Is it a good time to take advantage of this dip?

Is it a good time to take advantage of this dip?
Hasn't recovered as hard as the other ones yet.

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delete this


We got rekt. Why hasn't this recovered? ARGH

Began accumulating this at $1 all the way up to $2.50

Still cosslet but comfy @ 2500 COSS

COSS so comfy. As they add more coins and trade volume increase our gains and divvies will compound into parabolic gains.

160k hold.
March brings Fiat . Check their twitter.

Why won't it recover?
It means we are rekt.

I view it as an opportunity since we got extra time.

unironically dumped 10k, thx

We have extra time but not much. In two months at most COSS will have fiat, and by that point the token price will get through the roof with the volume.

It's really a shame. I bet on other cryptos mooning before but with the crash, they all dipped in satoshi value. Now I can't add anything to my 200k stack without sacrificing some potentially interesting gains elsewhere.

I have only about 2600 coss bought at $0.09.
I'm really regretting not getting more back then. Could've easily sold some of my shitcoins for like 50k coss.
Only increasing my stack to 6k today...

I bought some more COSS yesterday. I see this as one of the highest risks/rewards in my portfolio. If any exchanges are going down as a result of the bear market, COSS will be one of the first to go... let's face it, it's vaporware.

On the other hand, if fiat-pairings are successful, the interface improves, and the market itself hangs in there, COSS could boost 100x. It's volume is so incredibly low right now compared to where it could be.

Well, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

COSS was a very risky bet. The team failed to deliver several times, they were far too slow, their website was too slow as well... And on top of that, Rune Evensen was a part of a scammy website a while ago (sitetalk).

It's only recently that things picked up in speed, and that they proved they were worth a modicum of confidence.

Nowadays I'm pretty confident in their future, but for a few months I was on the edge.

Fortune favors the bold, always had and always will.

But don't worry, even with 2600 coss you will be able to nicely complement your income. Maybe even live like a rich NEET in some south asian country.

As far as I'm concerned, I'll enjoy my youth for a few years without working and then buy a castle in the south of France, because why not.

Not really interested in the dividends a measly 2,500 COSS can get me... what do you see price going to EOY?

above 50$

>If any exchanges are going down as a result of the bear market, COSS will be one of the first to go... let's face it, it's vaporware.

...or not. There's a lot of far shittier exchanges out there, just take a look at coinmarketcap's exchange list. And it's not vaporware, it's already a working product. It just doesn't work very well, which is why they've hired a real team instead of those romanian guys they've had so far.

Shit man, I can do a lot IRL with $100k

Time value, etc

Price depends on volume. If everything goes as planned and they reach at least binance's volume today with fiat pairs, merchant payment solutions, et cetera, between 25$ and 300$.

Binance's volume went past 10B daily during the peak, so a single exchange seeing 25B daily volume before the end of the year wouldn't be so far-fetched. And if that exchange is COSS, you can bet the dividends will be enough to entirely replace a salary. Though it would be more reasonable to withdraw once every two months in order to pay less ETH fees, at least until ETH scales better and the fees can be reduced.

with 10k coss you should be able to live with dividend during 2019 if they won't fuck up (and i think they won't).

while i dumped my bags here , i'm still confident that it's one of the best coins to hold through 2018 (i hope to buy more in a week or 2 with the same money)


2500 COSS gives you ~$2 USD per week, yah? Keep in mind, if they improve merely to KuCoin's trading volume, you're going to get $200 USD per week. And that's not including how much some coins will appreciate before you sell them.

>And that's not including how much some coins will appreciate before you sell them.
Exactly, that's a very important point to make. Dividends are calculated on a fixed day, but you can be sure that if you keep the best of the coins you earned, you will actually have earned more than what is written on the dashboard. It just takes a bit of staying up to date with the news, and selling the shitcoins when you get them.

Plus, if you use your fee split to get more coins, it can only become exponential.

Then again, it's not a good idea to have all your eggs in the same basket.

Then again, it's exactly what I did with COSS since it's now about 80% of my portfolio (initially 15% but I don't want to sell).

>more coins,
And by that I meant more COSS coins.

Oh shit the pushed the updates live today on the exchange

Nice, already noticing speed improvements and the new favorites buttons

>using anything bigger than 1m chart

virgin trader

Nearly 770% of the trading volume on COSS is COSS tokens (, so the have barely any market share (overall volume is paltry at $1.3m)

I literally post in every COSS thread, when will I be accepted into the COSS shill discord / telegram?
sir,, pls

Costs 0.02 ETH to withdraw each of the shitcoins so there's no point in doing it every time.

Right, you can accumulate them over several weeks though.

It's also free to convert shitcoins into ETH so you can just do that (convert when the shitcoin price is higher) until you have a big ETH basket and then withdraw that for profit, or buy more COSS with it to compound gains.

You're right though it's impractical to compound weekly especially if you only hold a small to medium amount of COSS, but it's still worthwhile in the long run even if you're only compounding monthly or so.

you guys are still pushing this shit exchange, GIVE IT UP