is she high? why the fuck would you bring that up in a hearing about the most volotile shit in the world- if you are saving for retirement you dont buy fucking bitcoin

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she is old senile

>SEC crypto discussion


did none of her aids tell her what the fuck the discussion is supposed to be about?

She realizes boomers still rule the world but that like all age brackets most of them are idiots, and is worried about the majority of them thinking they'll double their retirement then lose it all.

She's protecting the single largest group of US Americans.

Are you fucking high? Or just daft?

Dumbass, it's because she's paid big money to fight for what the people who pay her want her to fight for.

Political theatre you mongs

it has probably come to her attention a shitload of complaints of such cases

small hands

they start to realize that youngsters are fed up with their shit
what they gonna do if youngsters stop paying for them?
day of the rope is near

dumb attention whoring, what a shocker from the biggest cunt in politics

I don't think she knows what the fucken the topic of the day was.

She looks pretty white for an Indian.


Yooo she was annoying as fuckkk

you're really hopeless if you need the government to protect you

They had to cut to her ramblings due to diversity. She has no idea what bitcoin is and spent her time acting offended. Nothing new here.

is this the old bag that claimed she was native american? fauxcahontas?

We need some memes with her

i liked this whore till she sided with clinton. goes to show 99% of politicians are deeply corrupted.

Cryptocurrency will protect savings for retirement better than the current system do.

I think she literally was unaware that this was about crypto currency. She DOESN'T KNOW WHAT CRYPTO IS.

Fuck, I WISH I could buy crypto from a tax advantaged account.

99% of the population is hopeless.
In most countries the government works for the people unlike in america.


yeah I agree with you. I do like her and agree with her on most matters but Crypto should just simply be labeled as ultra high risk and boomers close to retirement should probably think very hard about the risks they would take on.

I haven't listened to what she said so maybe she is totally fucking off here, but I'm ok with asking questions and getting answers that are true.


>no, they need to invest in something else

>not hard at all to get it

>Retiring to Lamboland

>protecting a group that should have been dead 20 years ago
If they made this far they have no savings left. Put them on a barge into the sea and ship them away

>Crypto should just simply be labeled as ultra high risk
Where do you put that label though? Think many people - especially the not-so-smart ones, really read and investigate things before they jump in? Take a look around here.
The unfortunate reality is that a bunch of fools will get burnt, and ultimately it will come down to us supporting them or letting them die. And you know we don't do that.

People should be executed on their 60th birthday unless they can provide proof of their ability to continue to be a net producer in the economy. They will then be re-evaluated every 4 years. People would change their saving habits real quickly.

Meh, my parents are boomers. They have plenty of money (just bought an additional home), both still work and contribute to society, and are more youthful than some 30 somethings I know in how they live their life.

I would agree with putting certain people on a barge and shipping them to sea, but it would have nothing to do with their age.

what do you mean where do you put the label? most stupid people and boomers use financial planners or brokers who will know, as part of their occupation, that crypto is high-risk and advise potential investors as such.

Anyone that wants to circumvent professional help without actually knowing what they're doing deserves exactly what they get. There's really no difference in a dumb normie deciding to put his retirement savings into penny stocks and then wondering why he's broke, yet people don't cry about that.

I am convinced a sizable amount of Congresspeople are senile and get elected through momentum and the fact boomers will only vote for their own.

THis is correct. She did this so that if this crashes and hurts people savings she can later run an ad claiming she tried to protect them.
She is creating context for a possible future.

friendly reminder the old and unproductive must be physically removed from society

what a useless twat, get Pocahontas out of there

she's a woman, ignore her crazy ramblings.

Worthless fucking people if you can even call them people

you're right, if you're saving for retirement you buy BZC

shes a stupid socialist.

Seems legit.


>"Facebook banned them so they're BAD"
Jesus just burn her at the stake.

>When me people see white man cross big waters we no think of moons to come
>You give us pox blankets, fire water, fire sticks
>You drive us from our homes and take our wampum
>In return white man give us beads
>Today, me see bitcoin as beads
>Me shake eagle-feathered head
>What if ancient ones who await the spirit realm lose wampum?
>[This message was broadcast via close captioning and smoke signals]

Classic woman logic

Bump due to relevance

>Democrats back her
>Paid to fight for their ideologies
>Democrats hate crypto

Could we just get rid of boomers or make some law that 50% of their stuff is now ours

>boomer defener
You get the bullet too

Nah, bro, it's much more clever than that. It's why my state re-elected the same, hypercorrupt jerkoff to congress for 4 decades: He's connected. If my state wanted something, he could get it for us. Everyone knew him. Everyone wanted to be in with him. He had been on every committee. He was a lying, bribed, corrupt politician, but damn if he wasn't the best thing for our state. He was so embedded into the system, we'd be idiots to send in a Mr. Smith who would get nothing but ridicule, despite best intentions.

You dropped your pen sir

Redistribution of boomer wealth when ?!?!?

unpopular opinion:

in her defense, 08 affected so many people because of the moodys and s&p fraud allowing that garbage to legally be bought by retirement funds. but i agree, people shouldnt gamble with money they cant lose in an asset like cryptocurrencies. i dont think it applies.

if she has any chances of retaining credibility on the subject, she needs to admit she was ill-informed and needed more time to research the subject.


>Dumbfuck braindead nerd who's too fucking type-happy to spell one of the two words in his insult correctly

I'll just beat you up, nerd.

>critisizes some 1 for spelling errrs even tho they understood perfectly.
>"I'll beat you up nerd"

wew lad.

>i do like her

neck yourself purely on principle

Are you unironically defending her? I'm not from the US, but damn you have some bad 3rd world style politicians in there.

t. 3rd worlder

When everyone trades their index fund scams that boomers are siphoning off of for the new economy of crypto.

Buy crypto with a self directed IRA and fuck those cunts.

"HOW WILL YOU PROTECT RETIREMENT?" she questions as she single-handedly FUDs away thousands of retirements

The absolute state of boomer defeners.

>liking pocahontas
wtf are you doing with your life

unless your driving in a lambo I'm doing absolutely great, with a ton of money, with a wife that loves me, with kids that love me, with friends that love me, and all in all I'm very happy with life.

I also tend to want other to do great as well, and some people might need more help than other. So if this is my fault and why I have the views I have, then so be it - I am just answering your question friend

I despise this haggard cunt. fucking despise her

The problem is that literally nothing dems do actually help others, I'm sure your heart is in the right place but it's really about intentions vs. results

no im not really because im not a liberal but a lot of boomer politicians are going to instrumental in allowing crypto to happen in the next few years. ive found that giving people the benefit of the doubt or allowing for a graceful mistake makes it far more likely they'll do what you want them to.

>tfw I'm betting on crypto so I can hopefully retire early

goofy bitch

not wishing you ill will but she truly is a nefarious actor and has a proven track record of horrible performance and generally being a leech.
if you look into her history and her husbands it's pretty clear
and keep one thing in mind:
today you have a lot and everything is going well, tomorrow is can be lost and things you took for granted as being the case turn out to be the opposite of what you thought
when times are good you should be preparing and adjusting your mindset and life for potential problems
wishing you all the best to you and your family, stay frosty out there

I disagree with you for a bunch of reasons (reps have problems with safety nets, hate health insurance for all, have issues with consumer protection, hate environmental protection, etc.). Sure., maybe there is a very interesting discussion to be had about intentions vs. results, but I clearly see what rep intentions are, and I don't see how it help the masses other than the olready eliete classes. But really nothing that is said here would ever change anyones stance and these boards are nothing but toxic to any sort of serious discussion.

I hope you would be open to such a discussion with a well intentioned friend on day, I don't see anyone converting you of course but there should be policies that both sides should agree on for the betterment of everyone

I don't really have any sort of real allegiance to her, but when we all got fucked by Wall street in 2008 the stuff she was saying really resonated with me, and I agreed with her arguments about that particular topic. I also do believe in consumer protection which she had a pivotal role in (I am in some circles of very wealthy business people, they tend to think great business skills is the ability to fuck over people and get away with it - so perhaps my views on the topic are different than other because I consider myself having a bit of an insiders view of the people doing the consumer fucking)

>today you have a lot and everything is going well, tomorrow is can be lost

yeah meng, that's the fucking truth. I watched my father be crippled for life at 40, had to clean his ass and shit. I take nothing for granted. True and wise words my friend. I really thank you for taking the moment to write these words - real recognizes real and I can see it came from the heart.

>wishing you all the best to you and your family, stay frosty out there

you too friend

This, Lets help them find peace in death

>my mummy and daddy had it easy
>other people dont have it as easy and its obvious
>they should be put on a barge
Boomer defeners, everyone.
And you wonder why we want you people to die.

opinion discarded

>Boomer parents told me they have no retirement savings, no emergency fund, thousands in credit card debt, hold only about 35% equity on a home theyve owned for 30 years, never refinanced when interest rates dropped massively a decade ago, and are counting on my grandmother's life insurance to pay for their retirement
>Dad tells me I should think about going into finance since I have "such a good head for it"
>By this he means I have an index fund, max my IRA contribution, and bought a little crypto with around 5% of my worth that made me a nice profit. To him this is amazing.
(screams internally)



OP is a moron

we smoke-em peace pipe

What's her name again?

That would be cool

>I do like her and agree with her on most matters
Then you're an idiot

>She's protecting the single largest group of US Americans.
She's not protecting anyone

>I would agree with putting certain people on a barge and shipping them to sea, but it would have nothing to do with their age.

Nah, it just means your parents are outliers. That's assuming you're telling the truth.

Board is floated by brainwashed poltards virgins who hates women or refuse to understand logics if it comes from a women. Sad to be honest, her point on this is legit.

Cos she's a dumb attention seeking political hack cunt. She was showing off for the cameras, that's all.

I know, Veeky Forums isn’t my personal army, but can we flood her Twitter with ridicule or Native American images or something? I really really hate this lady.

she is hotaa

She is from the wantabe tribe

Found liberal Redditard.

People do that anyway. Trump has successfully painted her in such a way that when they see her face or name that is what they think of.

Social security ruined this country. If people aren't responsible enough to save for their retirement, they should die in a gutter.

I had the feeling she just wanted to say something to feel important, she's also one of those lesbians that tries to alpha you

SEC regulations for crypto
anti-lock breaks for rascal scooters
McDonald's burgers pre-chewed to avoid choking


at least she could formulate the question to not sound like an out of the loop dimlwit

Thanks for the giggle m8

Dems are about keeping people children and dependent on the government. Ever wondered how NOTHING in the world is the fault of these retards?
>White men are getting rich, why don't I?
>Because they're fucking sexist/racist, they kept this from me!!
And then they demand you "share" your wealth. That's just how it goes, "equality" means everybody stays fucking poor and has to rely on the government (the LIBERAL government) for handouts, some people just getting rich is unfair to those who don't.

It must have been a cross over from another hearing she was in.
No doubt about it, anyone with a 401k has already lost all their savings, they're literally paying out on credit. If stocks keep going down, no more credit, no more pensions.
gg boomer shit