to. For when you believe you see obstacles as hurdles to overcome, and when you don't you see the same obstacles as confirmation you would never reach your goal. Believe in yourself, stop fearing, and your dreams won't be a delusion.

Under 7k again

You know we're giong to 5k and maybe even lower right?

Wall Street trader here, we are taking everything out of the stock market and putting it into crypto. Prepare for launch.

you're welcome

biz with it's attention span
even if it goes 10k it still doesn't mean reversal