it's falling again, this will be the last lag down (despair)
strap in boys

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catching a falling knife made out of gold and diamonds

> having dinner with hodler friend
> knife falls off his plate
> knife plunges towards his foot
> friend watches knife falling but doesnt move his foot
> knife slices into his foot
> ask him "why didn't you move your foot?"
> "I thought it was going back up"

i guess you haven't seen the news yet, huh?

Where does this stupid meme come from that people need to be in 'despair' before the price rallies?

Just from that bubble chart made by a geography teacher?

Hodlets. When will they learn?

that must be some high quality knife. like nippon steel folded a thousand time level of quality.

so what's the news then, user?

Old white soyboys in suits talked about crypto today. That's apparently really grand news.

I'm a trader for 5 years and I've never actually seen this 'despair'.

It seems like some newbie fantasy extrapolated from the meme chart.

Usually the end of a actually bubble pop (which this may not even be) is followed by simply boredom rather than despair.

Kinda. Holders lose a bunch of money and are forced to sell eventually. People trying to catch the bottom keep getting burned. Eventually people get tired of losing money and give up. Volume dries up. Volatility dries up. No one wants it. News says it is dead. After the crash prices continues to slowly bleed out. Years later the bear trend slowly reverses into a gradual bull trend.

>having dinner with daytrading friend
>knife falls off his plate
>knife plunges towards his foot
>friend watches knife falling and frantically tries to catch it
>fails and knife slices into his foot
>before I can do anything he takes the knife out at rocket speed
>blood gushes everywhere and we rush to the hospital
>as friend is slowly bleeding to death I ask him "why did you take the knife out of your foot?"
>"I thought it would go down more"


> having dinner with friend who isn't autistic
> knife falls off his plate
> knife plunges towards his foot
> friend moves his foot
> everything is okay

Q: How much is a virtual Internet token that takes megawatts of electricity to conduct transactions worth?

If you gave an answer much more than 'zero' you might want to study economics.

Crypto as a financial instrument has a niche application for grey-market dystopian 3rd world shitholes to export money outside of domestic markets, dodging some taxes and to buy and sell contraband on the Internet. Both of these are growth industries, so to speak.

However, current valuations are based on wild speculation.

Now is a horrible time to buy bullshit virtual Internet tokens, but it was even worse in the past.

Price for BTC should be ~1000$ I'd maybe buy at that point, after multiple government regulations placed on it.

Other cryptos will have better luck, depending on their features. Nobody is EVER going to use BTC as money. Litecoin is suspect, ETH will probably be outmoded. No crypto will ever replace fiat

Anyways, enjoy your losses if you hold crypto now, guys longer you wait, the greater the losses. 1000-2000 for BTC is the equilibrium for it's utility value.

> No crypto will ever replace fiat

Minerva is essentially an fiat clone with utility associated with inflation through token structure and smart contracts that work like bonds.

dear grizzly bear,

despair was last night. didn't you feel it? probably not coz you a good trader. but for us hodlers, wow, shook many weak hands out. congratulations and nice work. can we please just get back to all being on the same team now? this is our chance to keep momentum going and change the world..

signed, picado bull hodler

can you link the meme chart you're referencing?

You still dont believe in that meme chart? It really is accurate until now

listen up, this guy gets it, the cryptos that will survive are enterprise / utility

ethereum finding its niche as ICO spawn
vechain finding its niche as interconnected enterprise / trade
bitcoin has the brand, first mover store of value / digital gold and will never die, sorry, but it'll stabilize

so many smart contract platforms - c'mon they aren't even useful yet, ICO's alone can only create a few winners, even if ETH is already the big winner

the rest can fight it out to be ready to pivot to real world use cases between cardano, neo, eos, icx, nem, etc all are good, probably all make it, but good luck picking the big winner at this point. all can make you money tho.

enterprise is the only lead pipe cinch. get it.

the meme chart is spot on, we just ran through a bubble cycle, and its burst.. the mean is still parabolic matching demand.. throw out the shitcoins and lets get this started again... aka the next big bubble, just like the meme chart applied to the last crypto bubbles and every bubble.

btw, new tech and a connected world mean bubbles burst and grow at a hyperinflated rate, 24/7 market, the next fuse for bull run is already being lit as we type this.

> having dinner with holder friend
> knife falls from his plate
> friend watches knife falling
> catches knife midair between his fingers
> He then disappears from thin air
> Look around the table, confused
> Feel sharp pain on my throat
> "Nothing personel, kid"