Why do normies literally fellate this conman?

why do normies literally fellate this conman?

If it was revealed that any other auto-manufacturer limited the battery-life on their electric cars through proprietary software, they would be hit almost as bad as when VW was caught faking emissions.

>miss production estimates
>stock goes up

>spacex launch suceeds
>completely unrelated tesla stock goes up

>mark up $100 weed burning device 5x
>tards buy it by the dozens because shiny plastic

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most people are literally AI drones so they fall for people like bill gates, jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg, and musk, but literally just follow the money, all their companies were allowed to reach their heights only cus they had government funding/support, because these companies are all controlled by the same (((people))) who fund our "politicians". Space is fake by the way

all auto-manufacturers limit their vehicles in many ways, happened since... ever. do your research user.

he's a fan of deus ex

Because since Jobs passed away the average plebbitor has been searching for a new “tech genius” (marketeer) whom they believe that would lead humanity to the next level and which they could buy overpriced crap from. Then they found Musk.

Because he revolutionizes industries and does what many people always dreamed about.
Tesla acts as catalys for EVs and SpaceX acts as catalyst for space exploration. And those are only two of his companies.
You would think that Veeky Forumsfags would respect him for all the companies he has founded and grown and the money he has made.
But instead along with /pol/acks they hate him because he doesn't deny climate change and doesn't suck Trump's cock.

all my grievances are clearly apolitical, cocksucker

The least con man of all business men. If you ever driven a Tesla you prolly change your mind on musk. Makes combustion feel like mediaval shit


He's a Redditor with money and drive
His wife left him to fuck younger guys
He spent his millions on hair implants
Now he's worshipped by sycophants

Google image search embarrassed him fast
Top result "how did his hair grow back?"
Now he's built himself a new fancy car
And he's planning on driving to Mars


*Distorted fretboard wankery*


Paypal taaaannnnnked
Tesla never stood a chaaance
SpaceX is doooooomed
The faggot thinks hes going to the moon
Now thats what you call a hyperloooooop


Do you trust this man muussskkkkk
Spending your tax money on comics and stuff
Do you believe his far out lies
His rockets explode and lights up the skies

*more guitar wankery* wweeeeewaha twang wooowwaasssifhfh wah pedal weeee reverb hwhaaawwaashh waawoooovrummm butwang

He's Elon Musk


>oh no, his stock prices go up
>oh no, he makes money on unsensational products
Clearly not. They're fucking mundane so you should really ask yourself why they trigger you that much.
Btw the reason for your "grievances" is that people love him and believe in him and are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

This but maybe a little less earnest

>Space exploration

admit it op
you want to touch his rocket

>flat earther

This. OP is a faggot.

>Mars One is a meme (an extremely expensive suicide mission) and will not happen
>the new idea about rocket transportation will not work because rockets are impractical and dangerous
>HyperLoop will never work because of technical problems
People will still slurp on ol' Elon's cock because he did PayPal and some electric cars.

its just a lefty thing

they are insentient husks that are extremely desperate to latch on to any character that vaguely represents their worldview(celebrities, scientists, political activists etc) they will defend them until their last breath because they are the figure heads of leftism. leftism needs representatives to champion its ideology

I think majority of tesla owners voted for trump and have net wealth in the top 5% at least

>literally bringing us to new levels of space exploration and electric vehicle tech

nice bait

Probably because he has completely changed the auto and aerospace industries forever.

He does really hard projects, completes some, fails on others, but the public benefits from the stuff he does. Whether or not Tesla or SpaceX ever makes it is irrelevant. He changed the game and you need people like that.

>new levels of space exploration and electric vehicle tech
Like what?
Name one thing that Elon did, that the Soviets and Americans didn't do during the Cold War

Elon Musk is the John Galt of our time.

Oh I'm very impressed with spaceX.

TESLA, not so much.

Mostly braindead reddit types who "fucking love science"

Space is fake lol go look at the moon you can see the flag there buddy boy

Reusable rockets? Do you have any idea how much cheaper this is and will become than building a new fucking rocket for every mission?
And his electric cars are by far the best atm. Not on par with ICEs yet but as close as you can get.

>riding oversized remote controlled car


>the money he has made
...by conning the tax payer. All his company's should be controlled by the people, since we are funding his failure to produce a penny in profit. Face it, your hero is nothing but a conman. There's a real reason Tesla bought Solar City, because Solar City would have gone bankrupt along with Sun Edison, and that would have made all you climate change loons look like the retards you really are.

tl;dr Musk never created a profitable company and is a complete failure.

Have you ever been to space? QED

self landing recyclable rockets?
self driving smart vehicles that literally outperform every car on the planet?
battery packs that will run an entire nation?

Because the guy has vision, and money. When you have both you can make great things happen.

Unlike most other rich people, Musk actually spends his money on "crazy" things that arguably benefit mankind. Look at Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, what did they do with their riches? Use it to make more money or give it to charity, completely pointless.
Musk on the other hand funds a bunch of enterprises which challenges the status-quo. I'm not not every one will succeed, but even if just one does, he will have used his money to do something that is actually good by advancing the art of the possible, rather than just feed some poor african kids that will never amount to anything, or even worse promote leftism/feminism or some bullshit.

he takes on interesting projects

Tesla's are crap cars which can only drive maybe 80 miles before a full recharge. And as I said before, Tesla could not exist if not for tax payer hand outs. Elon Musk is a complete failure as a businessman.

is the god damn rocket launching today. timer says 2 hours now.

I bet you actually believe his smoke and mirrors hype about Tesla trucks too.

>sed 's/left/right/'
Oh look, your comment sounds equally convincing. Must be easy to live with such a simplistic worldview.

>Mars One

Musk has nothing to do with those Dutch idiots, other than they said they want to buy a Falcon 9.

>the new idea about rocket transportation will not work because rockets are impractical and dangerous

Oh wow. It's so good of you to share your expertise with us.

>HyperLoop will never work because of technical problems

Which are?

How did the tax payer fund PayPal? That's what made him rich.
And how is it conning if he uses legitimate government programs? Someone will get that money. Might as well be him.
Here are a few companies that get a LOT more subsidies than Musk's companies: Boing, Intel, Alcoa, General Motors, Ford Motor.
Yet I don't hear you or anyone ever whining about that. Why is that?
Holy shit, he's actually a fuckiong flat earther.

>libtards are leftist
Read a book

Assuming you are hoping for anyone answering to not be able to name anything in favour of Musk, what is basically implied in the insult built into this question is that he was 'only' able to achieve what thus far solely two of the world's most powerful nation states have achieved.

>Why is that?
Because those are profitable company's. Elon Musk has not made one dime off of an electric car or solar panels or space exploration. It's all a congame.

Elton John is the Fred Astaire of our time. What's your point fgt.


he has also mentioned racial bullying as being very influential on his outlook on life. remember that he's a white guy born in south africa that moved here in his teens. he's one of us.

smoke and mirrors? are you retarded or just baiting me, i can't tell.

>tfw big companies like walmart and budweiser have already bought 15+ of them because they see the value

>Pepsi: Pepsi previously had the largest Semi order, reserving 100 trucks in December.
>Anheuser-Busch: The brewer announced it ordered 40 Semis in December.
>Sysco: The food distributor has reserved 50 Semis.
>UPS: The delivery company placed the largest Semi order to date, reserving 125 trucks on Tuesday.
>DHL: The transportation and logistics company has reserved 10 Semis to add to its fleet.
>Meijer: Based in Michigan, the grocery chain has ordered four of the electric trucks.
>Ryder: The transportation company reserved an unspecified number of Semis in November.
>J.B. Hunt: The trucking company is set to purchase "multiple" Semis, but hasn't revealed the exact number.
>Asko: The Norwegian food distribution company has ordered 10 Semis.
>Posten Norge: The Norwegian postal service ordered an unspecified number of Semis.
>Flexport: Ryan Peterson, the freight company's CEO, announced the company has ordered one Semi.
>JK Moving: The independent moving company has reserved four Semis.
>Loblaw: After ordering 25 Semis, the Canadian supermarket chain announced plans to make its trucking fleet 100% electric by 2030.
>Fercam: Based in Italy, the trucking company has reserved a single Semi.
>Girteka Logistics: Not to be outdone by Fercam, the European transportation company also announced its plans to invest in one of Tesla's electric trucks.
>Fortigo Freight Services: The Canadian logistics company reserved one Semi.
>Best Transportation: The shipping company also ordered one Semi.
>Mecca & Son Trucking: According to Jalopnik, this trucking company has reserved one Semi.

It's either extreme resentment or trolling.

How long did it take for Amazon to make significant profit?
You might want to update your knowledge of current business models.
Long term growth trumps short term profit and that's exactly what Musk is doing with Tesla.

jesus christ its even crazier than i thought

i see the value

Why would lefty respect a fucking porky? He will get the bullet, just like every other 1 percenter.

Don't confuse leftists with fucking liberals.

>Probably because he has completely changed the auto and aerospace industries forever.

This is an electric car from the 1880s. There were a lot of them before the apparent benefits of gas fueled cars (range, don't have to charge it, speed) put them out of the market. Even modern electric cars were made before Tesla, and there have been electric cars on the market at the Tesla 3 price point and below for years. Yet Tesla, the company with low market share, shakey deliverables, a large amount of leverage which recently released bonds rated as junk, and its CEO Musk get praise because he is a meme and his company's name is a reddit meme.

How many were sold and what was their range?
Is there any commercial EV in existence today that has a higher range than Teslas?

but musk isnt really selling anything mass market. teslas are barely coming out and are pretty pricey

>auto-manufacturer limited the battery-life on their electric cars through proprietary software
We talking about the hurricane, right?
Was this actual artificial limitation, or did he just disable the lithium battery discharge limit safety so people could gtfo? I've never gotten a straight answer.

>Tesla's are crap cars which can only drive maybe 80 miles before a full recharge

>Is there any commercial EV in existence today that has a higher range than Teslas?

No, but I sincerely doubt that is the reason why people wouldn't want to buy an electric car. 99% of your usage is going to be commuting and going out on the weekends. The average commute is something like >30 minutes, which I've seen worked out to like, 30 miles before. So you've got a car that can carry you 100+ miles, you use less than a third of that to and from work, and then you have to go to the grocery store or to see a movie, or you want to visit your friends. Then you charge for the night and do it again.

Even for Tesla an especially long distance seems difficult, like going to another state or something. But then again, that is difficult for any car. You can't really compete with a gas car for the ease of driving long distances, unless you can charge your electric car especially fast. To me it just looks like Tesla is shouldering the cost of a marginal increase in utility for these cars that the other big companies will take advantage of later. Its primary selling point is its overwhelmingly dominant brand.

The failures of pioneers engaged in prosocial activities do more for humanity than the derision of cynical skeptics.

It's true that some people unreasonably deify Elon Musk, it's also true that denigrating him is stupid and probably an act of envy. Read Dunning-Kruger, you need a healthy dose of self-reflection.

isnt electricity super cheap compared to gas tho?
what are the extra costs for the car after you buy it?

finally someone who understands Musk's success.
Musk went to USA because he knew he can do this. Donated to both parties so regardless of who wins he gets financial aid for his companies. Wanna copy his success? Start reading books about creating a great public image and bribe politicians and you're half way there. Follow the money.

he was already rich before he could influence any politician tho

he didnt have any higher up connections in the paypal days besides some banking guy he worked for

There's a 60 and 75 version of the model S and X where the batteries are the same but the software is different.

Honestly don't know, I don't own one, but I've never read there being any increased costs with the other models. Chevy has a direct competitor to the Tesla 3, the 2018 Bolt, which has a comparable range and acceleration. The other cars have about half the range (100-130 or so to Tesla 3's 220), but they're also cheaper. I'd imagine the most aggravating thing would still be availability of charging stations. There is nothing at my apartment to charge a car. I don't know what you're supposed to do if you don't have one, run a cable out your window? Ask the apartment to install one?

Screw that then. I'd love to get a Tesla and poke around at their programming.

>he was already rich before he could influence any politician tho

No shit sherlock, how do you influence a politican being poor?

>Being ADHD
Fuck off, retard. These things take time.

Progressiveness is a mental disease.


but you get my point. he didnt gain success from washington contacts. he just maintained/increased it

Elon Musk is literally an alien genius on his way back to his people.
Peter Thiel is his dark counterpart, who is bent on destruction.
I'm not even joking, that is the tinfoil theory that I most believe.
That and the one about Rothschilds controlling everything.


>implying Veeky Forumstards arent licking his boots too

Its because they're not smart enough to realize he's a conman. That's what makes him a conman.


musk is a fucking tax payer money leech.
everything he has ever done has relied on government payouts for things historically he never delivars.
i hope someone ends this fucking faggot.
im sick of him taking advantage of govts

>Peter Thiel is his dark
You got things mixed