They are laughing at us

They are laughing at us

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I had more sex with beautiful women than whole /g/ combined. You need to take risks in life to get rewarded.

When a no-coiner speaks you should only hear silence.

Thing is that literally everyone but the most pathetic pajeet is still in the green and hardware prices are still at an all time high.

what board?

now thats an asian

who cares I'm getting rich as fuck

/pol/ here. Also confirmed on vacation: /k/ and some /sp/ecimens. Heck, even r9k might be laffing at you.

what a stupid board
they dont even have ID's

laughing at us? seems pretty butthurt to me. nothing better to me than virgin crybabies crapping their diapers over GPU's. itll be even funnier when we go on the next run, and we leave all the other boards in the dust

unironically this lmao

>deep seeded

> laughing at us
not surprised

/b doesn't give any fucks about you tards

How pathetic do you have to be to think that all of crypto is a conspiracy to inflate gpu prices? Gaymers should be sent to reeducation camps.

Why does Jordan Belfort seem so concerned with crypto?

Worry about the $200 million you have to pay back before obsessing about random people losing the $2k they invested in Bitcoin.

Fuck Veeky Forums is laughing at you

what is this face called? numale face?

I need compilations.. seeing pictures like that give me a test boost im pretty sure

They can mock all they want, I'm still way above my initial investment :)

WHO is this ass lass

>going rich

kek, as if anyone gives a shit what manchilds think

Yeah. You'd be surprised at how many actual photos of numales with that same expression there are.


>much graphics cards

Fucking normies still think BTC is mined with GPUs. Maybe if this numales got fucking jobs they could affroad a high end gpu for childish hobby

/pol/ usually has a soyboy/bugman thread up with lots of pic compilations.

I don't care desu, if they're entertaining themselves, good for them. I still have faith in crypto and my investments. Already made a lot of money.

Q predicted this.

They can laugh all they want. Plenty of Veeky Forums actually understand the implications of a programmable global economy.

Their fear will never equal our research.

>last reply
what did he mean by this? (srs, I'm not a cryptofag)


rooting for her to go into JAV

I don't know either, I think he is the one that doesn't understand crypto. There is no transaction cap.

ETH and alts are crashing too retard

What did Q say about cryptos? I don't recall him ever mentioning them. Must have missed some threads.

>Not realising most of these posts are satire and taking it all seriously


I had sex with the whole of /g/ combined.

everybody is laughing at us now.
time to stay in the basement.

the fact that faggots and cucks like these are laughing is a good sign for us, you can just feel their hater vibe coming off
haters only hate cause they mad jelly, learned that in my 20s

Get the Thots out of crypto

I had sex with a 6 who was wearing stockings and suspenders. I was pounding her pussy while sticking a dildo up her shitter. Fuck you /g/.


without risk man would still be in the caves and they wouldnt be able to play video gaymes

fucking nocoiner faggot scum nigger shits

Yeah yeah we know you did.

Kek poor virgins

Fucking Gaymercucks and nerds should just buy a console. Where is the PC master race now! Their time us up it is dying, because they are poor fag Soyboys

why the fuck they don't just trade and buy the now "expensive" GPU? I even got 50% gainz in 4 days in this bearish market wtf

/linkedin/ reporting in.

We're also laughing our asses off about Veeky Forums.

Is this how fear and envy combined looks like?

hahahahaha cucks are hilarious

hey how do i buy bitcoin with just cash

I think that's very illegal

>caring what other people think
wew not going to make it

>Are cryptofags even human?
I say no. Most of this board comes over as bots and puppets.

You mean risk isn’t just bunny hoping on counter strike?

>doesn't spend their time playing CALL'O'DOODY on their moms PC while shitposting and INVADING XDXDXD other boards, because they are poor cucks with small dicks and perpetual victim complexes

it is not if she is your wife



What does /g/ do? It talks about timesinks, video games, operating systems. They don't benefit anyone, don't make you any money, they just wait time and break up families.

Video games have ruined the modern world, they reduce grown men to cuckery and turns them into manchildren, they reduce social interactions, making men act like autists.

When a graphics card can be utilized to make a person money, potentially (as with bitcoin and ETH) make you a millionaire..does anyone really give a fuck what a bunch of NEETs think? What part do these idiots have in the future of our world?

Yeah he's so important that the congressional hearing was filled with talk of his opinions.

the virgin /g/ vs the CHAD /vr/

*temporarily losing

>woman in her late 30s calls people cucks

based leo. This guy has been dropping redpills to coinfags about futures markets but they didnt listen

let the chihuahuas yap. their obvious insecurities amuse me to no end

lol im not a chick
its funny because i thought guys were above the frenemy shit that chicks do in their friendships
turns out i was wrong and that weak men are extremely dangerous because of the fact that they pretend to be friendly to your face but are working behind the scenes to sabotage and steal from you

It's the face of the normie. The day of the rope can't come sooner.

its actually projected self-hatred.

They're cowards, and peasants.
Too scared to invest, or too poor (probably from spending too much money on a nintendo switch, xbox, and ps4, and snes classic)

The faggots don't even realize that best buy is selling gpu's at non inflated prices. Oh no, I've said too much

Soyboy wojak. Actually triggers me every time I see it

The irony is strong

>wants a girl
>also wants a buch of retired yakuza grandpas to fuck the shit out of her and humiliate her on camera

say it with me.

Fucking triggered when they predict zero, I'll accept a true collapse but zero is fucking absurd, how would we breed our cats without ETH?

Is this Reddit?

butthurt gaymer who was complaining lately on biz that muh gpu too expensive i can't buy a 1080 to play some shitty weeb 2d games.

>/pol/ here
>listen to this jew on faceberg, fellow goyim

i learned that strong men are good to deal with because they aren't afraid to show contempt or disgust and are also capable of being genuinely happy at your success as they already have good things going on in their life
its the faggots that have nothing going on and hate their circumstance and look for others to blame for their shitty condition. when i would stroll by them with new chicks on my arms, success in life and investments, and a strong iron frame and will it only serves to fuel their hatred for me as i am acting as a mirror which shows them what they could have been if they werent so pathetic

1 is more than 0

its funny, we find another use for advance computing for every day users that isn't pointless shit like videogames and these soyboy faggots are butthurt about it

are they butthurt that the movie industry uses them to render their movies too?

these fucking nerd virgins need to be killed for their own good

/jp/ here.

Be sure to stop by in a couple months, NEETs

>listen to a notorious fraud who get known by scamming peoples.
try harder jew

if a man has enough estrogen in his system, he's going to take up negative feminine traits.

Exactly my friend.

You also find, whenever you show a shred of ambition, those around you who are insecure try to bring you back down.

same here on Veeky Forums, all the NEET boards came in. /mlp/ /a/ /jp/ just to name a few.

"laughing at us" yeah ( ^o^)/ that big mouth open ready for the bull cock.

real /jp/ haato crypto

just shows what a pathetic waste of air you are.

this influx from every board is pretty telling.
they've been expecting it to crash for over a year and now they can finally say "I TOLD YOU SO" because they're mad they missed out

isn't it funny that the only people who made millions off crypto were the ones selling the most coins and buying the fewest?

Mining coins and buying coins off exchanges weren't the only way to get them, and in fact were some of the worst ways. If you had a big enough rig to mine a decent amount of coins good luck paying your electric bill this month.

Lmao cuz he can’t pay back the 200 MM. he was a penny stock pump and dumper and figured out you can setup a call center to do it efficiently and at high volume. Now he realizes he needs to become an “expert” on something so he can go out and give seminars to make any money to pay back damages. So many fags respect him but no one on Wall Street ever did

Your coins are like my gf. High personal value, but completely imaginary

Veeky Forums here.

Be sure to stop by in a couple months, NEET



Many coins are in the green. Bitcoin will follow

gtfo, roastie


I'll belive it when we hit new ATH and not before until then we're still in downtrend.

Fuck off already, roasties.

Last laugh laughs best

Fucking niiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeee

You don't even fucking know what a roastie is you utter retard, at least use the term IN CONTEXT.

You are talking to two alpha males here.

Us no-coiners tend to have stock.

And stock rallies, unlike your autism shekels.


>use the term IN CONTEXT.
I did.