Good hearing till

this cunt appears

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Watch Crypto start to fall even though she's not even fucking talking about it

Warren shut the FUCK up already you annoying bitch

wtf is her problem, they were jerking off to bitcoin for like 20 minutes straight and this goofy cunt walks in and derails everything

warren is literally the fucking pajeet of the senate

elizabeth warren is cooler than you will ever be.

Wtf is her problem?

you fucking toolbags, shes asked the only important questions so far

fuck this cunt

she asked irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with Bitcoin, kek

she is based and telling the truth

kill yourself immediately.



Nice puppet show
Whatever they are going to do has already been decided

Fuck her
Also fuck banks

I'm not gonna lie I respected Warren before this because she hates the banks as much as me. Not anymore

Didn't she have something to do with the Clintons or am I thinking of some other dried up bitch?

Has she actually said anything negative about crypto?

I'd kill every baby boomer if I could. Seig heil


She doesn't hate banks, she just wants to regulate the fuck out of everything to get more money for dem programs.

yeah that was her. she is a complete sellout/fraud/career politician afraid for her job at the end of the day as evidenced by that fact. (just like Bernie and every other Martha's Vineyard Champagne socialist). she goes along with the real people in power because she is afraid of losing her job. sad.

Leftist. Not even a Liberal, shes secretly a leftist. Yes, there is a difference.

why is a woman speaking on political matter?

More evidence women should never be permitted to have any say in society.


If that were the case she would have endorsed Bernie Sanders.
Seems to me like she just likes to smell her own farts.

Until the one Boeing factory keeping her state alive starts using Bitcoin

>Respecting Warren

No but she was looking for confirmation that it would not hurt people's retirement plan

I love this man

bernie was running for hillary the whole time
it was fixed.

>implying Trump didn't cow to the republican party the moment he stepped into office
>implying both sides aren't the same shit

Don't burgers have to pay like 50% taxes on crypto?

Was she even talking about cryptocurrency?


It's not 50%, but capital gains taxes are absurdly high. That rate needs to be reduced badly.

>inb4 warren/sanders ticket 2020

anywhere from 10% to 40%
about 20% for no gains
and ~35% for real gains

Lol I can guarantee you this.
401k's will be the last that jump on board in 5 years and will see measly gains or a crash

Dude the primaries were rigged in Clinton's favour. Just look at how much they deviated from the exit polls. And considering the voting machines are pretty much designed to be fucked with even a wifi connection, telling them to flip votes from one candidate to another would be a cakewalk



I am literally living in her district in massachusetts and there is no fucking way she will lose her senate seat. my man Shiva aint got a chance

Its just not fair

>crypto is exclusively white and male
>we need to tax it at 50% as its not a real currency
>lets give the poor and minority access to crypto
>take some of that taxed crypto and give it away

>also free weed and college natch


go move to florida where your vote will count

>thinks burgers aren't already raped on capital gains taxes under Trump
>think government subsidies into crypto will do anything but make him money
>thinks redistribution of crypto to force widespread adoption is a bad thing
>thinks free education loses a country money
wew lad that's as close to full retard as you can get

She bought TRON at ath

are you all watching the same stream as me? She's just asked irrelevant questions and hasn't said anything negative.

the meeting just ended
she had the final questions

they were about the legality of ICOs and about how the SEC should crack down on them

Yup. But before she started screeching, everything was relevant to Cryptocurrency and everybody was pretty easy going. There was a general positive attitude about what was being said/discussed.

Then she comes up and starts screeching about irrelevant shit. She needs to just fuck off.

At what time does she speak?

posterchild for retards.
>facebook banned them so theyre BAD
this cunt is the annoying antifa girls mother

can't agree with her stance but at least she's more informed and showed she cared.. only three congressmen actually doing their jobs. who was that wank who said "china already banned it and i think south korea too" good lordy, where's the tech expertise @ witness, we expect congress to be stupid..

same dumb cunt telling every dem that they would "get trump" for colluding with russia. just another robo retard lib cunt