"This crypto thing is not a part of my world.."

>"This crypto thing is not a part of my world.."
>"But how does it work? Does it go up and down or what?"

Are these seriously the people that will decide how to regulate crypto's and whatever they are going for?

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whats really scary is that they do even more than just deciding whether crypto is legal

They'll just throw fees on it so they get kickbacks on the next moon mission

bro these guys have no fucking clue what crypto is

so far away from any type of regulation thats guna kill off how the market is right now

im bullish af on shitcoins still

Pick any subject you know anything about. Listen the congressmembers in charge of the committees on it. Drink heavily once you realize all politicians are good at nothing except getting elected.

"HODL means Hold On For Dear Life" holy shit they just said that on cspan

...This is why they have these kinds of hearings. So professionals (or paid shills) can come in and state their opinions.

all you guys are idiots.

The Gov is in league with central banks, central banks want to kill crypto, but they have to make it look like these idiots are just idiots who don't understand crypto, so when the crackdown comes it will look like the work of a few expendable old men who just don't get it - the political parties who are bought and sold by bankers will go under the radar as the real saboteurs


smoke another one bro you're onto something

well that's the funny thing about HODL, it actually does mean that to people who do understand it was a typo, but apply the double meaning to it - because that was basically the point of the typo'd post

t. kike

I don't understand - are you saying this as a joke or are you being serious? My radar wwnt up because of the Trump tax bill - someone with alot of pull wanted to single out crypto currency with specifiying it was not a like-to-like asset and should be taxed per trade. Who has that sort of pull and in whose interest is it to make things more "difficult" with crypto trading? I can only think of big players, and bankers or central banks are at the top of my list



This made me reconsider my decision to pay taxes. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY'RE DOING IN THE SLIGHTEST.

How old are you kids? Have you never watched a hearing?

They probably think that you need more than 2 brain cells and a big mouth to get into politics.

a series of tubes type of guy

Shelby did basically fuck Judge Roy Moore in the ass. He gave permission for Republicans to vote for someone other than Moore and this effectively handed Trump a defeat in Alabama. As far a crypto- Moore would have made it illegal to buy bitcoin.

you've got people like this idiot to blame for that shit. /pol/ is absolute poison, the average person won't put up with their shit.

This. The two dudes who know their shit are gonna make the regulation. The senators are just making sound bites and being god damn senile boomers. Only later will they realize how many people watched this hearing.

t. numale/kike

grow up user.

Why are you shocked? This kind of thing has been going on for decades


post a pic of yourself so we can evaluate your opinions based on how you look



My fav line was

''What's the bottom, does it have a bottom?''

The senator bought Btc at 16k Lmao.