You fucked up

Sauce user

ok, dude :D... a made a lot of money in this, but this is over... 2014 over again and worse

You fucked up, it's going parabolic now. SEC just said they support crypto

gj my dude, now buy back at 1k

keep telling yourself you made the right move. See you at 12k when you're fomoing back in

good call OP
I would do the same if I hadn't already sold 70% of my stack by 10.5k

:D stay deluded. I'm buying for "$10 per one

No offense OP, but you may literally regret this for the rest of your life. We have SEC saying they want to make it a global currency. It's going straight up to at least $350k. No I am not exaggerating.

Good that you are just larping because you are sad it doesn’t crash.

Because that would be the most retarded decision someone can make

ahahah when they said that?

>regret this for the rest of your life
lol do you really think it wouldn't at least one retest 6k?

fake news :D:d, global currency, you're ridiculous. I;m buying your bags at $1 per one bitcoin now, when i see people deluded like you

No he didn't, we're going down again. He timed the top perfectly.


> he timed the top perfectly


>he thinks this isnt going to 5k tomorrow
top fcking kek.

You are mentally retarded. Hopefully you stay poor forever. No sane human being predicts BTC for $1. Buy high sell low. Great concept.

Sold at $7200
I know this may go up because fomo news or correction
But this time, i'm doing the opposite of what my mind told me.

Nice timing. Feb gonna be brutal. It's gonna continue to try and find a new floor for a few weeks yet.

unironically 5k tomorrow

ahahah yeah a bit delusional

sell now because this is the latest high price in a long time

>SEC just said they support crypto

Fake News

>SEC just said they support crypto
enjoy your SEC regulated 5% gains

btc 100$ march

sold when the market is turning bullish
fucking retard

wishful thinking, nothing is turning bullish, we're going straight down EVERY DAY LOWER.

5k comiiing

Your timing wasn't very good, but in the grand scheme of things you probably made the right decision. If I were you I would still keep some cash on the ready to buy back your BTC when the price stabilises. Dunno where this will be but it might be as low as $1000.

They said they were going to regulate as much as they could. The SSC chairman basically said the equivalent of: "FUCK ICOs".

Good, another pajeet gone

Burger confirmed, blown out soon.

>he thinks the bear is over

I sold at 15k so good luck with that. Maybe you should just treat my word as gospel since I was intelligent enough to sell there and you weren't. You fucking retard.

keep teling yourself HODL when bitcoin is

How is this over? Did you even watch the hearing? It was bullish as fuck.

Not until Zhang Wong dumps his massive bags that he mined on Antminer

if the meeting was so bullish, we probably heard a different meeting.
see you at 5k tomorrow
big news coming

>he fell for the recovery meme
>he didnt think this was a bull trap

have fun paying taxes off of your "gains"

>we're lower than we were 24 hours ago
>downtrednd continues
>buy order at $15

he probably lost money so he can claim a capital loss tax credit

started with 2k... made x200, no tax in my country. sittin in FIAT.
>buying the real bitcoin (BCH) when it crashes to $0

>He thinks hes avoiding taxes by not selling

Which country?