Alright boys strap in, Wall St opens in 20. Predictions?

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Full recovery by the end of the day. Get out of UVXY as soon as the market opens.

Dow 20k EOD


If digits, national emergency is declared

Crash and Burn like it's 1929.

Great Depression 2: Blockchain boogaloo

>memecoin investors in amerimutts land wakes up
>reads typical clickbait news about the memecoin bans in other country
>checks his porfolio
>down by 5%
>sells everything
its all over



Back in the green by noon
my dad works for Goldman

Stocks noob here, where can we see live feed of the markets, tradingview?

It’s the normies and the Chinese panic selling.

nevermind, found it tradingview.com/chart/J7HwoSv6/

this is the equivalent of my "dad is dev" on any multiplayer game.
Grow up, stop larping.

Isn't it glorious

God I hope that, since DJI is down, amerifags are gonna panic sell and put it into crypto thus it will jump back up.

Ding ding bells a ringing


Thinks btc has bottomed out. Not yet son

Watch SPX take a hit at opening brecause of the XIV and bitcoin following it down.

>Replying to obvious humor with anger

lol at this point I should cash out my gains to some fucking euros

>Quick let's put of money somewhere safe
>Quick put it in volatile assets like cryptos
The absolute state of biz